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Cmario17's Talk


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  • If I forgot to include or update something on my userpage, you are free to correct me here, but do not insult anything.
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  • Do not post the same message again and again if I don't answer within the next minute! I try to be on the wiki everyday, and I'm probably NOT here on the weekends. as often as I can. I also check and reply to my messages as soon as I notice any.
  • Feel free to ask questions about anything I am knowledgable about! (That means pretty much everything on my userpage)
  • DO NOT POST YOUR USERPAGE ON MY SPACE! YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SPACE FOR THAT!!!! (Meaning that you SHOULD NOT type {{User:YourUserNameHere}} to sisn your name! If this accidently occurs you should take it off immediately and replace it with {{User|YourUserNameHere}}.

Re: Your Friends? request

Why should we NOT be friends? That's the absolutely absolute worst reason thing you can do ever to reject a friend request! Take my user box and all shall be well. |-


Mario on Fire.png

And yes, I CAN read your teeny tiny text. I think Wario is funny because that's my opinion and not everyone thinks Wario is funny. I personally don't hate Wario, but I beat him up because I think he is funny. Whatever, that means you're different from me, which is great because everyone's different...soooo.

BabyLuigiFire.png Ray Trace(T|C)

I got it ;) --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 21:49, 6 November 2009 (EST)

RE:Friend request

Hi there, the response to your friend request is.... YES! Nice of you to bother to write to me. If you need instructions on how to complete any game jsut ask me. I've played almost 40 Mario games in my life. Oh, my name? I sometimes get a massive burst of good luck in certain days and I wanted to call it something. I've been thinking up about that name for a night or so and the day I joined Mariowiki was a Yoshi Koshi Moshi day so that's also my username. Want me to design a "this user is friends with Yoshi Koshi Moshi" userbox? Give me a day or so.

Write again soon
Triforce.jpgYoshi Koshi Moshi Triforce.jpg

PS do you watch youtube poop?

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We can be friends, Ill amke you a userbox soon. So how are you?Ratfink43

RE: RE: lost track of re's!

I'm good. Just got online from being offline for like a week. Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Don't know just was... Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif

Did you notice the recolored sprites on my user page?

Uhh I don't know.

User Brawl

I am Zero! Alright you read it, now what is your feedback on it? Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

I am Zero! The 5 was most likely a miscalculation or a typo, but I changed it, thanks for pointing that out. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Yeah I Do have a ML wikia account(didnt you notice the username was EXACTLY the same?) well hope you feel better soon and do you have Super Mario World?Ratfink43

I am Zero! Here, you get this for participting in User Brawl:



User Ssbemblem.png

you were one tough cookie with your strategies especially on the dismount move, until next time. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Friend request

Hi C-Mario! No you can't have enough friends :) Unless you need to talk to them all everyday :P
I'm sorry for you that you're cloned by Bowser though ;) Or don't you mind?
Anyway, this is my beautiful userbox: |-


File:224. Peach (2) Card.JPG

Greetings, Karinmij (talk)

Hey, I did get one of your userboxes but the one you posted is a little bit different so I switched them :) Karinmij (talk)


Just jk you can remove it it's not like you can't. Mariodancingonblock.gifGamer2.1Hyperluigi.gif


OK! I don't have a great friend userbox so you can just change my userbox to say great friends. Good luck on BiS! Where are you in that game now? Fawfulfury65

Wll, I have SMW fpr the SNES and I love it!!!!! but I didnt beat it yet. Im up to the Final Koopaling(I belive his name is Larry) But Im stuck on him. But after I beat him I will be up to Bowsers Castle!!!!!! Do you have any tips for beating Larry?Ratfink43


Thanks for the userbox, I'll put it up right now. --FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png 15:58, 12 November 2009 (EST)


So yeah, I accept your friend request. But... how do I add your userbox to my Historic Tower of Userboxes if I don't have the code? User:Dry Paratroopa/sig


Could you interview me next issue? Thanks! Coin.gif Star.GIF Waluigidance.gifWaluigi48 Waluigidance.gif Star.GIF Coin.gif

Friday 13!

I HAVE UNLUCKYNESS!!!! Well not really, I'm fine. My bro. is in college so I can tell how busy you must be. He's never around... Fawfulfury65

Very late, my fault...

Forgot to give you this a few days ago, been busy and all...



