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The SandWorm sticking its head out of the sand.
Full Name SandWorm
Species Worm
First Appearance Wario World (2003)

The SandWorm is a worm-like boss in Wario World. It is the boss of Greenhorn Ruins, and the second of the three bosses in Excitement Central (the others being Greenfist and Dinomighty.

SandWorm is fought in a large sand pit that continually pulls Wario towards the center. Its main attack is spitting spiky balls at Wario; Wario can easily damage it with repeated punches. SandWorm cannot be stunned; when it loses one of its health skulls, it instead slashes after Wario with its scythe-like hands. Also, SandWorm may burrow to the center of the arena and start spitting many spiked balls in random directions. When this happens, the sand pit pulls Wario in much faster. If damaged enough, it will also strike back with more powerful moves, including slicing Wario with its hands. Defeating the SandWorm gives Wario access to Dinomighty.

The SandWorm also appears in Pecan Sands, where its attacks are a bit faster, but it is fought and defeated in the same way.



  • SandWorm is not based on the generic Real World creature of the same name, but on the larvae from the antlion family of insects.
  • SandWorm, along with Dual Dragon and Red-Brief J, are the only bosses that don't require Mad Moves to defeat, as they can't be used at all; the SandWorm can't be grabbed and carried, and there is nothing to pick up around its arena. The same applies to Dual Dragon and Red Brief-J.
  • Its tactics and arena are similar to Squizzard and his arena from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • Sandworm bears a close resemblance to Junior the Giant Klaptrap.
  • It's possible the SandWorm is named after the Sandworm from Frank Herbert's best selling novel Dune