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A door in Phase 1 of Wrecking Crew
Door tile from Wrecking Crew

Doors[1][2] are transit points for monsters to travel between the foreground and background in VS. Wrecking Crew and Wrecking Crew. They can be opened with hammers but close on their own after a few seconds. Explosions open all doors simultaneously. When a monster travels to the background, it becomes a harmless blue silhouette.

In VS. Wrecking Crew, doors appear in every phase, excluding bonus stages. Their color matches the stage's color. In two-player games, Mario or Luigi can use doors to send Gotchawrenches to harass each other. In single-player mode, the monsters are harmless to the CPU-controlled Luigi.

Doors appear in about a fifth of the phases in Wrecking Crew, where they behave almost the same. In this game, all doors are green. If all the Gotchawrenches or Eggplant Men are sent to the background in a phase that has more than one, all enemies (including fireballs and Foreman Spike) will freeze for around eight seconds. It is possible for Foreman Spike to cause this freeze if he is the one to send the last monster to his side.

Doors are part of some Wrecking Crew challenges in NES Remix.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドア[3][4]


Italian Porta


  • These are the earliest functional doors in a Super Mario game. The only prior appearance of a door is in Mario Bros. for the Game & Watch, where it is part of the background.


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