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Unblock me[edit]

Can you please unblock me on Userpedia, and give me permission to make the KP Clones? I'll give credit to the makers of the original sprites!!!! I will even help people who are creating sprites. Plus people who have KP Clones can add them to their sprite sheets. My Userpedia account is KP Shadow.-Informant

It didn't work, I can't edit. The block ID is #112.-Informant

Not on my computer. Try unblocking my IP number which is I GAVE CREDIT FOR THE AREND SPRITES!!!!!!!!!-Informant

Could you unblock me on Userpedia again. If you don't I'll sue!!-Kpshadowsig.pngKP ShadowKpshadowsig.png

I was banned... Again! Maybe I shouldn't have done all of those crazy things, though I probably might not have been able to control it, because Strep Throat messes with my brain. I act loopy, and I mean loopy. Oh yeah, as you might have noticed, I'm pretty much the user of a thousand usernames. My usernames range from KP Blue to Ultima Shadow, and Goldfish to Luigi293.-KP Blue 17:56, 22 April 2008 (EDT)

Oh yeah, even though I flamed DP and Nega-Mario, Xzelion, says that it was for no reason. I'm thinking that either A) it isn't the real Xzelion(Zxelion, perhaps), B) Xze feels that he doesn't need a reason(Maybe being a Steward has gone to his head), or C) he's not blocking because I broke a rule, but he's just so annoyed by me that he blocked me. Anyways, just unblock me ASAP, and I'll try as hard as possible, maybe even harder than possible, not to flame until the next time I have Strep Throat, which, hopefully, won't be until next year.-KP Blue 18:32, 22 April 2008 (EDT)

Just Unblock me already! I'll try not to do anything bad!! I'm on the Brink of insanity because of the Block!!!!-KP Blue 18:43, 22 April 2008 (EDT)

M&L PiT image[edit]

When uploading images, make sure not to have an "&" character in the name of the file. Images named "M&L" won't display. You need to change them to "MandL" or something similar to make them work. - Cobold (talk · contribs) 17:33, 19 July 2007 (EDT)

Thwomp robot[edit]

We do not accept beta pages on the mariowiki. Please put it all n the beta elements page. Full Metal MoogleKirbyWalk.gif

It has it's own page because it appears in the game,but just read it Mr. Guy the GuyPickle.png Talk!E

RE: Personal Images[edit]

Okeydoke, I won't delete 'em unless told otherwise. YELLOWYOSHI398

Sister's sprites[edit]

What kinds of sprites does your sister want?Alphaclaw11

More Sprites![edit]

Yo, Mcoolister! I couldn't help but notice, you have no front or back poses for your sprites. If you want, I can make you Petey Piranha sprites, which have back, front and sideways poses. ;) My Bloody Valentine

Problem! Petey's sprites are too big... I DID happen to recolor some normal Piranha Plant sprites, but, they don't match Piranha Bean. You COULD make it that, in the overworld, you look like a normal Piranha Plant, but turn into Piranha Bean when a battle starts. :P Just a thought. My Bloody Valentine

PM Style[edit]

Cool, thanks! f_wikiimagem_a663437.pngBean


Hi I just wanted to say "thanks from saving from Girrrtacos" (that was an amazing story and I still LOL! is Girrrtaco ghost living?) Princess Butterfly

Wass' Up![edit]

Hey "mcoolister",

Thanks for getting me started on Mario Wiki! I'll try to make a game from your sprites, if you want. So I guess I'll see you later! Keep On Rockin'!!

I have forgotten...[edit]

Steven, I forgot how do you go into the chat room? If you could tell me that would be great!


Do you Trust Alphaclaw11

I can see this you know Alphaclaw11 and plz sighn your name Nar


Where did you found the bob-omb sprites?F gLarrynana.gif

Awsome Character[edit]

I have been looking everywhere for cool characters and so far Mcool is my Fav. even over my character Koopa-Troopa


Cum see your doodle Koopa-Troopa

dunno a title[edit]

what do you mean the pic with the Mario cast size chat? KT


I forgot where it but it is on my photobucket account uneder the account name of I-So-Cunfooosed Koopa-Troopa

Toon Link[edit]

McDimento show it to us, it was in .-- Xpike the hedgehog 14:29, 29 January 2008 (EST)

My Nephew[edit]

Maybe. or I could make him a non user! ^^ User:TehBooKid/sig

Sprite Sheet Needed[edit]


~Lil ' Boo LilB Thumb.PNG Ciao!


Hi! Just so you know, I edited your comment on the Bob Hoskins Quote proposal. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I just put something there so that Cobold would not remove your vote (again, he removed both our votes one time). Also, I removed your sig as well. It was screwing up the numbering. I'm very sorry about all this, but I just wanted to make sure you knew. BLOC PARTIER. DANGIT. Nevermind what I wrote, Time Q totally removed your vote. AGAIN. Dangit. You're gonna have to put it back on. I'm sorry. BLOC PARTIER.

Ya 'know, when you vote on a proposal, you need to put a reason next to your vote (And that even if you stated your opinion in the comments... yeah), otherwise, it will get removed.--Blitzwing 10:45, 9 February 2008 (EST)

A Hawk's Life[edit]

Feel free to sign up anywhere on my talk page. I will take requests for characters. Ch. 1 is called "The Building of Glitzville." Please tell me what characters you want in the story.

GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

A Little Mistake[edit]

This is not a sprite story, if that is what you thought. Anyway, your characters shall be in. Both you and your pet.


GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

Good-bye to you too :) -Munchy

Hay hay hay! Surely I'm more than your average spammer, now! -Munchy

Sounds good to me! -Munchy

In answer to your question, I was a spammer on userpedia but that was when I thought Xze was still here. But I'm just a happy wierdo now :). -Munchy

Picture Needed[edit]

Can you get me a picture of Orion? I need it to complete my first chapter. I can't get onto userpedia right now, so that's why.

Best, GlitzSig.PNGGlitz Hawk

P.S. You shall get the first chapter in about 6 days or so.

your montain rip[edit]

I uploaded the mountain rip, here it is:


Larry.gifAndré, Do your homework !!! 11:21, 10 March 2008 (EDT)

hi im new and i just wanna meet nice people so Hi :D user:Cutiepie

RE: Hello[edit]

I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before...*cough*Greenpickle 14:17, 7 April 2008 (EDT)

Image talk[edit]

I tried to restore your 3D pic, but the image itself could not be restorable, sorry :( -- ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png 16:41, 21 June 2008 (EDT) try to go to girrtacos userpage, or go to his image gallery at - click [2]

Well, the only way would be talking with girrtacos then, I think...

¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

OK, but this time, just make the link of the image in your userpage, isntead of using the URL, so, the image indicates is being used by you... --

¢oincollctor rsitem209.png 20:49, 22 June 2008 (EDT) and there will not be mistakes.

OMG, Paper Rosalina!!![edit]

I saw what ya put on Rosalina 43's page, and iwas like, ZOMG!!! He made a paper Rosa sprite!!! Ya see, Rosalina appears in Paper Mario: The Darkness Within, and plays somewhat of a role and is playable, btw. So can you give me some normal paper Rosa sprites?

Negative Squad


Um, do you have any extra copies of the artwork you made for me a whiles ago? 20pxPeachycakes 3.14


Hey Mcoolister would you like to be friends? If so please use this userbox. |-


Fuzzipede PM.png


-Fuzzipede PM.pngFuzzipede27