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You have been promoted a Sysop on the wiki. Congratulations and keep up your work improving the wiki! - Cobold (talk · contribs) 15:04, 26 March 2008 (EDT)

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Princess Grapes Butterfly 16:02, 26 March 2008 (EDT) Good luck with your new post!

You became Sysop so fast! sobs... ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png so, was the patrolller rank discontinued?

Aw your welcome Stumps. Princess Grapes Butterfly 06:27, 27 March 2008 (EDT)

Congratulation! Well, I shouldn't be saying that since I and Booster also got promoted, but whatever. --Blitzwing 07:04, 27 March 2008 (EDT)

Good Luck with your new rank Stumpers!!!!!! Oh and I wanted to let you know this. If an Sysop becomes inactive (Like going on hiatus for a lonnnnng time.) they loose that rank but its not forever. If the Sysop become active once more they'll get their rank back. (It happened to one user so I thought I should tell you.)Princess Grapes Butterfly 15:28, 27 March 2008 (EDT) :)


On R.O.B., at one point, there were two Brawl Artworks on the same article. It was reverted by a sysop, for the reason that there couldn't be two of the same pictures on one article. Does this rule apply to Bowser? Many of the pictures in the gallery are found in the article itself. Marcelagus (TCE)

Ok, I'll try. Thanks for the advice! Marcelagus (TCE)
I made the proposal. Make sure you vote! :D Marcelagus (TCE)


I spent five minutes making a long and boring spech all about how much you deserve the new title, but accidantaly click Recent Changes. o.0 Anyway, I'm really surprised I haven't got to know you better. Probably becasue you're always making Wiki advancements while I putter about on the forum. Anyway, huzzah! You're a sysop! 3dhammer.gif 3D, AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! 3dhammer.gif

OMG! You're a Sysop now! :D So happy for you. I was hoping all the patrollers would be promoted! :) — Stooben Rooben And now...for world domination! XD
Hey, thanks! :D I'm still not sure if Mom (my teacher) is gonna let me have spring break, though. — Stooben Rooben Should I put on my uniform for the GB? XD
More users, huh? I'll recruit some n00bs; their minds are feeble and will easily be molded to do our bidding! Muahahahahaha! XD — Stooben Rooben
XD Soon...the world will be ours! Muahahaha! — Stooben Rooben *cough cough* ...All this evil laughing...I need a lozenge! XD

Um, congratulations and all, but why was the patroller ranking removed? Was it because of the "patroller power" proposal? I liked it better with three rankings instead of just two. Ruby Star TTYD.png CrystalYoshi Yoshi Egg Sprite.png 18:21, 28 March 2008 (EDT) But it's still great that you're a sysop!

Oh... how nice. ( : Ruby Star TTYD.png CrystalYoshi Yoshi Egg Sprite.png 08:51, 30 March 2008 (EDT)

Toon Link Artwork Change[edit]

Thanks ALOT for Toon Link's Brawl Artwork change on my Userpage. User:Falco Fan. 4:07 PM Sunday March 30th 2008.

Hey-O, Mr. Sysop![edit]

How's it going? Enjoying the fantastic event known as "spring break"? :D — Stooben Rooben Yay! My proposal is going right this time!

Ah, sleep. I slept until 11:30 this morning. I had such an exhausting day yesterday. — Stooben Rooben But it was fun.
Hey, I was wondering when you joined? — Stooben Rooben
Wow, that was a while ago! I joined in mid-December, '07. However, I joined as the password-loser in mid-November, '07. I'm still a n00bie compared to you though! :O — Stooben Rooben
LOL! XD You're starting to sound like mah dad now! He calls his glasses his "eyeballs" 'cause he "can't see anything without them". He once came out of a bath and showed me he pruney hands and said "See? I told you I was old!" *No, Dad, you're wet from the bath.* "I must've been in the bath a long time then, 'cause my skin's all wrinkly!" ...I don't know why I even bother with him. @_@ — Stooben Rooben You're not an old fogey; Ghost Jam is a real old fogey! XD
LOL!! That was funny! Ghost Jam on life support...XD Hilarious, man! And when you said "or is he A GHOST", that really had me laughing! That would probably mean Wayoshi has an iron lung! XD But seriously, wasn't Ghost Jam like the first user to join here? Or SoS? ...*Life support! XD LOL!* — Stooben Rooben You just made my day.
O_O That explains why he got Sysoped so quickly! XD I think I'm one of those "I-like-making-navigation-templates-since-they're-easy-to-make-and-I-get-lots-of-edits-in-one-shot-and-that's-why-I-make-them-so-much" people! XD — Stooben Rooben Wild!
ZOMG! You're talk page sprung a leak! XD — Stooben Rooben
Thanks! :D And, I've seen your work on pages; it's some of the best editing EVAR! I tried to do the rewrite thing with this article, but it didn't work out too well. At least Cobold helped and took the Wikidump tag off of it. — Stooben Rooben

