Phase 6 (Wrecking Crew)

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Phase 6
Gameplay of Wrecking Crew
Game Wrecking Crew
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Phase 6 is the sixth level of Wrecking Crew. It has 40 walls with five hiding letters. The Golden Hammer can be obtained in this stage.


The player appears at the very bottom of the phase. It has three platforms connected with two tall ladders at both sides of the screen, and two ladder wall stacks in the center. All three platforms contains multiple walls. Dynamite is located on the top platform, as well as between bottom platform and the platform above, below the bottom platform. A single drum is located in the center on the pillar.


  • 24 walls that require one hit to be destroyed
  • 2 ladder wall stacks
  • 5 dynamite
  • 1 drums
  • 1 pillar