User Ssbemblem.png

- Enjoy! Baby Mario Bloops


Hello there, I'm doing fine after that lucky(?) day yesterday. Thanks for asking. OMG do you really play Zelda games? Here's my userbox: |-


Yoshi Itadaki Street DS artwork.jpg

Triforce.jpgYoshi Koshi Moshi Triforce.jpg

Friend Userbox

I'm just letting you nkow that I have a pre-made userbox for my friends on my userpage. User:Dry Paratroopa/sig

Something i thought of...

I thought of a thing where if i were in a RPG what would my Level be? I made a thing so that for each contribution a get a certain amount of points. You can do yours! Every 100 EXP you level up. You start on Level 1.

(Put the latest time this was updated here)
Cmario17: Lv_ (__EXP)

Contributions (EXP)
User - __ Edits (x2) = ___EXP
User Talk - __ Edits (x2) = ___EXP
Mario Wiki Talk - _ Edits (x5) = ___EXP
Talk - __ Edits (x5) = ___EXP
Mario Wiki - __ Edits (x10) = ___EXP
Image - __ Edits (x7) = ___EXP
Image Talk - __ Edits (x7) = ___EXP
Media Wiki - __ Edits (x6) = ___EXP
Media Wiki Talk - __ Edits (x6) = ___EXP
Template - __ Edits (x8) = ___EXP
Template Talk - __ Edits (x8) = ___EXP
Help - __ Edits (x1) = ___EXP
Help Talk - __ Edits (x1) = ___EXP
Category - __ Edits (x4) = ___EXP
Category Talk - __ edits (x4) = ___EXP
PipeProject - __ Edits (x15) = ___EXP
PipeProject Talk - __ Edits (x15) = ___EXP

_ means put the number here. Do this whenever you feel like it and maybe put it onto your User Page... If you feel like it.

I thought it was a good idea to have different EXP counts. Also you can go higher than 100 (I know its weird but even if i change it to 1EXP each alot of users would still be Lv100) I dont know how to make it aotumatically do itself. If i did i wouldve done it already. (Main) is the same as Mariowiki.

Its 6:16pm, what time is it in... where you live?

Today its the 18th in Australia. Crackin355 (talk)

RE: Friend Request

Of course we can be friends, but... I don't have a friend userbox yet! xD N64 Logo.svg Vini64 N64 Logo.svg


Yes Fawful knows it is great! As Fawful's greatness appears in the awesomeness of the game. Fawful is the cherry on top of the cake that gives you food poisoning!!!

Bleh... I'm not good at Fawful quotes. The food poison cherry thing came from a guy on youtube... Boy, you must be busy in college! YOU CAN'T PLAY UNTIL NEXT WEEKEND?! Fawfulfury65

Interview sheet

1. No

2. United States

3. Yes

4. Yes

This is my sheet for the interview.

By the way, I can't get there at 6. Can we meet at 7:45 a.m? That's when I get to the computer. Thanks. Coin.gif Star.GIF Waluigidance.gifWaluigi48 Waluigidance.gif Star.GIF Coin.gif

Zelda Recomendations

Zelda games are the most awsome game series ever (along with Mario). There are different games out there: firstly I would recommend Ocarina of Time (from VC). It's known as the "best game of all time". If you like it you could also play Twilight Princess and that Spirit Tracks thing which should come out now. It looks good. I'd be happy to help you if you're stuck.

Triforce.jpgYoshi Koshi Moshi Triforce.jpg


Oh OK. The weekends coming up though! Did you beat M&L PiT yet?(If you aren't on lv. 23 you'll probably have trouble on Princess Shroob) Also, I beat New Super Mario Bros. Wii today!.. and actually the last level was pretty easy. I expected to try over and over again on that level, but I beat it on the first try! Bowser is easy! ;D Fawfulfury65

The main game was hard but last level was cheap and short. I think Nintendo just figured it was the last level so they could slack off and finish the game already. The game itself has the same difficulty of Super Mario World in my opinion. And its better than the 1st NSMB!Fawfulfury65

You mean BiS? No that doesn't have endless play- you start where you last saved before you beat it. But NSMBW has endless play so now im getting those star coins. And I'll tell you what: It's frustrating!!! Fawfulfury65

The Reason for Delay

Sorry for missing the interview. I got there at 7:45, waited for 5-7 minutes, and you weren't there. Maybe we can try it again today. Sorry again for missing the interview. :( Coin.gif Star.GIF Waluigidance.gifWaluigi48 Waluigidance.gif Star.GIF Coin.gif

here is something the standard kart MR is real mariomario678910 (talk)

