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I rarely come on the Super Mario Wiki. It was nice to work alongside with you guys.
“You'll never know what you can do until you try.”
User:Chris Helper, Super Mario Wiki

Hello and welcome to my user page. You are free to look around. Don't look at my page too long or you'll get really dizzy! (Not really)

I've worked on other wikis. On this wiki, I go by the username "Sik Dude", and I am also an admin there.

The Handy Helpers (including me)

Who's online: Niiue, BBQ Turtle, Chrisv2006, PanchamBro, Porplemontage, Platform, Scrooge200, E, Ilovededede, Soulsborne, Camwood777, SuperLuigiDude, TomZhao, AgentMuffin

If you see me online, I'm here to help!
Be sure to count my edits!

Note from user

This user is planning to make a series of books that might contain Mario references, but this user does not want those references added on this wiki.

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