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Full name I will never tell you
Species Yoshi
First appearance 2006
Latest appearance Now

Ciao Im Luigi Mi piace aiutare le persone e ho solo aderito a questo wiki per aiutare a costruire il List of Mario Party 2 pre-release and unused content per aiutare questo

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i miei giochi preferiti per tutte le console sono:

LittleBigPlanet 1,2 e 3 (PS3)

Giochi di Mario (SNES, N64, GBA, GB)

Wario Games o ft.Wario o Waluigi

cose che possiedo:

10 giocattoli e mercanzie luigi

PS2 & Game

Box NA Super Mario Sunshine.png Super Mario Sunshine 5/10 No Me and my brother, played it on a emulator and it was Very Laggy so my fellings on it are sour.
PMTTYD.jpg Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 3/10 No 1,Gamecube Roms Take Very long to download 2,overated
Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 8/10 Yes I like 2 Player Games so... i played on a emulator..you should know
MarioBaseball.jpg Mario Superstar Baseball 10/10 No It's a cool game.
Luigi's Mansion Box.png Luigi's Mansion 9/10 No GHOSTBUSTERS! the Credits Theme and The Lab Theme are Funky
Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg Super Mario Galaxy 1.9/10 No this game sucks
NSMBW AU Box Art.jpg New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2.5/10 No I Really Dont Like This Game,ITS TOO KID FREINDLY
120px Mario Kart Wii 4.9/10 Yes Motion Controls.
USCover MSCF.jpg Mario Football 7/10 No Waluigi Victory Dance.
MP8Box.png Mario Party 8 7.5/10 No When I See this Game i Get Stuffy
Smg2boxart.png Super Mario Galaxy 2 2.7/10 No ITS TOO KID FREINDLY,I DESPISE IT.
SSBB Cover.jpeg Super Smash Bros. Brawl 7.9/10 No Cutscenes Are Cool,This is Also Wario's Debut in Smash
NSMBU boxcover.png New Super Mario Bros. U 4.4/10 No My Awsome Bro played it so he liked it (Probably)
Box NA - Super Mario 3D World.png Super Mario 3D World 9.6/10 No I Like teh Muzik a Lot
MK8 NA Box Art.jpg Mario Kart 8 8.9/10 No ... No Comment
Super Mario Maker - Artwork 04.png Super Mario Maker 9.9/10 No This Guy Is Not Human,So he Devoted himself to play mario maker levels
SuperMarioOdyssey - NA boxart.jpg Super Mario Odyssey 2.1/10 No I think the concept of capturing people and stuff is kinda messed-up
New Super Mario Bros box.png New Super Mario Bros. 3.1/10 Yes People Re-Use Artwork from this game to make flash games and stuff and call it a day
MPDSNA.jpg Mario Party DS 9/10 Yes A great party game with cool items, Awsome awards, Fun minigames, But that solo mode was kinda a pain. Other than that, I loved it. :)
MKDS NA Box Art.png Mario Kart DS 9/10 Yes The Control is Good,The Sound Effects are Great,This Game is one you should Play.
SuperMario63.jpeg Super Mario 63 5.5/10 Yes I Played It,When i was 9 or 8,and found it cool, now when i play it its really laggy due to the amount of stuff on screen
Super Mario 64 Boxart.png Super Mario 64 9.4/10 Yes This Game is Brothers Favorite Game along with mario odyssey i played Net 64 With Mario Odyssey 64 and it was fun,one thing i hate is people keep making mario 64 animations take makes me feel pissed off
SarasalandBoxArt.png Super Mario Land 6/10 Yes The music is cachy and the enemies and bosses are cool
DM64 Cover.jpg Dr. Mario 64 3.1/10 Yes This is Great Game to Play
MP1 Cover.png Mario Party 4.1/10 Yes This game is so unfair i cant win the minigames
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MP8 Waluigi Solo Artwork.png
Wario and Waluigi Artwork - Mario Party 7.png
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