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Species Human
First appearance Life (From 2003)
Latest appearance The Internet (From 2009)
Affiliation(s) The Real Yoshi

Who's online: Mario jc, BMfan08, TheDarkStar, DK Fan, Niiue, PaperSplash, Owencrazyboy9, SuperMarioMiyamoto83, Glowsquid, SonicSpeed48, Alexo, Mari0fan100, Zootalo, ApplePieandCheesecake, TyGuy24, Meester Tweester, Alex95, Wynn Liaw, Scrooge200, EternalBlue86, Yoshifan219

Hello, I am Tri. I make flash games (using Scratch) and chiptunes (using FamiTracker.) For anyone interested in playing my best games, please go to this link. [1]

Game Related

Console Collection

This is a list of Nintendo consoles I own, ordered from release year:

I previously did own a Wii until 2014, when we got a Wii U. We sold it for a GameCube, because the Wii U had a Wii menu of its own and our Wii had GameCube support, so we didn't need two Wii's.

Favorite Games

This is a list of my favorite games, one per console, in order from release year:

Music Related

FamiTracker Songs

I will soon put out a youtube video for my song "Midnight Ride," so please be patient.

Favorite Song

I have one specific favorite song that just straight up breaks the limit of the NES' 5 sound channels, and I really hope to achieve songwriting skill like this some day.