Twisted Mess-up

I just realized that the item is Pal Pill, not Pill Pal! You might wanna change that. User:Dry Paratroopa/sig


Sorry for writing back a littl(Ok, LOT) late, but I beat Larry AND bowser. Larry, in my opinion, was harder than Bowser!!!! At first I tried using Bowser's Back door, but the stupid coins never went to the right place so I was forced to beat Larry. I used a Fire Flower and knocked him in within the first 7 seconds! I beat Bowser on my 3rd try, mostly becuase Princess Peach gives you a mushroom every other time you hit Bowser. But Bowser's Clown Copter's attacks were WAY too easy to avoid. Thats why I got upset when I figured out Bowser Jr. was briging back the Clown copter. I just hope it will be harder. By the way, did you get NSMBWii yet? Ratfink43

When I beat SMG with 121 stars as Mario and Luigi, I thought to myself, THAT WASNT A SHORT GAME!!! I had it the day it came out and beat it in March 2008! Well mostly becuase when I was up to 118 stars with Luigi my brother deleted my file, I got really pissed. But after all that Work(?) on playing the game, it feels good to have a letter saying: Thank you for playing to the Very end. I like long games. Ratfink43


Nice! You beat it! I've finally gotten Mario and Luigi on lv. 40 and I have at LEAST more than 200 beans. Ok can you help me on this one thing: So on that list that tells you how many beans you have, do you know what the name of the second place on this list is called? I can't find it! Fawfulfury65

The magic mirror is a Special Attack for Mario and Luigi found in Bowser's Castle. It is completley optinal, and you fight an optinal Boss(The Shroobs) to get it. When I say Bowser X, I do not mean Dark Bowser. See, in the challenge Node area (Inside Bowser), you fight bosses again, but they are harder, a different color, and have the letter "X" in the back of their names. For example: Durmite X, Alpha Kretin X, Wisdurm X, Junker X, Dark Star X. The final "X" boss is Bowser X, and he is bassicllay fought the same way you fight Bowser in Doctor Toadley's place, but he is (WAY) harder. I STILL didnt beat him!!!Ratfink43

And just another thing, I saw that you highest room you got to in the Pit of Hundred Trials in Super Paper Mario was 42. Have you ever heard of Emergency Rations? Oh, What would I do without emergency rations?! With emergency rations, I BEAT the Pit of 100 trials in 1 try. 1 TRY!! ONE! UNO! to get emergency Rations, stock up on coins and by a WHOLE BUNCH of fire flowers and Mushrooms. Then, take them to the cook in FLOPSIDE, not flipside, FLOPSIDE! mix a mushroom with a fire flower to get an emergency ration! then mix all your other mushrooms with Fire Flowers to get a whole bunch of Emergency rations. It says in the description: Cures 10 HP. What it doesent tell you is it cures 10 HP in most worlds, but in the Pit of 100 trials, it cures 50 HP!!! HERE ME! 50!!!!! FIF-TY!!!! that will REALLY help you. Just wanted to let you know. Ratfink43

Re: Oops

Yes, your card is still unchanged. User:Dry Paratroopa/sig

How ya doin'

Good, Ive been playing NSMBWii lately. How ya doin'?

(This Message brought to you by YOURSELF... Not a Source of intelligence)

(The previous statement is lie...)

(This Message brought to you by Crackin355 (talk)... Source of intelligence)

(The previous statement is not a lie...)

The game seems like an awesome idea... But the bosses and enemys need to be friendly looking and instead of goombas have Mushroombas! lol. Its a good idea. Crackin355 (talk)

I saw you had SMBZ Ep 2 on your user page. You like it too! Awesome series.

