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Hey, sorry, I don't have MASATOG but I'll join the Pipe Project (It's not really relevent but I went to the Sydney games in 2000). TIMMY TIM

Re:Youtube Vids

Well, there's nothing that needs to be changed to allow that. So as long as Tucayo and Super Paper Mario Bros. give it the okay, you can do this. - 2257(Talk) BbQbf6g.png 12:14, 26 August 2009 (EDT)


hey please can you help me yellow yoshi how do i delete this message that says welcome bowser jrs number 1 fanbowser jrs number 1 fan (talk)


uh.... sorry, but your section doesnt seem fit :( if you like so, you can choose one of the vacant onees. BTW, youre allowed 5 sections --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 16:25, 27 August 2009 (EDT)

What up!

Yo! YellowYoshi! it is me GalacticPetey just want to tell you I checked out your Welcome on Tar Boy's page I know him in person! anyway what have you been doing and P.S. I have not been active for a while because of my new DS! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Let me tell you something... PETEY PIRANHA, YOSHI, AND LUIGI PWN! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Your last image in your gallery is funny! P.S. I have a dance party on my page! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

I havn't heard from you in a long time how are ya hey did you here about the user brawl by Zero (me and him are pals now) Isn't it a good idea PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

That was priceless PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

Theres the point

Character Battles are in the Fake News TucayoSig.png :)

well, we already have 2 character battles. Why dont you take another one? BTW, thanks for telling me, I blocked him --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 16:26, 28 August 2009 (EDT)


I love using show/hide. Anyway, you need to send the warnings out, that is, the {{MATemplate}}. Here is a list of people you need to send it to. If you don't by Sunday, I will. Here is the list: MarioWiki:The 'Shroom/Music & Artwork. · SMB (Talk) · 17:21, 28 August 2009 (EDT)
Wonderful! I'm glad that you are using your co-director duties well, I knew I made a good choice :) · SMB (Talk) · 09:50, 29 August 2009 (EDT)
Yup, I saw. Thank you for creating it! I will add it to my userbox tower soon, I'm busy trying to make some more mainspace edits. Anyway, that's ok. I'll put that in the section this month, and I'll do the "Music Factoid". · SMB (Talk) · 16:38, 29 August 2009 (EDT)
That's okay, I understand, touch-screens are hard to use, I hate typing on them. · SMB (Talk) · 16:49, 29 August 2009 (EDT)


Its ok :) just put it in the Fun Stuff :) --tucayosz9se5.png(talk) The 'Shroom 17:20, 29 August 2009 (EDT)


Errr, Sorry YelloYoshi127, but I can't. I don't know at all about the formula to make that. You must ask to Porplemontage (talk), he created that and he should know the code. Good luck ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

Game Ideas


I've just noticed your game ideas section on your page, and McQueenMario and I are members of this site here, named Fantendo. I'm also on Mario Fanon, there for Fan games. There are series of games including Diaper Duty. Check it out and make a game and/or company! When your on Wikia tell me on here or Wikia that your ready to make a game, if you want help, I'll help you!

--Clyde1998.png Clyde Use Fantendo! Edits Vids! Clyde1998.png 12:19, 2 September 2009 (EDT)

Fantendo is a site for fake games. EEA Inc. is a fake company made by MQM, mine is Flame Games, and you well make fake games. You could add your Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games, dispute there being a game already named Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2! It works like this Wiki, but you'll need to register, on the whole of Wikia!

--Clyde1998.png Clyde Hi! Edits Vids! Clyde1998.png 13:40, 2 September 2009 (EDT)

FA Vote

Can you please vote on Mariowiki:Featured Articles/N/List of shops in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, we need one more vote to kick it off.--Marioguy1 My talk page (haha, no link for you ) 13:48, 2 September 2009 (EDT)

Re: Fun Stuff

Sure, that's fine. Just be sure to PM me the section by the 'Shroom deadline, ok? Luigi MH3on3.pngZ3r0 Tw0Zerotwo.jpg

New 'Shroom Section

I am Zero! Hey YellowYoshi127, long time no see, I signed up for the 'Shroom, check out my section and give me some of your feedback on it, so far it has really really good feedback. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Friend Request

Hi from 006.pngCmario17PMTTYD Curious Mario Artwork.png...
I like Yoshis, too.

Wiki Adventures

Check it out some time.

