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About Me

I'm WhiteYoshi2014. If that is too long, call me WY2014. And I will not get ANY further than this. I try to find pages that need an edit or two, and fix the problem or just add info. Feel free to talk about friend requests, my work, or just comment on my funny stuff! One more thing. I try my hardest to do the best I can when I edit.


I haven't been active since who knows when, one of these days I'll return.

Favorite characters

Heroes- 1. White Yoshi! 2. Toad. 3. Luma.

Koopalings- 1. Ludwig! 2. Lemmy! 3. Iggy!

Minions- 1. Koopa! 2. Dry Bones! 3. Spike! 4. Pokey! 5. Wiggler!

Want to be friends? |-




If you'd like to talk to me, talk on my talk page.

My Pets

Yoshiblue.jpg My light blue yoshi, Larry! BlueYoshi_YIDS.png My blue yoshi, Alex! Rainbowyoshi.gif My Rainbow Yoshi, Roy!

More pets coming soon!

funny pictures

File:Nonstopper II NSMB.gifsilly koopa get off the conveyor belt

Nonstopper_NSMB.gif oh boy! what is THIS???

Moving-Blooper.gif Oh, come on! Really, Blooper?

Ani_1turtle2.gif Koopa, you need to stop goofing off!

SpikeSMB3.gif And? AND? A? N? D?

BombBoo.png What?

ToadMP8.png What is it with people being SO MAD at TOAD?!?!?

funny notices

This ain't a disambiguation page — a clan of Goombas that otherwise might share the same Blue Shell. Please follow one of the disambiguation F.L.U.D.D links above or search to find the Super Leaf you were looking for if it is not listed. If a Yoshi Egg referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the Dry Bones.
It has been decided that the Beep Block will no longer support this Banana. Therefore, this Luigi is kept and protected strictly for Wiggler reference.
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This project is on Larry. All work has been Golden Hammer due to {{{Bob-omb}}}. Hopefully the project will be continued {{{Koopa}}}. Be sure to check this project's Template:Super Mario Dry Bones for updates.