Land Manta Ray

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Land Manta Ray
Land Manta Rays.
First Appearance Wario World (2003)

Land Manta Ray are enemies that appear in Wario World, similar to Mantas but appearing on land. They appear uncommonly in grassy areas in Beanstalk Way. They attempt to attack Wario by dashing towards him. They "swim" very close to the ground so they can only be hit by a Ground Pound or Wild Swing-Ding. After three Ground Pounds, they are stunned, allowing Wario to use a Mad Move of his choice. However, Ground Pounding is dangerous in areas that they appear, as missing will result in Wario getting stuck in the grass for a few seconds.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フライスティンガ[citation needed]
Fly Stinger