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Me Lanky! Lanky Kong! Me lyke blu stuffs and grayps! Gonna bee in Dunky Kong Bayrol Blats!

Me fayvrit artikle is Dk Gunjul Clymer, witch you cud kunsidr a payg I Lanky-fyd! If yew want me too mayk or edut a artickul, me wil, but it haz too be dunky kong realaytud. Sumtymz I wil edit a not dunky kong artickul, but mi mayn editin iz on dk stuf.

Dont wuree if iyem not her for a wiyul. Winevur nu dk stuf is releesd, i wil be her to ad it to the wiki! |-

Lanky, thats me!
Me furzt Gaym

Artikulz Me Have Crayated

Kool Gize

If I sai to you u can ooze my userboks on yur tawk page, yu can. Cowd: userbox|border=#FBB917|mainbkgd=#F88017|codebkgd=#FBB917|codecolor=#FBB917|code=Lanky Kong|msg=Dis Oozer iz kool in oh rang u tang standerdz.

Lanky kong's Userbox Tower
Lanky Kong

Lanky Kolazze

7000th Article