User:Mario64fanatic/Wiki Adventure

Hey YellowYoshi!

PT PRANA (talk) Here! I saw your request thingy on your page, and so I thought I put something down. By the way, how do you get all the awesome userboxes??

This is for you

Hey YY here is a userbox for you |-




Yes you are in it (you actully have a major role) PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif

UK flag

Hi. The UK flag you uploaded to use in a userbox already exists as an image here. If you want you can of course use the higher quality version you uploaded, but seeing that you've sized it down anyway it would be best just to have one version of the same image on the Wiki. ;) - Cobold (talk · contribs) 15:23, 15 September 2009 (EDT)

Help, Removal!

Hey, thanks! Can you help me remove Super Paper Mario Bros. Vote? We need 1 maybe 2, and you could really help me! Please, do it for Yoshi, please! Baby Mario Bloops

PT PRANA (talk)

Hey, yellowyoshi127! I just took your user box, so feel free to look at my page and take my userbox. Also, the London Olympics idea sounds awesome!

Thanks! I wondered why it was rubbish!

Sob Sob

I feel awful! Godzilla dies in Godzilla vs. Destroyah! It is so sad! PeteyPiranhafliying.gifGalacticPeteyPeteyPiranhafliying.gif


I like your user page. I love the random Pics. Espicially the Yoob one. Mind if we become friends? User:Yoshiaga/sig 15:05, 26 September 2009 (EDT) It is ok if you don't want to. It was just a request.

Wow. It owrked for you but not for me D:. I tried going to the KH wiki on a Ipod touch. And it wouldn't let me go D: and here is my userbox! |-


Monty Mole Super Sluggers.png

Re:yo momma!

CLYDE: OK, OK, my turn! Yo Momma is so old her birth certificate says that it has expired. OOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

YO MIND: Birth Certificates don't expire!

Clyde1998.png Clyde What's your reply? Edits Vids! Clyde1998.png

OHH Me I have one! Yo Momma is so fat that it took her a MILLISECOND to fall down the Grand Canyon!OOOWWWWWWWWWWW! User:Yoshiaga/sig 16:44, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Yo mama Had such a weight problem, She was finally skinny. When she went to mcdonalds. She became fat as a the Galaxy! OOOWWWWWW! User:Yoshiaga/sig 16:52, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Yo mama was so ugly, She made medusa Burn to death! OOOOWWWW! User:Yoshiaga/sig 16:55, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Monty! Yo momma was so fat that Mcdonalds had to close down! OOOOHHHHHH! User:Yoshiaga/sig 16:58, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Monty! Yo mama is so fat, You don't have any place to live, when you live with her! 17:03, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Monty! Yo momma is so fat, That she was the Iceberg that sunk the titanic! User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:09, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Monty! Yo momma is so fat she could eat Yoob whole! OOOHHHHHHHH User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:14, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Monty! Yo mama was so stupid, She eat a dog because she thought it was fried chicken! User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:23, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
This is getting really boring. I am gonna make some more userboxes!User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:27, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
That made no sense what so ever! User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:34, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
I have come back for more! Yo momma is so retardted, That she mistaked Link for Peach! User:Yoshiaga/sig 17:46, 26 September 2009 (EDT)
Hmm... I think I can beat that! Yo momma so ugly she gets another 364 extra days to dress up for Halloween. OWWWWWWWW!! Clyde1998.png Clyde 364 - That's alot! Edits Vids! Clyde1998.png
Monty! Yo momma is so ugly, Everyone thoguht she was wearing a mask! User:Yoshiaga/sig 09:40, 27 September 2009 (EDT)


Yo Mama is so fat that when she sat next to you when you were watching t.v, you missed 2 movies and 3 commercial breaks!

Well your mama so fat that when she jumped off the empire state building she bounced back up and hi-fived jesus. OWWWWW!


Your mama so fat that there's more of her on earth then there is water. OWWWWW!

Yo Mama is so retarted that she's the only mistake god ever made. OoooooooooOW!

Yo Mama so ugly that she doesn't check her closet for the boogey man. The boogey man checks his closet for yo mom. OOOOOWWWWW

Yo mama so fat that when I saw her on t.v I thought it was santa + fat albert times 10!!!!

Yo mama You are so ugly that when you were born she looked at you and said..."I'm sorry Mrs. Bigfoot is in the next room!"


