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This archive contains discussions that occurred between 9/17/2011 and 12/17/2011.

Archive creation date: 09:47, 17 December 2011 (EST)




I have no grudge against Wario. He just looks hilarious when he loses. BabyLuigiFire.png(T|C)


The only reason I took it is that there is a picture I want to replace (it was a JPG quality, so I had to upload a new version of it). I don't know how many PI's I have, honestly, though. Maybe one or two before I uploaded the image. BabyLuigiFire.png(T|C)

Baby Mario Bloops[edit]

Proposal Notice[edit]

Don't worry, I was away from the computer for the last hour and a half. I'm already starting editing it. Baby Mario Bloops


Re:Image revisions[edit]

The reasons i brightened the photos because that SMS sunglass picture is a little dark. Thats why i change brightness so that its not even hard to see.--Brandondorf9999 17:39, 3 October 2011 (EDT)

Thats because Lindsay thought those images are not that good. Thats why i've tried to make them good because it has to be in a vailid brightness so its not even darker.--Brandondorf9999 17:45, 3 October 2011 (EDT)

Goomba's Shoe15[edit]


So i tried to revert this image [1] to an earlier version but for some reason i got a squished version of the latest image uploaded Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)

I did that a few times but it kept showing up squished it's fixed now though Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)
So does that happen a lot with images. And is my revert ok Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)



Okay, I took it off, but I got the idea from seeing it on another user's page. Fawful...uh....something or other. Look, there's a lot of "Fawful" user's out there, so it mind take some digging to find 'em. I'll look, too. In the meantime, how's about being friends? |-


Mss hrc dc yoshi daisy toad.png

{{userbox|border=magenta|mainbkgd=#09C|code=[[Image:Mss hrc dc yoshi daisy toad.png|50px]]|msg= This user is a friend of [[User:J-Yoshi64|J-Yoshi64]]}}


Mario Party 5[edit]

(sheepish face) I used the Dolphin Emulator... but I thought those pictures look really good. The pictures could be worse, though. In some minigames, the sky was green. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:38, 20 September 2011 (EDT)

We were using the latest version. Oh, and we now know how to enlarge the resolution. Thanks, though! It would be nice to see those numbers visible, though. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:40, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

Oh, I wonder why the newer versions mess up the older versions. Mario Party 5 is playable, though. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:45, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

Is it okay to have both the older and newer versions of the Dolphin? Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:50, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

What are the differences between the two versions? I'm just wondering if you need to use one version for this and another for that. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:00, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

Thanks for the information! I'm still new to the Dolphin (my game lags like heck). I've barely played on an emulator, especially the Dolphin. I need to know how to take better screenshots. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:13, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

Darn! I have a new computer, but the Wii and Gamecube games move as slow as molasses, but my N64 games are fluid. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:21, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

I forgot to mention that I use Project 64. I'll experiment with the graphics settings. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:31, 25 September 2011 (EDT)

I found the sprites like that while I was dumping textures from the Dolphin. Do you want me to upload the captains facing left also, just like in Mario Super Sluggers? Sure. I'll do it. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 18:21, 22 October 2011 (EDT)

Re:I already know about that. However, the game's pointer has been acting up. It doesn't follow my mouse and it won't let me choose VS. matches (the emulator creates this border where I can't move the pointer all the way to the top of the screen, which means I can't pit players to see their alternate colors in VS. mode. Also, I haven't unlocked any characters yet. I have done that in the Wii, though. I need a 100% save for the game, and I need to know how to implement saves in that game. If there are solutions to these issues, it would be greatly appreciated. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 20:45, 31 October 2011 (EDT)

Great! Now, I just need to resolve this Wii pointer problem I have in the Dolphin. It won't let me move the pointer to the very top of the screen where the VS. match mode is located. I can't access alternate outfits yet due to this. VS mode is the only mode I can get access to alternate colors at the player select. Also, on a final note, are my file names more appropriate now? It's lengthy, though, but I hope I won't get shot down for the long name either. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 21:06, 31 October 2011 (EDT)


Wario Land Shake It! Treasures[edit]

Yes i have, but the transparent background of the images is black.

