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Issue XXI November 8th, 2008 About        

Character Comparison
Garlic Man

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Stooben Rooben
Good Game, Bad Game
Beta Elements
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Fangamer Reports
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Brawl Tactics
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Monthly Report

Character Comparison

by Marcelagus (TCE)
Shadow Queen holding Princess Peach in the Palace of Shadow
Bleh heh heh heh heh!

Characters: Shadow Queen vs. Count Bleck

I love final bosses in the Paper Mario series(Now now, I’m just considering the people that might not want spoilers. But, actually, I will warn you that yes, there are spoilers in this Comparison from Super Paper Mario.). They’re so great, it makes me not want to save after I beat them, just so I can fight them again. Both Paper Mario, but yet a different genre of gaming. Enjoy.

Physical Appearance

Shadow Queen

I think I’ll be tending to compare more of the “actual” SQ than the Peach version of her. She looks interestingly abstract, and I’ve always liked the way her hands move around so paperishely. (argh, just describing it is making me want to play the game!) She has the crown, the hair, and everything is a purplish cosmos. Also, in the artwork, it looks like Shadow Peach is wearing black, but she is in fact wearing all purple, same crown as the Queen and all.

Count Bleck

Count Bleck looks simplistic; but in fact, his also present abstractness is what makes him look cool. This can be said for both SQ and Bleck. The top hat, the monocle, the red eyes, the mouth shaped like Wario’s ‘stache, and the oddly shaped hands and head. All great stuff. He also has a wand-like thing in his hand. His cape is frequently seen both open and closed, mostly open in aggressive stages. Inside, you can see a vest-type thing, and yet another, space-themed, world in his cape. Gee, these two may have more in common than we might think.


Shadow Queen

Well, as many of you already know from playing the game, Paper Mario TTYD was all about Mario trying to open the Thousand Year Door, and get the treasure behind it. But alas, life ain’t that good, he revives the thousand year old monster lady(You’d imagine the paper to be wrinkly), and she attacks him. Pretty interesting, indeed. I think I would have been more surprised if some book hadn’t told me about her…

Count Bleck

This guy has a very interesting history as well, which is gradually foreshadowed throughout the game, and the truth is revealed at the end. (Spoiler alert!) So, before becoming his crazed self, he was actually a refreshingly true man. And of course, Tippi used to be Timpani, yaddayadda. Blumiere fell in love with the human girl, but as a member of the tribe of darkness, he couldn’t(typical Romeo & Juilet jazz). However she suddenly disappeared, and so he became furious, and chaos rang. Anyway, the ending was very pretty, great game.

Character Traits

Shadow Queen

I don’t think her character itself is very emphasized. She only appeared in the last sections of the game, but the only thing we could ever know is that she is evil. She was sealed behind the door for a thousand years, so what can I say. Uh… gee, I wish I’d chosen a different category. Most games’ final bosses are always totally evil, anyway. Forget Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Count Bleck

Blumiere was a thankful man, and perhaps rebellious. This sorta ties in with the history section, but he revolted against his father to fall in love with a human, and eventually destroyed the dimension, after stealing the Dark Prognosticus. So, despite seeming evil in the sense that he was trying to destroy the whole universe(dimension, correction), he was still kind-hearted(sorta). Another way to look at it is that he didn’t care about anything except for himself and lady Timpani. But it all worked out in the end, since Bleck and the others ended with good terms, and a happy ending.


This one was hard to write about, personally, and took me a while to finish(thus the lateness). I like both games, both characters, and plots. It’s all opinion, but based on the comparison, this is what I come up with. Click “Show”!


COUNT BLECK – One of the biggest reasons for my choice is the background history of Bleck. I don’t think any Mario game has gone as far into an antagonist’s history, including flashbacks(which later proves he is not the antagonist). You know you can’t wait for another one of these Paper Marios to come out!


Fun Stuff

Guess the game

By Giratinabylydarioss8.jpgPalkia47Palkia.png Dialga.png

1. It was a remake of another Mario Game. 2. The game starred Mario, Pauline, DK, and Donkey Kong Jr. 3. There was nine areas in the areas. 4. Podoboos were enemies in this game.

