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Monthly Report

by user:tanokki [1]F ThatsMamaLum fb9046e.gif

What’s happening on the wiki! Well as you can guess I’m Tanokki with the monthly report. One of the biggest things that recently happened was the removal of the trouble center 21-2. Of course that was so surprising. Then the userbox page gets a makeover with a lot of removal and many are happy that that massive jungle has been trimmed. The Goombas were a point of interest for a while as several proposals had them in mind, while templates are being improved constantly. More recently the sightings section became references, which is a good thing. I also would like to point out that [if you didn’t know] Stooben Rooben is now a sysop.

Some new users have joined recently and have been editing a lot! Here are some of the users with the most edits:

  • Spinatkuchen
  • Zafum
  • Kirby Rainbow Land
  • Rosalina Rocks 7
  • Luigifreak
  • Rosalina-Hime

This ends the report on October.