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This is my workpage where I'll create tables, and other stuff for mainspace articles. I'll also draft proposals and maybe some other stuff here as well.

Luigi's Mansion Stuff

  • Interactable objects with the Game Boy Horror (mirrors, mouse holes, cheese).
  • A complete section of the Game Boy Horror and its functions.
  • A table listing each enemy, with a short description and small image
  • A table listing Mario's items and their locations. Flavor text upon finding the item is encouraged but not really needed.
  • A table listing miscellaneous objects that don't quite fit with others, such as Poison Mushrooms, Hearts, and Cheese. Other objects, including treasure chests and keys, should also be included.
  • A better controls section, listing what each button does rather than lumping the thing into one paragraph.

Miscellaneous items

Item Effect
Cheese If Cheese is interacted with using the Game Boy Horror, then a Gold Mouse will be spawned.
Elemental Medals The Elemental Medals allow Luigi to catch and use Element Spirits.
Hearts Hearts restore health to Luigi.
Keys Keys are used to unlock locked doors and locked treasure chests.
King Boo's Crown King Boo's crown gives 5000G to Luigi.
Poison Mushrooms Poison Mushrooms appear after a Portrait Ghost has lost a certain amount of health. They shrink Luigi and free the ghost that he is trying to capture.

Common Ghosts

Other Ghosts

Game Boy Horror

Objects that can be interacted with