The answer is <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>Donkey Kong '94!</hide></showhide>


By Tucayo (talk)


The answers are <showhide>__HIDER__<hide> here! </hide></showhide>


Artwork of a Boo in Mario Party 8. It has subsequently been used for Super Mario 3D Land.[1] PINKBOOZOOKA WET HISUNEXISTENT PANTZ Boozooka.png How many players are on the field?

North American boxart of Mario Super Sluggers

<showhide>__HIDER__<hide> 14 </hide></showhide>

Mystery Image







The source images are in here!

Hiding Koopa

By Tucayo (talk)

Can you find the Green Koopa hidden in this image?


The answer? You know the drill, it's here!


By Artwork of a Hammer Bro. from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.MCHammerBro.MC Ballyhoo and Big Top

Questions: 1. Who voices Mario? Luigi?

2. Where is Bowser’s castle located in Super Mario Bros. 3?

3. In what game did Mario/Luigi get the ability to ride on a Lakitu cloud?

4. What was the first game where Mario could use a fire attack without a FireFlower? What was the attack?

5. What is the name of Yoshi’s special pitch in Mario Super Sluggers?

6. What was Toad’s first playable appearance?

7. Who is the final boss in Mario and Luigi Partners in time?

8. How many Yoshi Cookies does Luigi pick up in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time?

9. What is a megamushroom’s color sceme?

10. What color is Bowser’s shell?

Click to see the answers: <showhide>__HIDER__<hide>

1. Charles Martinet

2. Dark Land

3. Super Mario World

4. Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, Fire Orb

5. Rainbow ball

6. Super Mario Bros.2

7. Shrowser

8. 4

9. Orange with red spots

10. Green


Tips, Secrets, Hints, and Cheats for Mario's games!

Cheats: Yoshi Touch & Go (DS) North American box art for Yoshi Touch & Go

As with all Yoshi games, there are mini-games just waiting to be unlocked. I'll tell you how to unlock one from Yoshi Touch & Go. SO PAY ATTENTION! *slaps ruler on table* Alright, now what you'll need to do is play each and every single player mode in the game and break the high score for each. After you do that, go back to the menu options, and you'll see little balloons floating in the background. Touch them to play the mini-game.

Secrets: Yoshi's Island DS (DS) North American box art for Yoshi's Island DS

Wow, two Yoshi games on the same system? :O IMPOSSIBIBBLE! *ahem* If you'd like to get some secret levels unlocked, but are too lazy stumped as to how to do it, look no further! (Okay, maybe just a little further...) If you'd like extra levels, just 800 points for a world, and it's corresponding secret level will be unlocked. Isn't that just the biggest chunk of information you've ever heard? No? ...That's saddening.

Well, that concludes this month's issue. If you didn't like it, sue me. No, seriously! I DARE YA!

Good games, Bad Games

by MisterJaffffeyPeteyPiranhaBanana.gif G0 Issue XXI

Hello there! Jaffffey here to talk to you about another good and bad game. This time we will be talkin bout the ever populaar series known as Mario Party. These games are great at parties (shocking I know) and really have everyone in a good mood. Much like my Mario Kart review, I'm favoring the old games.

Good Game:Mario Party 3

Okay I'm just CRAZY about the N64. So my Favorite Mario Party is Mario Party 3 for N64. It's like the first 2 games but better in most every way. You choose your character, play on a board and compete for stars. There are also items you can use like in Mario Party 2, but now you can Hold THREE! How awesome is that! Not only does it enhance most of the features from the previous 2, but It adds 2 new characters Daisy and Waluigi (which I know most of you on the wiki favor ALOT). There's also a story mode If you want to play alone.

