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Not to be confused with Broozer.
MK7 Growlster.png
The Bruiser.
Advantages Speed, Weight
Disadvantages Acceleration, Handling
Appearances Mario Kart 7

The Bruiser (known as Growlster in Europe and Australia) is a kart body part that can be unlocked in Mario Kart 7. It offers a speed and weight boost, while its acceleration and handling are hindered. It resembles a 1930s roadster.

Stat boosts[edit]

  • Speed: +0.5
  • Acceleration: -0.25
  • Weight: +0.25
  • Handling: -0.5
  • Off-Road: 0


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Canallículo Pun on canalla (rabble) and vehículo (vehicle)
French Automovile From "automobile" and "vile"
Dutch Diabolide From "diabolisch" (diabolical) and "bolide" (racing car)
German Fieser Flitzer Nasty Racer
Italian Diabolide From "diabolico" (diabolical) and "bolide" (racing car)
Portuguese Diabólide From "diabólico" (diabolical) and "bólide" (racing car)