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Welcome, WikiGuest!

Hey, paisano! I'm YellowYoshi398 (talk), and I've left this message here on your talk page to walk you through the Super Mario Wiki. You don't have to read this all, but you may find it useful to refer to if you have any questions. You can also talk to me for help; I'll be glad to clear anything up.

Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki!, a collaborative knowledge-base dedicated to the Mario franchise, as well as sub-series such as the Yoshi series, Wario series, and Donkey Kong series. We're glad to have you as a member. If you have any questions, just post it on the FAQ talk page or ask an experienced member and/or Sysop.

The following articles contain guidance and information about reading, authoring, and participating in the Super Mario Wiki community. If this is your first time visiting, please read our Introduction.

How do I do that?

Specific Help

  • Color codes – Help translating colors to hexadecimal.
  • CSS – Help creating an unique monobook.css file for each user.
  • Communication – How to handle and use talk pages.
  • Format – Help formatting text.
  • Gallery – Help creating a picture gallery.
  • Icon – Help adding an icon.
  • Image – Help putting an image on a page.
  • License – Help selecting the license for uploaded media.
  • Link – Help creating a link.
  • List – Help creating a list.
  • Media – Image, audio, and video information.
  • Signature – Help creating a signature.
  • Table – Help creating a table.
  • Template – Help creating and using a template.
  • User preferences – Help with your preferences.
  • Userbox – Help creating a userbox.
  • Vandalism – Help stopping a vandal.


You are welcome to browse through the following categories, which should contain all help-related articles you may need:

External Resources

Things you can do


  • Use good grammar and keep things formal – Although this rule largely does not apply to talk pages and user pages, we are a serious wiki that demands fairly good grammar and a lack of silliness. (It is exceptionally noteworthy to avoid use of the word "you" in articles, as it, too, is rather informal.) Disobeying this tip, however, is not that big of a deal, as other users can easily translate informal content to normal formalities.
  • Categorize articles – When creating an article, you should add it to one of our many categories. You can place in article into a category by writing that category's title in front of the word "Category:" all in hyperlink-like brackets; for instance, writing [[Category:Characters]] at the bottom of an article will add it to the characters category.
  • Italicize titles of games, game series, TV shows, and movies – Once again, this does not apply to user pages and talk pages, but it is only grammatically correct to italicize the titles of video games, video game series, television programs, and films. In the editing language of wikisyntax, italicization is done by surrounding words with two commas in editing sources; for instance, writing ''Super Mario Bros.'' while editing an article will make it appear as Super Mario Bros. in-article. You can also do the same thing with <i> and </i> marks; <i>Super Mario Bros.</i> appears in-article as Super Mario Bros.
  • Mark all images used in your user space as personal images – Here at the MarioWiki, we refer to images used only in user space as personal images. When uploading one of these personal images, please label it with {{personal-image|WikiGuest}} (or {{personal-image-sig|WikiGuest}}, if you intend on using the personal image in your signature) to assure it is recognized as a personal image. By the way, you are only allowed to upload four personal images, as well as a smaller fifth one for use in signatures.
  • Avoid uploading images you don't intend to use – New users will often upload images and never use them, usually to simply test out Special:Upload. Although testing is a perfectly fine thing to do, you should most of the time avoid uploading images that will not be used.

If you want to, you may remove or delete this welcome at any time; you're free to do what you wish with your user space. I hope you found my welcome helpful and that you thoroughly enjoy your time here; I'll see ya around.

If you need any more help or have any questions at all, you can feel perfectly free to talk to me at my talk page; I will respond as soon as possible at yours. I'll be glad to help out with anything, and once more, welcome!

Good luck for a good future here,
YellowYoshi398 (talk)

Hi! Hi![edit]

Welcome to the wiki! You're really gonna like it here, there are lots of nice people here, and it's fun! I'm the one and only Toadette 4evur, but you can just call me Toadette.=) SJ derp :P *Click the "4evur!!" on my signature to get to my talk page*


Oh sorry, I accidentally blamed you for the creation of Luigi's Mansion 2. My mistake, and I deleted it. I believe the real culprit is Boo-omb. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Thanks for being so understanding =) Sorry again that I accussed you of it, I should have looked at each page's history. Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Hello! WikiGuest!, I am Birdoshi!! Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

Hello!, well, ¿you speak spanish?

Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif

That s Good!! Birdo blowing kiss M&LSS.gifBirdoshiYsh-left.gif


Sockpuppetry is no good. GreenKoopa - Comments or questions?

Hey look its moogle :D C???

fine then it's moolee the karate guy. C???


Mocking game systems[edit]

  • You shouldn't be making a mockery on video game systems or handhelds such as the upcoming Nintendo DSi. Things like that can easily get you blocked by a Sysop. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 14:53, 12 October 2008 (EDT)
  • Whoa, no need to get uptight. It just looked like you insulted the system for absolutely no reason. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I only want to remind you that you should be careful about the things that you say here. RedYoshiMK7Signature.png M&SG (talk) 15:51, 12 October 2008 (EDT)

hay supp[edit]

moofle. C???

roflwat. I like that new and improved quote up over on your userpage it looks so beautiful C???


Hello WikiGuest, I am Mario3v how are you? Mario5x.pngMario5x (talk)Mario5x.png

I am fine too thanks so what do think about the wiki? Mario5x.pngMario5x (talk)Mario5x.png

You are right, so when did you join the wiki? Mario5x.pngMario5x (talk)Mario5x.png


Hey WikiGuest It's A Me Mario7727.I Know I Just Got To Know You But...Do You Want To Be Friends???PLEASE WRITE BACK AFTER READING THIS PLEASE Ok.Mario7727 (talk)


am i doing it right GrodenE T C El 22:00, 20 October 2009 (EDT)


It's notable and it pertains to Mario. That's all I need to say. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Hard to beat[edit]

Yes if you have a record, let's stay 16:40:27 then Il Piantissimo will get to the flag at that time. Making him harder to beat. GalladeBack.pngGalladeBladesGallade2.png