Mushroomba: a Mushroom with two legs, Equivalant of Goombas
Goomboom: A Goomba with no legs, Equivalant of Mushrooms
Crackin355 (talk)

I went to a place called Port Fairy and bought the November and December issue of "Official Nintendo Magazine". I bought a high bounce ball and named it Brad. It's the joke of our family and a joke in the class. He is so popular that everybody wants one. My sister works in my school and she talked about how much Brad annoyed her. That made him get homework. I went to a meeting for my high school that im going to next year. I had Bike Ed today. It was on the road stuff. How was your weekend? Crackin355 (talk)

1 or 2 eh... 5!!! just kidding, I choose 2. Why? Crackin355 (talk)

How'd you lose them? Crackin355 (talk)

I'll be interviewed for you if you want? Or get someone else. Crackin355 (talk)

tell them, im sure they'll understand. Crackin355 (talk)

tell the other guy then i'll do one for you. When does it need to be in? Crackin355 (talk)

Dont feel bad about it. Crackin355 (talk)

PM his user talk, he'll read it eventually. Dont feel bad. Crackin355 (talk)

Dont mention it, its what friends are for (That sounded corny). I usualy get on (24 minutes ago time). I'll be on then. (Its after school) Crackin355 (talk)

  • The next day*

When are we going to start the interview? Crackin35 (talk)

I'm going in chat now k' Crackin355 (talk)

I'm bored, when are we startin the interview? Crackin355 (talk)

Ratfink43 Talk

If he gives it back AND inhales it after you use it, I guess its fair. Problem is, Bowser X is so hard I never get past 5 Turns!!!!!! So I didnt know he gives back the item until you told me he does! And just a warning: The Pit of 100 trials in Flopside is HARD. Even with a full stock of emergency rations, I am STILL not able to beat it. But I feel lucky today so Im gonna hope to beat Bowser X AND that nasty old dungeon they call a pit. So, are you excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2? I am, but I am not CRAZY over it. I will have ML: BiS and NSMBWii to occupy my time. BTW, Im getting NSMBWii over the Thanksgiving break. G'bye! Ratfink43

Chat Problem :(

I can't chat on the computers for some reason, so I can't do the interview. You can interview someone else. We can try again next year. Again, sorry. :( Coin.gif Star.GIF Waluigidance.gifWaluigi48 Waluigidance.gif Star.GIF Coin.gif


Hey! I will read your game idea when I am done typing. I Saw episode 2 of SMBZ, but I was too lazy to post it, but I will do that later. Are you going anywhere for the turkey day weekend?

Hey! yeah I am gonna check out your idea right now! or after Im done typing.



Hey how waz your Turkey Day? Fawfulfury65


Tadaa!2.gifHi, Cmario17!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon


You have befriended me! Here is your userbox



Mecha- Boss Unit.PNG

Hope You Like It! User:Mecha-Boss Unit

Bowser PWNS!

Nice idea, I have always wanted a game with Bowser as the true hero, and not Mario and Luigi. There is a fan-made game on some website called Koopa's Revenge with a similar idea to your game, but you can't play as Bowser. And this game seems really hard to me! If you look up "Koopa's Revenge" you'll probably find it. Fawfulfury65


Have you seen the new YouTube videos on my page? If you haven't seen the 10th Pokemon movie, you have to listen to one of the "Oracion" songs on my page. Leave me a note and tell me what you think! FK38 Sig Pic.PNG Funky K 38 475.png

Im not kidding!

I really mean it,Your game is Awesome! My Turkey Day weekend was GREAT, thanks for asking. I got New Super Mario Bros. Wii over the weekend, and Im up to World 6. Playing as Bowser to deafeat Mario/Luigi would be great!Ratfink43 PS I played "Koopa's Revenge" when I was 9 and cant get past the first world!


D: thats really bad luck. This has happened to me :P Would any of the guys you itnterviewed would happen to have a copy of it? If not the summary thing is good --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 21:37, 1 December 2009 (EST)


I am Zero! Bad news :(, the staff of the 'Shroom decided to remove User Brawl, because it was hardly related to the marioverse or the wiki itself sorry but I guess this issues (if there is going to be one) will be the last TT_TT. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)


Well like I said last time I played that game I was like 9 or 10. I saw the 8th episode of SMBZ and now Im wondering how Mario is gonna get out of this mess! Bowser's minion is about to kill him, and all his friends got turned to stone. My guess is Shadow is gonna come back and rescue him. What do you think?Ratfink43

I think shadows going to kick Basilisx butt (If he has one) and steal the chaos emeralds off the team. He would only come back for the emeralds. Crackin355 (talk)


Kinda forgot about the userboxes, You get the middle one. I will copy and paste the code so you can have it in 10-20 seconds so hold on!Ratfink43 |-


SMRS Mario.png

K here it is!