(speaks in deep arnold shwartnigger voice) I'll be back!

Yo momma's eyebrows were so bad, That they made Mona lisa's Eyebrows look prettier (And she deoesn't have any!) OOOOWWW! User:Yoshiaga/sig 11:56, 27 September 2009 (EDT)
Yo momma was so fat She accidentally squished Yoob to death! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH User:Yoshiaga/sig 13:00, 27 September 2009 (EDT)

Yo mama so ugly, she looked in the mirror, and her reflection threw up! OOOOOWWWWW!!!!! €lectrobomber(I had to chime in there)

Meh, that's the only good one I have. €lectrobomber

New Proposal

I am Zero! Hey YellowYoshi127, I made a new proposal, check it out, it deals with the main page. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)


Please stop creating completely irrelevant conversations on the Super Mario Wiki. This isn't a warning, and it's possible that you made a mistake by accident or without realizing it; this is simply a reminder for your information. If the action continues, then a warning will be issued. Thanks for reading and keep contributing.
If this reminder was not issued by an administrator and you feel it was undeserved, you may appeal it.
Sorry, but this "Yo mama" conversation you are having with other user(s) is completely off topic. While minor chit-chat is allowed, this joke conversation can be performed in a PM in our forums, or in query in our chatroom, and is taking up space that we need for our main space articles. Thank you, · SMB (Talk) · 15:36, 27 September 2009 (EDT)
Don't worry, it's okay. Also, thanks for sending the warnings out, you are doing very well as co-director. :) · SMB (Talk) · 16:06, 27 September 2009 (EDT)

Check your messages there! User:Yoshiaga/sig 16:43, 28 September 2009 (EDT)


I am Zero! The proposal was about removing the did you know section but Monteyaga volenteer to update that section. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)


Please stop creating so many redirects. Only official nicknames, pluralizations, and the most common and abvious title abbreviations are acceptable redirects, so things like "The rock god" or "Kart Wii" will be deleted. The official policy has not been posted yet (my fault) which is why you're not getting an official reminder, but until it is, you can see a draft here to get an idea of what should and shouldn't be redirects. Also, you don't need to add that "mowiki" code after the redirect links, nor should their be a space between "#REDIRECT" and the link, as these do nothing productive (again, it's not your fault, as many redirects have extra spaces). - Walkazo 22:43, 27 September 2009 (EDT)

Pluralizations (like Fire Crabs for Fire Crab) are fine, since they are still official names and are bound to be searched often. - Walkazo 22:48, 29 September 2009 (EDT)

RE: Hi

Sup, cool to see you too. I'm not online as much as I wish I could be anymore because school is kinda demanding (not to mention I have a really bad work ethic XP), but I'm still around. You might have to take over the YellowYoshi### mantle for now, though. ;) Anyway, see ya. YELLOWYOSHI398


The page(s) you recently created (Planet Cup) has/have been put up for deletion, has been deleted, or turned into a redirect. This may be because it violated at least one of the policies and/or guidelines of the Super Mario Wiki. There are some things you can do to ensure this doesn't happen again.
  1. Make sure there is no other article about the same subject with a different title, especially for conjectural articles.
  2. Make sure the article has enough information to make it a worthwhile read (i.e. it does more than state the obvious, such as "Luigi's Mansion is a mansion that is owned by Luigi"). Overly short articles are known as stubs and their creation is strongly discouraged; it is better to amass enough information to make a solid article right off the bat instead.
  3. Make sure the article is significant enough in the Mario series to have its own article.

If the article has only been tagged to be deleted you can still fix or expand it, but an administrator may delete it at any time, so please act quickly. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing!

Your article was deleted because it was a one-liner. You may try to recreate the article, but please do not write opinions ("it is the hardest cup in the game"). Instead, you could write about what characters and stages are in the (Mario Tennis cups are usually random, so not much to write about). You could also describe what the trophy looks like and upload an image. Please don't make articles simply to fill red links. You haven't done anything wrong, but I thought I would steer you in the right direction. Thanks for editing.--Knife (talk) 19:00, 29 September 2009 (EDT)

If you don't know much about something, don't create the article in the first place. Not to mention you can always research info online. We've also been cutting down on stubs since the queue is backed up. Anyways, thanks for understanding.--Knife (talk) 14:01, 30 September 2009 (EDT)