Mini-Game Coaster

The Mini-Game Coaster in the game Mario Party 2.
The Mini-Game Coaster

The Mini-Game Coaster is a feature in the Mini-Game Land of Mario Party 2. Although the setting is different with some additional features, the concept is identical to Mini-Game Island from Mario Party. To unlock the Mini-Game Coaster, the player has to buy all of the 4-player, 2-vs-2, and 1-vs-3 minigames from Woody. The player picks out their own character, as well as the partner for the 2-vs-2 minigames (the partner will also appear in 1-vs-3 minigames whenever the human player is part of the team of three).

The objective is to reach the Goal. The player starts with four lives. Each time the player loses a minigame, they lose a life. If the player misses without any lives left, they are given a Game Over. After obtaining 100 coins, the player gets an extra life. The player gets bonus coin multipliers equal to the number of minigames that they win in a row (e.g. a 10-win streak multiplies the number of coins earned by 10). All the 4-player, 1-vs-3, and 2-vs-2 minigames (except for Rainbow Run and Dungeon Dash) are divided into nine worlds, and have to be completed to finish the Mini-Game Coaster. Depending on the difficulty chosen at the start, the player can only progress until a certain point: Easy only goes as far as World 3, Normal ends at World 6, and Hard runs the full course. At the end of the game, the player gets bonus coins for the remaining lives (multiplied by 100) and coins, plus 100, or 500, or 1000 additional coins on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty, respectively. Beating the Normal course lets the player buy Item minigames, as well as unlocking the Hard course; and beating the Hard course lets the player buy Battle minigames.

Mario and Luigi in the Mini-Game Coaster in the game Mario Party 2.
Mario and Luigi getting on the Mini-Game Coaster


  • Mini-Game Space - Enter this space to play a minigame. Blue spaces are uncleared spaces and yellow spaces are cleared spaces.
  • Toad Save Space - Appears at the beginning of every world. Here players save their progress.


Level Mini-game Type Image
World 1
1-1 Bumper Balls 4-player  
1-2 Roll Call
1-3 Tile Driver
1-4 Slot Car Derby
World 2
2-1 Cake Factory 2 vs. 2  
2-2 Destruction Duet
2-3 Balloon Burst
2-4 Looney Lumberjacks
2-5 Speed Hockey
World 3
3-1 Crane Game 1 vs. 3  
3-2 Look Away
3-3 Archer-ival
3-4 Bowl Over
World 4
4-1 Toad in the Box 4-player  
4-2 Tipsy Tourney
4-3 Totem Pole Pound
4-4 Dizzy Dancing
4-5 Shell Shocked
World 5
5-1 Magnet Carta 2 vs. 2  
5-2 Bobsled Run
5-3 Handcar Havoc
5-4 Sky Pilots
5-5 Torpedo Targets
5-6 Toad Bandstand
World 6
6-1 Quicksand Cache 1 vs. 3  
6-2 Lights Out
6-3 Shock, Drop or Roll
6-4 Move to the Music
6-5 Filet Relay
6-6 Bob-omb Barrage
World 7
7-1 Honeycomb Havoc 4-player  
7-2 Mecha-Marathon
7-3 Abandon Ship
7-4 Hot Rope Jump
7-5 Skateboard Scamper
7-6 Platform Peril
World 8
8-1 Deep Sea Salvage 4-player  
8-2 Shy Guy Says
8-3 Sneak 'n' Snore
8-4 Hexagon Heat
8-5 Lava Tile Isle
8-6 Bombs Away
World 9
GOAL Baby Bowser's Shell Shocked 1 vs. 3  

After saving, the Toad in the Goal Star will ask the player to start from world one. No matter which answer is given, another Toad tells them it is a fake and it will transform into three Baby Bowsers. They will challenge the player to a Shell Shocked game. After the Bowser bunch have been defeated, they will run away, and the real Toad that was at the save point will give the player some rewards.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Montaña Minijuego
Minigame Mountain