Hmm, Mecha Sonic coming in is probobly the option that makes most sense, but I am going with Shadow. But then again, would he save Mario? I never saw him so pissed! Do you play the Kirby series? Ratfink43

Isn't Shadow a phsycic? That's how he would know(I remember from a Sonic game that Shadow is phsycic. And after that long speech Sonic gave him he would rethink things. However, you dont have to agree with me, after all, you have your own opinion. Well your in college, so i want to ask you, do you have a Wii in your dorm room?(Or wherever the heck youre staying)? I want to know. Also, I saw you thought the True Arena is hard so I am ASSUMING you didnt beat it yet. Well, you helped me beat Larry, so I would like to give you tips( Whether or not your will take advice from a 12-year-old)

  • In the begging room with every single abiliy in it, PICK THE HAMMER ABILITY!!!!!
  • With the hammer ability, Press up+B. Kirby's hammer will light on fire and Kirby will Swing automaticlly. THIS IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL!
  • Unless you are in Desprete need, DO NOT EAT ANY TOMATOES UNTIL THE FINAL 4!!!
  • Marx Soul(Final enemy) is HARD AS HECK!!!! REMEMBER KIRBY'S UP+B ABILITY!!!!!!!!
  • If you have the hammer ability, running and then pressing B will make Kirby spin around with his hammer. This is handy for avoiding projectiles, such as Whispy Woods' Apple attack or Marx Soul's Paint attack
  • Never give up. The True Arena is too easy to give up on(Yes, I consider it easy)

Bye! Ratfink43


I'm going to redo my games section soon, it was a bit messy and boring. Shadow would take all the emeralds to defeat Mecha Sonic and give them back but Mecha Sonic would defeat Shadow and he will get the rest of the emeralds... Thats what i think. MS WILL get the emeralds, it says so on the website. I wonder when the next episode is out? Probably 2 years. Crackin355 (talk)


I am Zero! No that's not a lot of questions, I do like writing it and I do like it but the core staff members of the 'Shroom say that User Brawl is barely related to the marioverse or even the wiki itself so they shut it down. Nobody knows that yet, but on this issue of User Brawl Ralphan will write down that will be the last User Brawl, sorry TT_TT. Zero signing out. Zero777 (talk)

Hi From Ratfink

Hi, how was your weekend? Did you beat the True Arena? Did you even come close? Did you at least get up to Galactic Knight? Anyway, My weekend went great. My Mom got us a whole lot of cookie dough and we got to make cookies. They tasted good, but after a while I got a stomachache. Also I beat New Super Mario Bros. for DS all in 1 Day! Isn't that wierd? I must be really good! Well, it IS the easiest Mario game ever, so I am acually not surprised. Good luck on the True Arena!Ratfink43

PS my fav. Sonic game is Shadow the Hedgehog. Well, acually its my 2nd favorite, becuse my favorite is Sonic heroes but that wouldn't be much of a recomendation scince you Already have it :)

I did not cheat, I skipped W4 and W7, Bassicly I beat every level of every world(Not including W4 and W7) Well i didnt beat the x-A or x-B levels. And the "Big Castles" are just called"Castles" and the "Little castles" are called "Towers". Well you probobly knew that but you wrote Big castle so just checking. I also chose the evil side in Shadow the Hedgehog. I also like Sonic Unleased, that is pretty fun. Oh, and for Galactic knight, the hammer ability is still best. I acually cant beat him with stone! I can only beat him with "Hammer" and" Fighter". Well seeya.



Can you please PM it to me? Yoshario is having some troubles. Thanks :) --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 22:20, 9 December 2009 (EST)

Thanks a lot! You can perhaps upload it yourself if you want --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 22:37, 9 December 2009 (EST)
Send it tomorrow ;) --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 22:44, 9 December 2009 (EST)

Re: Just a question

The majority of the userpages that are deleted are accounts that went unused for more than a year, only if they edit their userpages but almost or never made edits in actual articles. However, if a user made a decent amount of edits, but remain inactive, I would've preferred leaving the userpage alone. x3 It simply shows that those users made at least a decent mark of the wiki's contributions. RAP.pngRAP... 00:34, 10 December 2009 (EST)

To expand on that, basically it's like when users started creating stories on the mariowiki. There were too many stories and server stress was getting to unbearable levels so we moved all of the content to userpedia. Basically if you want to edit your "userspace" all the time then go to userpedia, if you want to work on articles then come here. Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :DMarioguy1 (Talk | Contribs) Hey there! I'm Marioguy1 :D


Sorry for replying late. I chose who gets in Wiki Adventure, You were gonna be in it. But with the things going on like school I don't have the time to go on the wiki anymore. Anyway when I get the chance I'll start finishing.