Yes they end with a "4".

Thank you. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

Super Mario 3D Land Artworks[edit]

Gimp. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

User Problem 2[edit]

I think i can do that, okay. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

User Problem[edit]

Thank you M&SG, we actually did discuss this matter recently, Plumber360 as you know is irritating and persistent. But he'll grow tried and quit eventually, so we should worry much and just block as soon as he login. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

Sprites and Cutscenes[edit]

You're welcome. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

Sprite Upload Request[edit]

I'll think about doing that, when i have the time. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png


Hmm... am not sure if i'll be around on the wiki that day, but i'll see if i have to time to change it. If not, someone else could take care of it. Alien Bunny Sprite.pngL151Onnanoko transparent WC98.png

Mario & Luigi[edit]


The image got squished so I reverted it, but I then looked at the history and (POW!) it's normal... PikaSamus (talk)

The SMA4 pic of Mario PikaSamus (talk)

File:Paper Ice Luigi.png[edit]

What were you doing on my personal image? PikaSamus (talk)

I was just fixing a typo. PikaSamus (talk)


User talk:096rebmulp & loor k niatpak‎ is a sockpuppet of either Kaptain K. Rool or Plumber 690 considering that the username is Kaptain K Rool & Plumber690 backwards. PikaSamus (talk)

Image Replacements[edit]

I didn't know that... PikaSamus (talk)

I knew it existed though. I didn't know I had to ask a sysop. PikaSamus (talk)

Re: Personal Image 2[edit]

OK. I now have File:Kirby KRtDL.png as a normal PI. Mario & Luigi

File:Magic Mushroom.jpg[edit]

My cousin, (Magic Mushroom) requested it to be uploaded. He said that in real life. PikaSamus (talk)

Boomerang Mario Image[edit]

Quality is greater than transparency. Mario & Luigi

I know. I got told by YoshiGo99 the same this. Still, quality is better than transparency. Mario & Luigi


Mario Party 9[edit]

Sorry, I can't find what characters you are talking about, and I am not expert on sourcing stuff (though I could try, if I knew what characters you meant). Also, sorry for the late reply, I forgot about your message. Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :DMarioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :D


I see. I find that to be a useless template, but I guess you were correct in putting it there.

The way I see it, the {{delete-request}} template should be used for all articles that are delete-request, not for articles whose mainspace versions are delete-request. However, that's not the way it is, so I guess I'm wrong here. Sorry about that! Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :DMarioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :D


Mario Kart 7 Artworks[edit]

It's okay, M&SG. Sorry if I sounded rude in my description. :3 --Mechawave 22:35, 21 November 2011 (EST)

It works, I'm certain. It's from Nintendo's official website. --Mechawave 22:37, 21 November 2011 (EST)
Yep, NoA added it. --Mechawave 22:40, 21 November 2011 (EST)


MK7 Weight Categories[edit]

Hey M&SG, I understand that you meant well with assuming the weight categories for the MK7 drivers, but do you still have confirmation in terms of if those said weight categories are correct? Let me know soon. --M. C. - "Mario Gals" Fan! User Page | Talk Page 23:59, 30 November 2011 (EST)

New Super Yoshi[edit]

User Problem[edit]

Please block this Sir Topham Hat on the Rampags now. He is Plumber690 for sure.--50pxNew Super YoshiYoshired.png 10:55, 14 October 2011 (EDT)


Re:Personal Image[edit]


¡Ganaste una Maxiestrella! PHOENIX (talkedits) 16:17, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

Yes, I'll take care of it momentarily.
¡Ganaste una Maxiestrella! PHOENIX (talkedits) 22:20, 19 October 2011 (EDT)

Pokémon Trainer Mario[edit]

Upload Request[edit]

Can you upload Mario Kart DS sprites for the drivers in that game like the sprites in my sig? It's sort of hard to explain. Vinnie I'm using the Waluigi one for my sig

