Two things:

  1. You have to be autoconfirmed to create a proposal.
  2. New proposals go onto the MarioWiki: Proposals page.

 DarkNight  16:45, October 2, 2020 (EDT)

Article lengthEdit

I don't think the length of an article is a big deal for FAs, I believe there are some that are just as short but still featured. It's really as long as there's all the information there needs to be without any improvement tags and enough images to reflect the subject.   Nightwicked Bowser   15:43, August 12, 2021 (EDT)

The one you linked to me is from eight years ago, and how this wiki is operated in general have changed a lot since then. I should also let you know that you need to sign your comments, which is done easily by typing four ~ at the end of it.   Nightwicked Bowser   17:18, August 12, 2021 (EDT)

The Yoshi ProposalEdit


I'm not if there was a reason or not, but an anonymous user voted on this proposal under your name. Was that you or was that someone else?   Tails777 Talk to me! 

IP check did clarify it was this user.   Nightwicked Bowser   19:38, November 3, 2022 (EDT)
Okay, just wanted to make sure. Thanks.   Tails777 Talk to me! 

Giant Wiggler proposalEdit

Hi, I responded to your vote on my proposal to merge Giant Wiggler and Big Wiggler. Please take a look at it when you get the chance. Thanks. Pseudo (talk) (contributions)   13:10, October 17, 2023 (EDT)

Oops! Proposal stuffEdit

Pssst, we asked a question about an ongoing proposal we started and you voted in, and we'd like to ensure everyone's on the same page with it. Cool link, let us know at the earliest convenience. ~Camwoodstock (talk) 10:52, November 4, 2023 (EDT)

The question in particular was ensuring everyone was on the same page about it affecting the other articles mentioned or not, seeing as the original proposal was initially unaware of it when it was first made. ~Camwoodstock (talk) 11:23, November 12, 2023 (EST)

Additional BJAODN fanon entriesEdit

I noticed you have a section on a possible subpage for BJAODN fanon entries on your userpage. Right now, you just have "characters", but I have quite a few more fanon entries that could fit:

SolemnStormcloud (talk) 15:20, November 29, 2023 (EST)

You're welcome! As for Wario's Poop, I included it without knowledge of the Wario Land 4 promotional material in question...and I bet whoever created the original page describing Wario's poop as a Mario Kart driver also wasn't aware of said promotional material. What do you mean by that? SolemnStormcloud (talk) 19:32, November 29, 2023 (EST)
Found the Wario Land 4 promotional material you were talking about. I guess I can slightly agree to the possibility of that being inspiration for the Wario's Poop article, but I can also definitely agree to the creation of a "Fanon" category for BJAODN! Can I just...never have to talk about Wario's poop again? SolemnStormcloud (talk) 19:49, November 29, 2023 (EST)

BJAODN fanon pageEdit

Using the examples we collected, do you mind if I put together a page for BJAODN fanon articles in my sandbox and then launch the page sometime afterward? SolemnStormcloud (talk) 11:53, January 7, 2024 (EST)

Done! I can't think of a witty opening line for the header, so perhaps you could add one before I launch the page? SolemnStormcloud (talk) 14:11, January 11, 2024 (EST)
Ah. Guess I'll just write something simple and then launch the page. EDIT: Launched! SolemnStormcloud (talk) 12:37, January 20, 2024 (EST)

Two small requestsEdit

Hello! I have two small requests related to BJAODN for you:

  1. Now that I've launched the Fanon category, could you please remove the section from your userpage to avoid potential confusion?
  2. Do you intend to continue working on the Mushroom World page? If so, would you be able to add the facts I gave on its talk page to the opening sentence?

Thank you. SolemnStormcloud (talk) 21:07, March 21, 2024 (EDT)