Hola Sysop Tanooki[edit]

Yo, how's it going, Sysop Stumpers? Normally, we talk about serious situations with less serious stuff added to the end or something... This time, its just a friendly "How are ya?". :P ...So, how are ya? XP My Bloody Valentine Lulz, look at these edits. XP Oh, and check out this April Fools Joke that Jorge found. :P

I HAS NO REAL TOPIC! ;; I just wanted to randomly say hi... Besides, I barely do that anymore... Mainly cos' I'm too lazy to do so, unless its something important, SO TAKE PRIDE IN MY NO-TOPIC MESSAGE! :P Overkill, dude, overkill!... Just had to say that. XP My Bloody Valentine Lulz, no problem. I have to help a "brother" out, of course! :P ...Ya know, that could become a part of Wiki Fanon! :O Lol, J/K. XP


Help me out here, Stumpers. Birdoshi thinks she/he's improving the Birdo article, but she/he is making it worse. Look at the "personality" section of pure nonsense she/he wrote right in the middle of the biography section. Just look at this:"It is very similar to the Princess Peach and like example: to two they like the pink color." And she/he's uploading all of these random images that have no purpose, like this one [[Image:Birdo personality.JPG]. I don't mean to criticize her/him, I guess it's not her/his fault because she/he only speaks spanish and she/he typed the whole thing into a translator. But we really need to do something about it. Ruby Star TTYD.png CrystalYoshi Yoshi Egg Sprite.png 19:42, 3 April 2008 (EDT)

Well I requested that the section be rewritten, that's the best I can do now. I translated a bit of it, but I can't do much ("An example is that in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour when Birdo gains the glass and gives their trophy him?" What's that supposed to mean? And"it yaws the eye to him to the trophy and the trophy falls in love with her and also in the games of Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged it runs like a model and also in this same game in one of its animations of when she writes down a goal, to her they take photos him and because it puts for camara." It's all nonsense. And it doesn't only not make sense, but it's not professional encyclopedia language "And she's very affectionate (kissie, kissie!)" That just doesn't sound right. Well, that part she just took what you said and put it in. Ruby Star TTYD.png CrystalYoshi Yoshi Egg Sprite.png 20:44, 3 April 2008 (EDT)

Oh mean the the (Kissie,Kissie) thing I though that was vadal so I remove it. (0_o I have no comment on that! o_0) Princess Grapes Butterfly 20:54, 3 April 2008 (EDT)

Now she (or he, but I feel like it's a she) repeatedly deleting the gender controversy section. What to do now? Ruby Star TTYD.png CrystalYoshi Yoshi Egg Sprite.png 17:22, 11 April 2008 (EDT)

Job Offer[edit]

I was wondering if you'd like to write for the Fake News? The travel guide is open, and for some reason I thought you'd like to do it? :) You wouldn't start 'till next month of course, but it's up to you if you want to. — Stooben Rooben

Well, this pretty much sums it up. Even though it doesn't say for it to be humorous, it can be (preferably). You can also add the fakelinks if you wish, or I can do it; it's no trouble. So, do you want to join? — Stooben Rooben The Fake News does not have workers' compensation, and is thus not responsible for laughter pains!
Er, two short paragraphs at the most. And it would be due every month, two days before The 'Shroom would be released, so I'd have time to put it in the Fake News. — Stooben Rooben
Awesome! You're in! And you don't have to make an alternate persona if you don't want to, but it might add a cool flare to it. ;) — Stooben Rooben Glad to have you as a member of our team!


After explaining things to various users on the Baby Daisy talk page, I was left this message by Pokemon DP, "Yo, Fixit! How's it hanging? Just dropped by to tell you to cool down, please. I'm not warning you, nor am I lecturing you, I'm not even giving you a reminder. I'm just formally and politely telling you to calm down before you explode again, like here. Just trying to help, see ya!". When I replied saying I took offense to this, and that I was in my honest opinion not flaming anyone, I was sent this message, "OK, now that was just rude. I was trying to be polite and civil about this, but quite obviously, you don't understand that kind of language. So, I'll hit you back with what you just gave me. You were being an asshole on Talk:Baby Daisy. I believe calling everyone "brainless" merits as flaming, you brainless moron. You are so stuck up and arrogant, you can't tell when you are flaming or hurting others feelings. You don't care about anyone else but yourself; All your capable of when talking to Users who made a mistake is FLAMING!!! So STFU, and GTFO, NOW! Pokémon DP How does it feel?". Obviously the worst thing I said throughout this was calling a group of people brainless. A term even a child could brush off as offense-less. In return I was told I offended Pokemon DP, and that I was a brainless moron, and also an arrogant asshole. Oh, and I was told to STFU and GTFO to top it off. Now obviously, I know you two are friends, but quite frankly, I know this is not how a sysop should be acting to any user, and I don't want to be dealing with such vulgar language, especially towards me. I explained to DP that I took offense to what they said, and that they should leave me alone, but this is what I got. I know I've overreacted about things in the past, but this is ridiculous. Fixitup

