Level 2-9
Level 2-9 map in the game Mario & Wario.
Level code 2-9
World Yosu Ko
Game Mario & Wario
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Level 2-9 is the ninth level of Yosu Ko and the nineteenth level overall in Mario & Wario.


The player starts the level at the top left, whereas Luigi is at the bottom left. Wanda must activate certain Flip-Flop Blocks in order for the player to reach Luigi.

There are also three Coin Blocks within the fourth and third floor rows of Flip-Flop Blocks that Wanda can hit for up to thirty coins.


There are a total of four Stars in this level.

  • Star 1: At the top left, on a platform accessible on the fourth floor.
  • Star 2: On the second floor, on a platform just above the goal. Wanda must deactivate some Flip-Flop Blocks on the third floor for the player to drop down to it.
  • Star 3: At the bottom right, on a platform above spikes. Wanda must deactivate some Flip-Flop Blocks on the middle right for the player to fall down to it.
  • Star 4: Just to the right of the goal.