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My archives
Archive 1

That's my new User Talk, feel free to send a message!


Here's a new scheme I thought up. Let's brainwash Wario! Knowing that idiot, he'll be real susceptible. (I don't care what you want him to do). Wayoshi can help! His Orb of Power will get him asleep in a nanosecond. By the way, I LOVE the "Vs. Enraged Bowser jr. music!

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

P.S. How's Bowser & the Koopalings?

RE: Damn it![edit]

Well, us ghosts have telepathic powers...

Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior (talk) 10:56, 5 January 2013 (EST)


Wanna Battle? Just for fun...

Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior (talk) 10:47, 7 January 2013 (EST)

I want to battle too :3 Grand Stars will be great in my shop, don't you think? lol Super Candy :3 (talk)

So, when we gonna battle? Super Candy :3 (talk)

2 vs 2 battle[edit]

I 'll battle against S.C and Razzoom. Oh, and I'm about to kidnap Wario... oh good... HE'S FALLEN AND HE CAN'T GET UP! Perfect time to get him! "WA! Oh no you don't..."

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

Brainwash him, and gimme an artwork of what he looks like:D How's your progress?


Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

Will ya never learn?[edit]

Nice try masquerading as Mr. Bowser. BTW I am your friend. Why do you.think that I wouldnt notice, when I run a Masquerder spotting service?

Yes , you can have something from my shop, you have a voucher.

More after the advertisement Break.

Razzoom's new Masquerade Spotade service finds those Masqueraders, and that for Free! Use now!


Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior (talk) 14:57, 8 January 2013 (EST).

PS: Razzoom used Psychokinesis on Master Bowser Jr! It's super-effective!

Bowser's kingdom[edit]

If you type in "Bowser's kingdom" for search, you'll crack up @ the results. And how's the brainwashing goin'?

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!


Do I sniff oh no I can´t I don´t have a nose a plan?

Razzoom used Punch! It´s super-effective!

Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior (talk) 11:23, 17 January 2013 (EST)


I´ve got nothing to lose...

--Razzoom "MarioKart" Johnson, Senior (talk) 11:31, 17 January 2013 (EST)


Oh no you dind´t! The shell flew right trough Razzoom ´cause he´s a ghost, and speaking Razzoom, he used Body takeover and sent Master BJ of the ever-so-deep CLIFF!


Razzoom zooms to the back of Master BJ and flings him off the plattform and into the deep pit. HAHA!

And uses a candy and recover Razzoom

Super Candy :3 (talk)

Razzoom tackles Electric Bowser Jr.!

Razzoom is resistant to light and uses Pyschoterror to lower Master BJ´s health down to 60%!
I think it's better we use only Razzoom's Talk to battle, what you guys think? Super Candy :3 (talk)

Nah... Electrical Bowser jr. gets up, electrocutes S.C. and Razzoom! -50%!

No way , E.B.J! Razzoom uses Spooky Smash and knocks Master BJ out! Muhahaha!

Kamek revives MBJ with a potion! He also gives EBJ 40% health!

Razzoom revives S.C. and kills kamek and damages Electrical B.J. -40%!

Wayoshi gives EBJ and MBJ full health!

Razzoom uses Ultra Smash and the aftermath throws EBJ and MBJ off the plattform. HAHA; See you soon, suckas!

Master Bowser Jr. get up and uses Bullet Bills for attack Razzoom! -50%

Razzoom lets the bullet bills pass right through him! Master BJ gets smashed by Razzoom! -50% for MBJ!

Razzoom revives Super Candy and kills EBJ and MBJ! And now for that grand star...

NOOOO WAY! MBJ uses Mega Mushroom and steps SC and Razzoom! -80% HAHA!! The Grand Star is protected against invaders of my castle!

EBJ combusts and reforms near S.C.! -100%

Super Candy is dead! MBJ calls his Koopa Troop and attack Razzoom!

Super Candy is super angry but she's dead and she'll be angry on the floor, waiting for revive Ç.Ç

EBJ blocks Razzoom from revival!

Master Bowser Jr is laughing in Super Candy's face! HAHAHA!! Master Bowser Jr. kicks Razzoom to see if he is dead and he's in doubt, but Master Bowser Jr. sees his partner blocking Razzoom so HE'S DEAD! AHAHAHAH THE BOWSER JRS WON!

In her last breath, SC takes her candy gun, her target is the Bowser Jrs, they are distracted, is her last chance...

Super Candy shots MBJ and EBJ, killing them and we have a TIE

Razzoom uses banish and banishes both Jr.s to Dimension X, killing them once and for all in the process! RAZZOOM AND SUPER CANDY WIN! RAZZOOM TAKES THE GRAND STAR AND PUTS IT IN HIS DUPLICATOR-INATOR GIVING SUPER CANDY AND HIM SELF ONE!!!

If we're dead, then how come I'm typing this? Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

If you want the title of winners, let's settle this in a rematch and finish with this 'TIE'. What the Master, Electrical and Razz think? Super Candy :3 (talk)

We win![edit]

I think we won!

