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What about the Crystal's that aid Culex in battle. Shouldn't there be an page on those, or at least include them with Culex. My Bloody Valentine

Also, is Culex evil, or good? My Bloody Valentine

Neutral. -- Sir Grodus

Thanks :) My Bloody Valentine

I belive that he is good acctually because he acts as a good guy after you defeat him. Luigibros2

But wasn't his original plan to take over the world for the Dark Mage? This would make his alignment evil. - Random User (talk)

Why is the HP 4700 listed on Mariowiki? He actually has 4096 HP... Won't somebody correct this? - StoneMonkWisdom

And where does it say he has such a random number as his true amount of health? Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Well, several other sources say 4096, and there's always Mallow's Psychopath special to reveal Culex's Health - StoneMonkWisdom

Name these sources. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

I went ahead and used Psychopath on Culex (VC version), and it did indeed say 4096... WikiGuest 17:05, 19 February 2010 (EST)

Oh. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

In regards to the sources requested, most any walkthrough guide on gamefaqs that mentions Culex inside also state his HP being 4096, then if one looked hard enough, there may be a couple youtube videos of the Culex battle where Mallow uses Psychopath on Culex, or you could watch any and add up the damage total yourself proving to be less than 4700. - StoneMonkWisdom

Battle Music[edit]

I have played the original Final Fantasy, and the battle music was incredibly similar to Culex's battle music. Yet, I'm hearing that it is only in Final Fantasy IV. Is that true? My Bloody Valentine

Yes. All Final Fantasy games have similar battle music, but Culex's is directly from Final Fantasy IV. -- Son of Suns