The story is that a special star (the Millenium Star) has dropped from the sky into the Mushroom Kingdom. Everybody wants it for themselves when suddenly it transports them into a board game world where he and his dice headed assistant Tumble, will make the Winner of the Mario Party a Superstar. Story Mode goes as follows, you compete on a map, win, fight a character on a duel board, and then win a stamp (Bowser also comes, but he's more for comic relief). After you get the first five, things change a little. Daisy and Waluigi come and really change things. Daisy comes out of the Castle and woos over the millenium star into giving her the star stamp ,"cough" TRAMP "cough", and then you fight her on the duel board for it. Waluigi then comes and steals the star stamp and the hero has to fight him and 2 other characters on his own twisted board. After this, It seems your in the clear, but The Millenium Star challenges you to a mini-game to become superstar. You win and the Millenium Star is revealed to be fake. After all hope is lost, Tumble pops his head open and reveals the real Millenium star which returns the Kingdom back to normal and names you super star.

The mini-games are also a blast. There are races, battles, dogfights, platforming, and even a beat game (take THAT Guitar Hero). So its a fun game that I think anyone will have fun playing and will hopefully make it to Virtual Console soon.

Bad Game:Mario Party 7

The only bad thing about MP3 is that it is what most consider the LAST good Mario Party game. All except for the first three games are utter crap. I could review all of them as a bad game, but I'm just going to choose 1 I really hate, Mario Party 7. It's hard to find a place to begin here, so I'll just choose where Mario Party 3 left off. After MP3, all games where released on higher quality systems like Gamecube and Wii. Since these had better 3-D effects, they decided to make the Boards 3-D. This isn't a bad thing, but it's apparent that this is the ONLY THING THEY IMPROOVED! I mean, the mini-games are lame, there are too many characters, the gimmicks are ridiculous, and winning is more based on luck than ever before! Mario Party 7 REALLY takes the cake for boring gameplay, mainly because it feels exactly like Mario Party 6. Instead of using items, they use retarded orbs that you can put on spaces or yourself.But instead of using basic items used in previous Mario Party games, they use random items and Mario Enemies, do I even have to make fun of this? They also put in new characters for this game, not that anybody wanted or needed them. The characters are Dry Bones,a classic enemy, and Birdo.......... BIRDO!?!??!?!? Why does she haunt me so! ....... I'm sorry about that outburst but I REALLY Hate Birdo. Anyway after you choose your character (as long as its not birdo) you'll be able to choose your board. all of which are really boring. But hey, don't take my word for it, just look at the names yourself. Pagoda Peaks, Grand Canal, Pyramid Pa...zzzzzzzz HUH! Sorry dozed of a little there. As if this game couldn't get anymore boring, guess who the host is. Toadsworth. This is sounding like one of those Prom parties your Mom plans for you. There's also a mode that lets you play with eight players which is stupid seeing as how I rarely ever play with 4 people.

The last bad game I reviewed, I stated why some people would like this game, but I can not see how anyone would like this game. It's boring, stupid and just plain awful. So there you have it, my favorite and least favorite Mario Party games.

Hey Beta Elements fans! This month we'll take a look at:
New Super Mario Bros.

This game features some interesting removed features, and here they are:

An example of a Mega Goomba as a regular species.

1. The Mega Mushroom was much harder to get, considering that Goombas and possibly other species can actually steal Mega Mushrooms from the player. The enemy would grow huge similar to how Mario or Luigi would, and be able to trample anything for a limited time.

2. A Co-op mode was going to be included for two players. The team of Mario and Luigi would be able to actually progress through the game with eachother, with all the same functions as a normal game would have.

How to get a Blue Shell.

3. At first, the only way to obtain a Blue Koopa shell was by defeating a Blue Koopa itself. When the player stomps on the Koopa, they can then Ground-Pound on the shell and become Shell Mario.

4. Three items were going to be allowed to be stored on the bottom screen, instead of the final one. This meant more power-ups to prevent the player from losing a life.

Interesting features, but the truth of them brings them to real perspective:

Mega Goomba, where he should be!

1. Now that would make the game a challenge. I mean seriously, a Goomba stealing a power-up is pretty hard to avoid. Just imagine missing a Mega Mushroom by the slightest bit, then having it bump into a Goomba. That would eat at my nerves, if you ask me. I'd say it was smart to leave the Mega Goomba for a boss.