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

Yyyyyyyyyyyep! Where's our grand star, suckas!

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!


Yes, you should brainwash him, and make him your slave. Fair warning: he'll probably fall over a lot since he's so fat:D Has he been brainwashed yet?

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!


After you:

  • Stole my candies;
  • Made ShellMario (my friend) angry;
  • Tried to destroy invade my shop;
  • Stole more candies;
  • Tried to make me your "personal cook" (I'm a candy chef now, I have incredible skills for making first class candies, this is swag lol Just kidding);
  • Messed with my workers and friends;
  • Specialy, our strange battle (NO, MY COMPUTER KILLED ME, LITERALLY TT-TT).

Want to be my friend? Ç------Ç *I don't really want to say this, but you're a mini mini mini a little bit cool person...or not* Super Candy :3 (talk)

Huuh... so, thanks for accepting! :D I forgot to give you a candy, so here is it:
Congratulations! You earned a Candy! PaperMario Items LimeCandy.png

B-bye! Super Candy :3 (talk)


Yo master Bowser jr. I don't deal with stealers like you so give it back or else I'll do my rainbow laser that can destroys any thing speaking of which I destroyed bowser's castle with it I got a piece?
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yoshi 344 (talk).

Your evil[edit]

Your just plain evil you know what.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yoshi 344 (talk).

Your passed the line[edit]

You crossed the line. I want to battle if I win I'll have the stuff you stolen if you win you can kill me. How does it feel A deal or not.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yoshi 344 (talk).

Userspace Warning[edit]

Dear BubbleLemon,

It has come to our attention that you are currently in violation of the userspace policy. Please review the policy and abide by it, or else a warning will be issued. Thank you for your cooperation.

You need to edit more articles and stop editing your userpage and other people's talk pages so much. Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Koopa Clown Car[edit]

Yes, please get us outta "Dimension X" or whatever it's called.

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

Really? He's been brainwashed? Finally!

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

Yep, Wayoshi says he will!

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!

I'll send him to your castle right now, okay?

Hi! I'm Electrical Bowser jr.!


Yo! Bowser jr can i join I'm like the best one here!


I'm the best one plus I even eat live goombas for breakfast

I'ma Back![edit]

Hey! It's a-me, Luigi! Are you a-ready for a fight? MarioMIBsig.pngThe Amazing Luigi (Talk)Luigisuit.pngt

Nice battle skills[edit]

I checked out your battle with super candy and if you go to my user talk page then you can have a battle with me and my pet Lakitu, Lakilarry. -RPG Gamer.


Can we be friends? -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 10:51, 30 March 2013 (EDT)

Your last archive contain lots of bad word, so I censored all of them. -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 12:23, 30 March 2013 (EDT)

The preceding unsigned comment was added by ShellMario (talk). (NOTE: This is a april fools joke!)

-- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 11:33, 31 March 2013 (EDT)


This is way too much funny! -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 23:00, 31 March 2013 (EDT)

Alright, this is war! -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions)


What rights? You mean these rights? -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 21:05, 5 February 2014 (EST) 10:41, 7 April 2013 (EDT)

TOO BAD, THE ZOMBIE BROTHERS STOLE YOUR BLUE SHELL Artwork of a Blue Shell from New Super Mario Bros.

Oh, yeah! That what you get for that awful picture. -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 18:38, 10 April 2013 (EDT)


Wanna be friends? Pokebub (talk) 03:32, 13 April 2013 (EDT)

Hi it's me!!![edit]

Hi Bubble! It's me! :) Hearty_Laughter_by_KokinhoKokeiro.gifKingfawful4321

lol you called me dear, your just like your sister, here is mine: |-



Mainspace warning[edit]

This is a warning to stop your inappropriate behavior (Making too much userspace edits) on the Super Mario Wiki. Please adhere to the rules or you will be blocked from editing this site.
If you feel this warning was undeserved, you may appeal it.

Most of your edits are talk or user and only 25 are main, please make more. --APA TKB Umbreon, from Pokémon. 08:00, 19 May 2013 (EDT)

Vamos ser amigos????[edit]

Bem.E isso,vom te dar a minha userbox :P

Ashley Ashley anEoTselkie (Talk) File:Ashley WarioWare Touched.png 15:49, 2 November 2013 (EDT)

Hi There! I'm Triple K.[edit]

Let us all show respect to this adorable little koopa. Bowser Jr., in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.Triple K, Skye 18:08, 2 April 2014 (EDT)
Only the greatest in royalty play baseball with a paintbrush.

Hello Triple K. This user is not active. If you would like to, you can spam my user page a little. Not a lot, but a little.



--WhiteYoshi2014 (talk) 18:35, 15 July 2014 (EDT) (P.S. I'm just playing. Just to let you know, I have seen plenty. I secretly have a 8-bit Luigi buddy as my get-up attack in Yoshi Fighters 3.5 and up [which, by the way does not exist! I made it up.])

User page edit[edit]

Could u decorate my user-page Apple Juice (talk) 01:57, 6 September 2014 (EDT)