You said we could be friends. Can I use your userbox? I haven't got much time, but I'll make one soon. BTW, how do you get the pieces for the Shooting Star? Do you need certain abbility? Reshiram.pngSupermariofan14Zekrom.png

Yes I meant the Falling Star. I saw the attack pieces but they're to high. Do I need something special or shall I start backtracking? Reshiram.pngSupermariofan14Zekrom.png
I have a friend usebox! Check it out, it's in my userpage. Reshiram.pngSupermariofan14Zekrom.png

Nah, its fine

Dont worry about me not wanting help (I acually appreciated it). Oh, sorry for writing back late, I had a lot of stuff to do. Just remember you can help whenever you want and Im not some 5 year old baby who "Doesent like it when people tell him what to do!" Anyway, regarding Galactic Knight, If you think the stone ablity is best, use it. What if you use Plasma? Or sword? Oh I dont care, just do your best. Did you get NSMBWii yet becuase I beat that with my brother who is only 5 years old! And I was SOOOO close to beating Bowser X but I died on that stupid attack where he turns giant. But now I relize why all my failure is happening, it says "Recommended for level 50 and up! Im only level 40! Well Time for me to hit the airway right now! Bye! Ratfink43

Christmas is so soon...

I can't believe it!!! Boy, its snowing up a storm outside here, and its just plain cold! Anyways, we haven't talked in a while. How's it going? Fawfulfury65

Merry Christmas, Cmario17!

I hope your Christmas great and you have a Happy New Year! So, MERY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Your buddy, Fawfulfury65

In case I'm not here tomorrow...

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Cmario17!!! Hope you earn the presents you deserve, have many too! Enjoy that hearty feast of ham and whatever else you eat! Let it be snowy that day, to have a white christmas of your dreams! Please also enjoy the end of another perfect-ish Year, and welcome the new one! Please have a great holiday experience, and good luck getting the loans paid you burrowed with the presents you got!!! Baby Mario Bloops 13:59, 24 December 2009 (EST)

Re: Friend Request

Sure thing, dude. Friends are always welcome :). Sorry for the late response, I was inactive for a while. Thanks for the compliments about my User Page, it's apparently one of the most viewed user pages in the wiki, which I'm proud of. =) Marcelagus (TCE)

This is my last issue guys!

Tadaa!2.gifHi, Cmario17!Tadaaa!.gif

Please PM Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon your 'Shroom section on the forums (our forums, which one did you think?) by no later than March 14th. Please remember to save a copy in your outbox. If you can't, be sure to tell us soon and we'll be sure to punish you cruelly work something out.

'Shroomingly yours,

Super Mario Bros. and Gabumon

--TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 22:57, 28 December 2009 (EST)

Happy Birthday!

I saw on your userpage that you birthday is today! So Happy B-Day!!! Best of luck! Fawfulfury65

Travix Man

Hi, Im Travix Man, and I was wondering, if you can interview me for the next issue. if I cant, its ok.TM Sig.PNG Travix M.


Yoshario is inactive, so please PM me and Stooby your Shroom sections. Thanks!! --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 14:05, 4 January 2010 (EST)


Hey, long time no see, I've updated my friend userbox and thought I'd give it to everyone who had my old one, here it is; |-


MP8 Waluigi and Bob-Omb Artwork.png

. Have a fun 2010, TIMMY TIM

HI after a long time hi hi hi hi hi!!!

Hey how are u I'm bored out of my mind so I'm typing really fast I have a brawling card look

<a href=""><img src="x3x53eqc.png" border="0" />
Click here to level up my card!</a>

LVL it up plz!


Hey I havent talked to you in a long time so............What's up? Did you get any new games? I STILL didnt beat Bowser X. I realized I was 10 levels under the recomended level so I realized in order to beat Bowser X I need to get to level 50, but.......THIS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE!

Not that it's hard, it's just that when I go fight in the airway the enimeis give so little EXP even when I fight 4 of the strongest ones! I only have enough patience to raise that flag about an inch, and every time I defeat an enimie it raises 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 of an inch.

I did the math(with a calculator, of course) and saw it would take more than a year to go to level 50!!! Ratfink43

Shroom Resignation

Ok, it was nice to have you in the team. Thanks. --TucayoSig.png The 'Shroom 15:37, 27 January 2010 (EST)