2. This would've made the game ten times more awesome. I mean, who wouldn't want to play all the levels with their friend? Co-op has always been a fun addition to any game, and this would've been no different.

3. I'm not sure what to say on this. It would've been a bit harder to get a Shell, (I mean, what's easier than bumping a block?) but then with Blue Koopas as a more common species, a Blue Shell would've been a more common power-up. But it's an interesting feature all the same.

4. Three items would've been paradise. Every time you were going to die, you just use that Mushroom you were saving for a while! This may have actually been kept to accommodate the Two Player Co-op mode; the three slots were used for both players. But because the Co-op play was removed (probably to make room for other features) the three items were removed as well.

So overall, these elements have been quite iteresting, but I have to say numbers 2 and 4 are for the better. Co-op play would've been awesome for this epic game, and three items would've made getting every Giant Coin and such a breeze. But having to defeat a Koopa for a power-up was smart to get rid of, (actually it is kept alive in VS. Mode) and giant generic enemies would've made the game very tough! I'm glad they kept the giant, power-up stealing enemy idea for Super Paper Mario! Well that's all for this month! See you in the next edition of Beta Elements!

Fangamer Reports

by Mario hammer smw.PNG Dark Lakitu 789 Lakitu with flag.png

Welcome to The Fangamers Report.Before I say anything I want to say something, PLZ GIVE ME GAMEZ TO WRIGHT ABOUT PLZ!!.The game I be talking about isn't downloadable (I think). It's Super Mario Flash.Well this game has a wiki (I think because it has the world "wiki" in It's Address name(Proof)). The game has 10 (I think) levels. The map has the same sprites as SMB3 (All-stars version).They also use toad houses. After you picked our item they go to the item box. After you beat the game Peach will tell you the button to open the item box. If you want to know what button, beat the game. The game comes with a Hard Level (The link above the game).The game comes with a level editor.There is a forum for user made levels (forum).

The way the forum works people post a really long code people copy the code then they go to the level editor and click on "Load" and paste the code. If it works, it should make a 1up sound, If tt doesn't work it should make the sound of Mario hitting his head on a block.

Brawl Tactics

by th_DimentioSigLeft.png Dom »» McTalk th_SMKDimentiobyStooben.png

"Hello gentlemens it is D-" *thump*

OK, so this is Dom here, with my first Shroom section - and it's a new idea, which is cool.

So, each month I'll cover a character (or 2 if I get time) from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, giving advice about how to use them, stuff about their moves, strategies, stages that suit them, counters, etc. Now, I'm certainly not a world-champion in terms of my skill at Brawl, but of course it's easy to give advice than to demonstrate it in action. Therefore I hope this guide will help... sort of.

This issue I will give strategies for the following characters:

- Zelda - Dimentio - Count Bleck - Tim T. Workexperienskid

Unfortunately, all but the first option were scrapped during the planning phase of Brawl, so the other 3 never appeared. Now, you might be wondering why I choose Zelda for this first issue of my pathetic section. Well, my best character is Zelda (and I also main Pikachu and Toon Link), and I seem to specialize in using light characters.