I fully reviewed your response, Stumpers. If anything, I would accept a ban for the both of us, BUT only if DP is banned for a decently longer amount of time than I am. I may be considered to have flamed users by using the term "brainless", but the things DP used towards me were far worse than what I said. Also, even if I provoked DP in the slightest (in others opinions, that is), that doesn't seem to justify what he said. (at least not unless I told him to say it to me, which I obviously didn't) So, if it comes down to it, I will accept a ban as long as DP is given a ban of a longer period of time. (and I don't mean by hours) You might want to ask, "But why would you want to be banned for any period of time?". Well simply put, to show DP that he can't get away with acting like that towards anyone without penalty. Fixitup

And this is why you PWN! Honestly. :P My Bloody Valentine

And you're pretty damn good at your job, as well. Your comment seriously opened my eyes to how horrible my comment was (OK, I knew it was bad... But I considered it justified... Yeeeeeeeeeeah, not anymore. :P). I hope everything is back to normal. My Bloody Valentine

Flick through my archives, I've been in trouble before. :| My Bloody Valentine Meh, I don't let it bother me too much.

Wait, wut? My Bloody Valentine

Oh, I see. That was a really crazy story, dude. o.o I've heard A Link to the Past was a very short-fused User, anyway. I've heard a lot of bad things about him, actually. I don't think it was much of your fault, but more of his. ENIWAI, thanks for settling the dispute earlier. G'night! (even though its Afternoon here. :P) My Bloody Valentine

DP's comment seemed way more offensive to me, so I gave him a bit more time. Fixitup should get a week or more next offense though, so he should shape up right away. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 19:49, 10 April 2008 (EDT)


I hope you know that I'm still trying to figure out where I read Ashley was 9 in Japan. Please don't think I just made that up. I'm trying to find NoJ email address right now. SJ derp :P


Hola soy un nuevo user soy:Blooperapu que onda! y pues yo solamente hablo español como la chica Birdoshi y he estado leyendo muchas conversaciones de varios usuarios y entre ellos lei las cosas de Birdoshi y acerca de esto yo pienso que ustedes se excedieron demasiado con Birdoshi, demasiado, porque ustedes la blockearon una ¡semana! y eso es mucho! ya que cuando blockean a alguien, segun he leido, ustedes deben blockearla solamente 24 horas No una semana!,yo pienso que ya deben quitarle lo blockeado a esa chica Birdoshi ella ya aprendio la leccion porfa quitenle lo blockeado y si se preguntan que por que la defiendo pues es obvio, un monton de viejos contra una vieja pues logico que defiendo la vieja,bueno ademas yo creo que en esta discusion todos tienen la culpa osea ustedes y ella por que ella habla español y supongo que cada que ustedes le dicen algo en ingles, ella lo traduce y bueno traducir lleva su tiempo bueno entonces me imagino que ella estaba traduciendo lo que le dijieron y ustedes devolada le mendaron mas y mas mensajes y ella se desespero y pues se enojo y tambien les contesto apoco ella se iva a dejar,y dijo cosas del tema de Birdo y pues si sera la verdad pero tampoco suena bien asi que ella me iamgino que borro ese tema de Birdo puesto que estaba enfadada por todo lo que le decian y hasta el user coincollector le dijo cosas y me imagino que a ella le caia bien coincollector entre otros, por que ella puso arriba que le caian bien coincolletctor, stumpers, etc y pues ella ha deber creido que esos users la ivan a apoyar en esa discussion pero eso no fue asi, ya que tambien esos users le dijieron cosas y no lo hicieron de buena manera. Y por eso ella le contesto enojada a coincollector que si la chica en traje de baño fuera Daisy pues el no diria nada bueno, tambien ella esta mal por haber borrado, y entonces yo creo que la mejor solucion es: quitarle lo blockeada a Birdoshi ya que ya duro un buen rato su castigo y explicarle a ella de buena forma que no debe poner imagenes asi y ella va a entender ya que ya vio lo que le pueden hacer. y tambien ella esta mal al querer borrar eso lo mejor sera que le cambiemos el nombre de Gender Controversy por algo que se escuche mejor y no borrarlo bueno porfa quitenle lo blockeado a Birdoshi.


