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Update: OMG Mario Party 9 is on the way! The E3 trailer was awesome! I bet this will be my favorite Wii game when it comes out!

I'm a young editor for this site. I've made many changes to pages, and one time recorrected spelling! Get ready to read some stuff about me!

Nintendo Favorite Characters History

The Beginning

  • This all starts with Mario Kart DS. When I started getting all of the characters, I saw a cute princess named Daisy. I took her as my favorite before it then changes 2 years later...

The History

  • As I knew it, there came Waluigi! He looked interesting for a character, and that's when I played him for 6 months! But it ends up changing again!
  • Here came Mario Party 6! There was an unlockable character, and once I got her, it was revealed to be Toadette! I thought she was a cutie, too!
  • To Mario Party DS and Mario Party 8! Nothing to say, but that I chose Daisy again, but then came one more...
  • Playing Paper Mario was great! I had finished Chapter 4, defeated General Guy, and saved another Star Spirit! And that one had a sailor hat! Yes, it was Muskular, and that made me have him as my favorite! It came to me that I just couldn't take a male as my favorite (well, not this character). They aren't as cute! So my favorite changed around 3 years later (but it WAS a male, and WAS cute. Read the next part, and you'll see). =(
  • I was just in the dumps cause I had NO FAVORITE CHARACTER! I just went to my game, Paper Mario, and turned it on. I remembered "Finish Chapter 6"! But the sad thing, I didn't want to use certain moves, so I just made it through without any Star Spirit powers. Suddenly, I thought "Hey, this next Star Spirit needs to be sort of a surprise!" So I closed my eyes when saving the Star Spirit. When the text came up (which I knew when), I looked, but it was hard to see! I decided to just get Peach's part done before getting back to everything. Around 10 minutes later, Peach is caught by Kammy Koopa, and Peach is sent back to her room! But when I come back to Mario's adventure, I can also see the Star Spirit! I thought he was really cute for a male! Plus, his name was Klevar! I immediately took him for my favorite character! I knew this was the best day ever! Oh well, got through all the text, saved the game, and decided to take a break from the games.

Taking the Edit

This starts on April 27th, 2011, where I join in the Wiki! When I noticed some things to be changed, I start editing stuff, but that never makes me give up! I keep doing it, and it seems interesting to see mistakes in the following: word spelling, missing info, wrong parts to a page, etc. Sometimes I do make mistakes, and they have to edit/delete the part.


I checked out some info for the character Daisy, and I came to the MarioWiki site. I looked through, and there we were! The perfect site for the Mario franchise characters, games, items, enemies, etc! This inspired me to join in! I then noticed that there were more games, characters, items, etc. than I thought! Of course, I knew like Baby Mario, Mario, Wario, Daisy, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Luigi, etc. But then there was like Fawful, Toadsworth, etc.

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Comment About the Wiki

“If all I had was a computer and a chance for one site, this would be the one I choose!”
Mackywacky00, MarioWiki