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This archive contains discussions that occurred between 2/27/2010 and 11/2/2010.

Archive creation date: 18:59, 2 November 2010 (UTC)



Chime Ball




Why did you delete my WikiaGaming.png file? I was using it! Restore it! I don't care if nobody was using it. Restore it now. - Billtn 14:24, 23 October 2010 (UTC)


Bill Blaster

tHanks you for blocking him, he was starting to tick me off ;) Pikmins.jpg' BluePikminKong497


Delete Log

Can you tell me how to delete pages and images? GalladeBack.pngGalladeBladesGallade2.png

Garlic Stapler


For helping remove the images, also hi, nice editing on the Rosalina outfit as well. =] Luigidance.gifGarlic Stapler 33px

Indeed, I roam the unused files page every couple of days and see what images are unused and how long ago they were added then slap on the appropriate delete notice for it. Luigidance.gifGarlic Stapler 33px


Looks great though, would do an edit of Peach and Luig ior something but no photoshop or the such, heh. Luigidance.gifGarlic Stapler 33px

Indeed it is kind of a pain, didn't it used to be 8 personal images per person? Luigidance.gifGarlic Stapler 33px
Guess it was my imagination, lol. Luigidance.gifGarlic Stapler 33px



(I hope I put this in the right place.) So HELLO. I'm simi-new here. How do you give your self a sig? Mechayoshi (talk)


Deleting Stuff

Hey, the To be Deleted category is getting a bit cluttered, would you please delete some? STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

Thank you, because i'm gonna be replacing alot of images these next few days so that category's gonna get a bit cluttered. STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg PS I'm a guy, if youre wondering about my username read my FAQ on my userpage

Please delete the stuff in the deleted category. STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

Please delete the stuff in the deleted category.Theres over 40 files in it. Mileycyrussoulja 21:25, 9 October 2010 (UTC)

You missed a file in the category. Mileycyrussoulja 21:46, 10 October 2010 (UTC)

Did you know yesterday you deleted a file that was actually in a page? It wasnt unused! STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

Im not talking about talk pages, i mean you deleted an image that was in the Twisty Trials Galaxy article. STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

No because i took it off the article once u deleted it. Mileycyrussoulja 20:29, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

I threw a few more files and redirects in the To be deleted category. Oh and keep checking on it, i'm replacing a bunch of bad images. STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

Hey, is it possible to delete those first two corrupted files in Special:Unusedfiles? Mileycyrussoulja 13:55, 17 October 2010 (UTC)

Do you check the deletion category every morning?

Also, look at the first two files in the Unusedfiles thing. Delete those, they are corrupted or something and they cant be edited. STARCOIN!.png' MileyCyrusSoulja Mariohat.jpg

Oh never mind, somebody already deleted them. Mileycyrussoulja 12:00, 26 October 2010 (UTC)

I know i say this alot, but could u clear up the To be deleted junk again? Thanks. Mileycyrussoulja 03:15, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

Oh someone deleted the stuff in there earlier but theres still one left. Mileycyrussoulja 03:18, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

You missed a file in the category. Mileycyrussoulja 12:21, 2 November 2010 (UTC)

Mr bones

WarioWare:Do it yourself

Hi!Do you own Wario ware diy?If so.Can you please tell me how to unlock ashley,9volt and orbulon?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Fashion adds?

Hi!You deleted that fashion ad thing right now right?Can you tell me who created it?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

I though so...He actually created another one a few days a go.But Time Q deleted it.Ps:I don't wanna read it, I just wanna now if it was the same person who made it:)DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


Hi!Can you block this Bill Blaster user? He screw up Reversinator's talk page and yours too.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Okay then. Sorry for the bother.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png
Whoa? A personal attack? After a month of ban he didn't learn his lesson...He deserves that.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png
The personal attack was in your talk page? It's just...I can't see it in the history. Does reverting edits make the "edits" disappear forever? Just curious.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png
No! No! I didn't say I wanted to see it, I just wanna know about these reverting stuff. That's cool. Sorry to bother you! Bye!DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


Is there any rule that says "you can't delete comments on your talk page"? Not warnings, just comments. If yes, does that deserves a last warn, if it's the first tme the user does that?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Hmm...Thanks anyways, I'm gonna ask someone else.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


Hi, is this page necessary?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Yeah. I don't think it's an official name too...DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


Hi, I created a page with the name "Dig It", instead of "Dig It!". I moved the Dig It to Dig It!, but the redirect is still here, can you pleeeeeeease delete it? Sorry for the bother.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Oups, sorry, I always call that game Dig It!(for some reason) while its name is Dig This! so the redirect is Dig This.DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png

Well here's another redirect. Monty mole king. Can you please delete it?DBPM.pngCount Bonsula I need blood...Ml2 drybones.png


Image deletion

Hey M&SG, I really hope you read the delete tag messages, some of the images are linked to userpages that need replacing. :( --RAP.pngRAP... 20:12, 30 July 2010 (UTC) I had to manually replace them in order to have consistency.