She is one of the rarely used characters, but she deserves to be much more popular. People just don't know how to use her. Now, I'd say her best asset is her Side Special move - Din's Fire. It is very potent once you learn to control it well. You hold down B (assuming you're doing the common Nunchuk + Remote controls) and direct with the control stick of course. As soon as you want the mystical fireball to explode, release B. B is for 'boom'. It is worth noting that it does more damage the further it travels before detonating. However, there is a range limit as you'll soon find out. OK, so just say you're against Bowser, Meta Knight and Link. Bowser is big and slow, making him a good target for Din's Fire. It is good to deal out an endless barrage of this move, but preferably not so much as to be accused of 'spamming' moves. If Bowser somehow gets close (an experienced player will probably use shield-dodges to get closer to you), you can abuse the awesome Standard Special move, Nayru's Love. It will spin nearby opponents away and damage them. I haven't mentioned the other awesome thing about Zelda - her deadly smash attacks. When an opponent is predictably going to come near to you (or is falling from high up), quickly charge up power and release. It should be noted that even on the ground, using an Up smash gives you a very good chance of KOing the opponent by launching them offscreen. This is helped by the unique property of Zelda's smashes - the magic energy from her hands traps the foe within range while causing severe damage, and then launches them away. Most smashes just repel the foe instantly, doing less damage. Now, just say Bowser is gone for good after that blow. Now, Meta Knight is a serious threat to Zelda's battling style. He is very swift, has good aerial moves, and can cause damage very quickly. Therefore, don't try and abuse Din's Fire against him or any other particularly fast character. (Captain Falcon, Sonic, Pikachu, Toon Link, etc) But wait, Zelda isn't helpless against such foes. While her best magic attack is rendered almost useless (although when they're trying to recover off the sides, or falling from up high, you can probably get them), she still has Nayru's Love to put them off getting close all the time. Meta Knight has no projectile attacks, so he has to get close. Therefore, start charging up a smash with good timing, and release as soon as he's within range. If you randomly switch between smashes and Nayru's Love, you'll become very unpredictable and hard to attack. Which is good. Now, Zelda has 2 other Special moves of course. Her Down Special transforms her into Sheik. Since Sheik is entirely different, she will be covered in another issue. Zelda's Up Special is her only recovery move, and unfortunately it's one of the least effective ones. Although it makes her teleport, it happens too slowly to be used as an escape from close combat. So, don't try and use it when you can simply use Nayru's Love to gain some personal space. So, Zelda is versatile as she can counter both fast and slow opponents. Of course it is harder to remember and implement these strategies when fighting more than one foe in a free-for-all Brawl, but at least it gives you a better chance than if you were to just button mash or use random attacks that don't suit your character's battle style.

Whuzzat? Link? Oh yeah, so I chose him as an opponent example since he isn't particularly slow or swift, and he is a fairly balanced character. Like Mario. (but seriously, who uses that overweight plumber which this Wiki is dedicated to... anyone?) OK, so this guy who is usually busy trying to save Zelda is trying to kill you. What to do? Well, he's actually quite large in comparison to many of the characters, as he is tall and... well, he's obviously bigger than Pikachu and the Ice Climbers, etc. So, you have a reasonable chance of successfully blasting him with Din's Fire to prevent him getting close. One of the most evil tricks with this attack is that if you're playing on a stage with midair platforms above a main platform, you can get into a good position: If the foe is on a higher platform, send a blast of Din's Fire at them from below. (remember, it's a good idea to practice controlling this move before you choose Zelda for a battle... you should do it in Training mode or something) So, assuming you get them, they will be launched upwards, and by then you could be launching another DF at them before they even land. So basically you can juggle them in the air. But of course this will easily be disrupted in any battle of more than 2 players. So, a slightly easier strategy would be to do Din's Fire to knock him around just once, then very quickly rush in close to him and do a deadly smash attack.

Now, if you're not convinced by now that Zelda is awesome in Brawl (and in general...), you can ask me (Dom (talk)) anything you don't get about this strategy info and I'll try to make it clearer.

So yeah, that's my first 'Shroom section. If you have any feedback, say so on my talk page. I'd also like to know which character to cover in the next issue.

Monthly Report

by user:tanokki [1]F ThatsMamaLum fb9046e.gif

What’s happening on the wiki! Well as you can guess I’m Tanokki with the monthly report. One of the biggest things that recently happened was the removal of the trouble center 21-2. Of course that was so surprising. Then the userbox page gets a makeover with a lot of removal and many are happy that that massive jungle has been trimmed. The Goombas were a point of interest for a while as several proposals had them in mind, while templates are being improved constantly. More recently the sightings section became references, which is a good thing. I also would like to point out that [if you didn’t know] Stooben Rooben is now a sysop.

Some new users have joined recently and have been editing a lot! Here are some of the users with the most edits:

  • Spinatkuchen
  • Zafum
  • Kirby Rainbow Land
  • Rosalina Rocks 7
  • Luigifreak
  • Rosalina-Hime

This ends the report on October.