Propeller Toad[edit]

Video Game Sprites Issue[edit]

Thanks for the heads up. I'll consider uploading uploading sprites in the PNG format next time. Propeller Toad


User page[edit]

Hi, I am a new person here. Could you create my userpage, so I can edit it? Thank you! Spidey665 19:23, 7 October 2011 (EDT)


Sockpuppet Misunderstanding[edit]

I am very angry by you accusing me of making a sockpuppet. I demand for the reason of your accuse. If it is NewSupaLuigiBros which you believe is my sockpuppet account, I shall demand for the unblockage of NewSupaLuigiBros account and an apology for accussion, as NewSupaLuigiBros is none other than the account of my twin brother, and he is currently quite upset of being accused as a sockpuppet. SuperMarioKingdom

Super Waluigi[edit]

Artwork Cropping[edit]

Sorry for the late reply, but only he overreacts on this. Super Waluigi 13:17, 6 November 2011 (EST)

Ive realized. Super Waluigi 18:40, 6 November 2011 (EST)


Re:Improvement time[edit]

>File:SMS sunglasses and shirt.jpg
I have yet to collect 30 Shine Sprites as well as to defeat Bowser and I'm stuck somewhere at Noki Bay. I don't think I can help soon.
>File:SMS Shadow Mario Takes FLUDD.png
AFAIK this is a video and cannot be scaled to larger than 640x480.

Re:MSM NioL[edit]

The game wasn't translated in Dutch, however. It shows the Dutch Health and Safety screen, but the game is in English.
Also, I have only a few of characters unlocked. SWFlashSWFlash.svg

Clear all[edit]

The <br clear=all> was obsoleted by {{br}} and {{boxTop}}. SWFlashSWFlash.svg


Friend Request: ThePremiumYoshi[edit]

Hi! Wanna be friends? Here's my userbox: |-



ThePremiumYoshi 15:45, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

Personal Image Note[edit]

I just wanted to thank you for the warning ThePremiumYoshi 22:15, 14 October 2011 (EDT)


My account was hijacked by the way. I like your talkpage.

Ultra Fuzzy[edit]

Request: Friends[edit]

Hey, wanna be my friend? (if you want: My Userbox) Mechanical Dirge (TalkCont) 20:57, 3 October 2011 (EDT)
Want to be my friend? Mechanical Dirge (TalkCont) 20:51, 5 October 2011 (EDT)

Ultra Koopa[edit]


My proposal (Change Navigation Templates Colors) was accepted? I don't know because this is one of my first Proposals. Mechanical Dirge (TalkCont) 14:10, 12 December 2011 (EST)

OK, but... you erased it from the Change Proposals. It's passed, but, does it means that it was just erased, or just because the deadline end and it's ready to be done, since the majority of people that vote support it? Mechanical Dirge (TalkCont) 15:43, 12 December 2011 (EST)


JPG Help[edit]

Hey, I have a question. Do you know any way how to convert a JPG into a PNG without the number of bytes changing?--UM3000 E-102 Gamma.png


Block this user[edit]

Please block Rawby, he is removing info from pages and he is creating new pages which don't relate to the wiki. Fuzzy-NSMBU.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png

Um...and I'm dealing with him right now? Akfamilyhome!SMG2 Bob-omb Buddy.png 09:22, 22 October 2011 (EDT)

I thought you were?? What happened?Fuzzy-NSMBU.pngYoshiGo99Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork.png

He just vandalized the Newsubject template, and I and donaldthescotishtwin are dealing with his talk page, but he just keeps replacing them with CODY RHODES, and Bop1996 is now telling me to leave him alone and just revert his edits. Akfamilyhome!SMG2 Bob-omb Buddy.png 09:26, 22 October 2011 (EDT)

Gah!!! He's now vandalizing The 'Shroom! Akfamilyhome!SMG2 Bob-omb Buddy.png 09:31, 22 October 2011 (EDT)