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Hello I'm BlazeStar64 (or Blaze for short) I'm new to the Mario Wiki so my user page isn't amazing. If you have any tips or helpful information for me please tell me that would be very helpful.

Things I need to know:

  1. How to put pictures on your page

I tried the editing help but it didn't help with my picture problems

Origins of my Name

Well my user name came from three things. I also use it on Youtube although it has a 0 at the end and no capital s Blazestar640, on my DSi, and in many games.

Blaze: As in flame, I chose this because my favorite Mario power up is the Fire Flower.

Star: Many Mario games involve collecting stars.

64: Super Mario 64 was the first Mario game I bought (not played). I played with my uncle on his SNES before that.

Info About Me

  • Name: Dennis (you can call me by my name if you wish)
  • Race: Hispanic
  • Country: Honduras, I'm a Catracho!
  • Favorite Mario Character: Mario
  • Favorite Colors:
    1. Red
    2. Yellow
    3. Blue
    4. White
    5. Black

Game Information

I love to play online with anyone so here's my Wii Number: 6068-8254-4430-6514

Friend Codes

Wii Title and Friend Code

Name: D.M. and FC:1719-6123-6076

  • Animal Crossing City Folk:

Name: Dennis, Town: Chared and FriendCode: 2922-4727-3522

DS titles and friend code

Name: Dennis FriendCode: 1375-9307-4130

Don't forget to coment me with your Name (if necessary) code and game. Challenge me anytime anygame. (if I have it) About Me: I'm 13 years old btw.

List of all my games



Wii Ware

  • My Pokemon Ranch **

Virtual Console

Gameboy Advance


DSi Ware

How frequently I play the game:
  • Almost Never Anymore
    • Not Much on Occasions
      • Not to much but not to little
        • Sometimes
          • At least once every 3 days

Games I'm Planning on Getting