I've decided the next time I want to make a proposal, I'm gonna ask for your help so it doesn't turn out so disastrously. You always work things out the right way. ;) — Stooben Rooben ZOMGISUCKATPROPOSALS! XP

Thanks. :) — Stooben Rooben
Okay, since it's Proposalpalooza right now, I do have one idea. I've noticed there are a lot of articles on controllers for game systems. Just to list them:
Here's my ideas on what to do with these articles: Because they are so short, I would suggest either merging them with their proper gaming system, or to merge them all into one large list. What do you think? — Stooben Rooben
Thank you! I'll be sure to make it absolutely clear. Glad to have your help. — Stooben Rooben

Your Mario Kart Wii idea.[edit]

I tested out your idea Stumps.(Track chart.) It in the MarioWiki:Sandbox. YS Grape Artwork.pngGrapes YS Grape Artwork.png It works!!!!


How do I go by.. using it? Fixitup


Ok, I think people are starting to get too used to opposing my proposals, as the recent opposers of my most recent proposal, haven't been making any real points to back up their decisions. Stooben already withdrew from voting, as he obviously knew he was making a defense up out of nothing. While Toadette4evur has kept their oppose regardless of the fact I have fully explained to them that their decision had nothing to do with the outcome of the proposal. You can check it all out yourself on the proposal page. Proposal: Minimum of One Quote Per Page/Game. Now, unless Toadette "notices" what's going on, regardless of the fact I left them a message, I need people to back me up in order to take their senseless oppose down. I know it may seem like I'm trying to get rid of any opposers, but it's just because these opposers have flawed reasoning to the max. Fixitup

I wrote my name in the wrong spot. No big deal. — Stooben Rooben Get over it, Fixitup.

Sure thing. Fixitup

I Forgot![edit]

I never thanked you for your help with the Controller Proposal, so thanks. :) — Stooben Rooben

Thanks! You probably didn't notice I was a Sysop though, because I'm a Userpedia Sysop. :O Now I know all your secrets to deleting and protecting! >:) Muahahaha! — Stooben Rooben Being a Sysop does keep you busy, too.
Wow, I bet that does stretch you thin! D: That's why I only spend time here and on Userpedia; there's a limit to how much I can handle. Luckily, I'm not stressed as I am; being a Sysop here though would probably keep me plenty busy! Sorry, you're stressed. But, how goes things in Stumpersville? — Stooben Rooben
That sounds...good? Lol. But, May 1 is when all Fake News articles are due. I'm getting ready to pass out notices to everyone. ;) — Stooben Rooben
No worries, I actually give people until five days after the release of the paper before they get a tag. Xpike's got one; if he gets another one, he's out. :O — Stooben Rooben Go figure: Me laying down the law. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.


--Mauj.gif 21:07, 25 April 2008 (EDT) Hi! stumpers!

--Mauj.gif 20:26, 26 April 2008 (EDT)Hello, how are you doing?


Ok, for the first time people are having issues with the fact character relationships are based on hints given by Nintendo. There's been an edit war since I was gone on the Baby Daisy page because certain people still refuse to accept the relationships section when we've had sections with far more actual speculation for years. Obviously, if they really think it's a problem, they should be removing all relationship sections from all pages, because the two on the Baby Daisy page are no different. I came to you because Toadette4evur threatened to go to a sysop. So, I said I would. Fixitup

Weird: I've been answering your comments in referse order. Careful you and Toadette4ever don't get into edit or flame wars, okay? Whenever a conflict over removing something comes into play your best bet is to bring it up on the talk page (you already did that if I'm not mistaken) and if that doesn't work, make a proposal. I know you were thinking that your name made people biased on a proposal, so I could make one for you if you'd like. The points I'd include would be: Baby Daisy's relationships, are they too conjectural to be fact? And that would be it. The actual arguing for support/oppose will be up to you and T4E. Stumpers! 23:26, 27 April 2008 (EDT)


Toadette4evur has recently removed my comments from their talk page. Last time I checked, editing others comments is a big "no-no". Fixitup

It was my talk page, so I think their should be an exeption. SJ derp :P

Users are at liberty to do keep or remove content from their talk pages. This is the sort of thing that User:Princess Grapes is fond of doing. I'm not a fan of it myself, but if a user wants to it's his/her own business. However, Altering your comments or selectively deleting comments to slander another user is a different story in my opinion. If you feel that either of these are the case, T4E should undo his edits ASAP. Also remember that your comments are saved in the history tab if you ever need to reference them again. Stumpers! 23:22, 27 April 2008 (EDT)

Hello from M. C.![edit]

Hey, what's happenin', Stumpers? Now it's your turn to get a message from me on your talk page! I find your username to be familiar as well -- was it relation to a Camp Hyrule username by any chance or just a general S/N on the "original" Nsider from Nintendo of America? -- MeritC

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