Phase 4 (Wrecking Crew)

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Phase 4
Game Wrecking Crew
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Phase 4 is the fourth level of Wrecking Crew. It has 18 walls with some containing letters. This is the first phase where the Golden Hammer can be obtained.


The player appears at the very bottom of the phase. Two Gotchawrenches start to follow the player. It has five platforms, three of which get wider the higher they are placed. Fourth platform from the bottom has the same length as the third one. The fifth platform is the shortest one and is supported by three pillars. First four platforms are connected with ladders. Every platform contains dynamite.


  • 6 walls that require one hit to be destroyed
  • 6 walls that require two hits to be destroyed
  • 6 walls that require three hits to be destroyed
  • 7 dynamite
  • 3 pillars