You might have to check all the images that you deleted. The ones with only {{delete}} that I tagged means it's a duplicate, or replaced. But when the image is attached to a userpage/user talk page - I leave a note there. Please recheck all the images you deleted to ensure that they're not linked to the "deleted" images anymore.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by RAP (talk).

Go to "What links here" to see the images that are linked to the deleted image. Find clues that tell you what image was supposed to replace the deleted image (like for example, rechecking the deletion tag). --RAP.pngRAP... 22:23, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the report, but I'm demoted recently so I can't edit the userpages (to replace the deleted images, with the new images). I'll tell you about it in a PM in the MarioWiki forums around the weekend at best, as it's not the best time right now. --RAP.pngRAP... 22:48, 30 July 2010 (UTC)

It's OK, you're learning how to manage handling the images that are going to be deleted when editing userpages, and other pages normal users cannot edit. It's all part of being a maintenance person; from the experiences I have dealing with hundreds of images in the database from time to time. --RAP.pngRAP... 11:30, 31 July 2010 (UTC) Keep learning M&SG. x3

RE: Demotion

I don't feel comfortable talking about it right now. Maybe a bit later - perhaps in a PM form sent into your MarioWiki forum profile perhaps. Would that work? --RAP.pngRAP... 11:38, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

RE: Image Compressing

Damn me - looks like enough people noticed my work regarding my attempt to compress PNG images. I'll try writing a guide about it so everyone can bother reading it instead of asking in my talk page for curiosity...repeatedly. XD --RAP.pngRAP... 18:29, 3 August 2010 (UTC) I still have to do the second MarioWiki awards entry. :c No maintenance day today.

Don't worry, I sometimes overreact on purpose (Hence the emotion icons I sometimes place within my comments) Didn't really mean to make it a concern to you. :o --RAP.pngRAP... 23:07, 3 August 2010 (UTC)

Here it is M&SG, the PNG Monster guide! User:RAP/PNG. Feel free to comment, point out any errors, or ask questions in it's talk page. --RAP.pngRAP... 04:22, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Ohlol - I actually used GIMP as a compressing tool before using this nifty tool. XD Now I use GIMP for color cleanup and transparency purposes. You can tell my recent work starting with the logos uploaded to the wiki. --RAP.pngRAP... 18:39, 7 August 2010 (UTC)

Interesting. I heard something like that - cleaning up color palettes and reducing them so it's more compressible. But indexing them? Any idea how can I do that (perhaps GIMP?), or is it automatic? --RAP.pngRAP... 23:14, 8 August 2010 (UTC)


Ah, I see that you spotted FD09 reverting my work, and tried doing something before he reverted back. I just don't see him why if other images have transparency already. --RAP.pngRAP... 20:25, 28 August 2010 (UTC)

Don't be guilty - it wasn't you the reason I started adding transparency to the images. I got this idea from ZeldaWiki (NIWA!!!). Those mighty images are hi-quality with transparency love all over it, so why not try out some of them in MarioWiki? --RAP.pngRAP... 06:31, 29 August 2010 (UTC)


Bill Blaster

This user is repetedly vandalizing articles. Can you ban him? Hello, I'm Time Turner.


Shouldn't you protect the image of SM64DS on the main page? Hello, I'm Time Turner.

I think a protection against newbies should be enough. I mean, it's an image. There's not much room for vandalism. Hello, I'm Time Turner.

Super Mario Bros.

Sysop Promotion

Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on your promotion to Sysop. It was well-deserved. · SMB (Talk) · 18:48, 30 March 2010 (EDT)

The Cosmic Vin


I never new you were Sysop Vin Rules!


The 'Shroom

Hi M&SG! Your talk page system always confuses me a little, but I like it :P I don't know if you read The 'Shroom, but currently we are in a great lack of writers, and the Shroom staff decided that we should invite Wiki Admins to be part of it. So, would you like to write for The 'Shroom?? There are some sections that do not require too many work, and it is something you just have to do once a month. I would greatly appreciate if you agreed to sign up :) Thanks --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 12:56, 13 May 2010 (EDT)



I'm reverting them because he's removing the backgrounds, causing sharp outlines on the artwork because of the fact he's cutting parts of the image off whenever he cuts the white bg off. UhHuhAlrightDaisy 15:26, 28 August 2010 (UTC)


Image Deletion

Hello M&SG.I see you recently deleted the pictures I uploaded.Why'd ya do that.I was gonna add them to the right pages but forgot.--User:UltraMario3000

It's ok.BTW,do you think we could be friends.P.S. I'm not really good at placing images in articles.Do you think I can reupload them and you could be kind enough to place them in their respective articles.--User:UltraMario3000

Ok.Thank you!--User:UltraMario3000

Are you friends with me now.I'm confused.@.@--User:UltraMario3000


Sysop Promotion

Hi M&SG. I wanted to congratulate you on your sysop promotion. It was well-earned. If you have any questions about the new tools, you don't hesitate to ask anybody on the sysop team. ;) Yoshario30px