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Fangamer Reports

by Mario hammer smw.PNG Dark Lakitu 789 Lakitu with flag.png

Welcome to The Fangamers Report.Before I say anything I want to say something, PLZ GIVE ME GAMEZ TO WRIGHT ABOUT PLZ!!.The game I be talking about isn't downloadable (I think). It's Super Mario Flash.Well this game has a wiki (I think because it has the world "wiki" in It's Address name(Proof)). The game has 10 (I think) levels. The map has the same sprites as SMB3 (All-stars version).They also use toad houses. After you picked our item they go to the item box. After you beat the game Peach will tell you the button to open the item box. If you want to know what button, beat the game. The game comes with a Hard Level (The link above the game).The game comes with a level editor.There is a forum for user made levels (forum).

The way the forum works people post a really long code people copy the code then they go to the level editor and click on "Load" and paste the code. If it works, it should make a 1up sound, If tt doesn't work it should make the sound of Mario hitting his head on a block.