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Retro Feature

by Yoshi876 (talk)
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Hello, readers! I'm your Spotlight manager and Pipe Plaza Director, Yoshi876. Welcome to Retro Feature, a section in which I delve deep into the archives to bring you the best blasts from the past. This time I bring you a section from Mario304 (talk)!

Mario304 joined the MarioWiki on 6th September 2008. Mario304 made their 'Shroom debut during Issue XXV in the Main Team. Mario304’s first section was Character Comparison which had been featured five times before. Mario304 would write Character Comparison seven more times; Mario304 also submitted one Fake News section which was a Fake Report, which was done alongside a certain Edofenrir; better know today as Gabumon (talk)

However, you’re not here to learn about the history of Mario304, you’re here to a view a classic section from issues gone by, so without further ado here is Mario304’s Character Comparison from Issue XXVI.

Character Comparison

By Artwork of Mario from Mario Party 9 Mario304 (Talk) Mario SSB Artwork.png
Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
Artwork of Wario for Super Mario 64 DS (also used for Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)

Donkey Kong vs. Wario

Idea Submission:

Hey, everyone and welcome to another one of my Character Comparisons! This is the first time I'm using someone else's idea, White Knight and I'm dedicating this comparison to him for his retirement. Now today, I'm comparing the two powerhouses of the Mario series, Donkey Kong and Wario! Both of them are strong, have their own series and have a lust for one thing, bananas for DK and money for Wario. So which one of these two will take home the gold? Read below and find out!

Physical Appearance

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a gorilla who wears a tie with the letters, DK on it. He also has hair shaped like a banana.


Wario is almost identical to Mario but with a yellow shirt with purple overalls. He has a pink nose a mustache shaped like a "W" and a yellow hat with a "W" symbol on it.

First Appearance

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong first appeared as Cranky Kong in the very first Mario game created, the one that started it all, Donkey Kong. He was kidnapping Mario's girlfriend, Pauline because he thought she was, "pretty". That game really reminds me of King Kong, except the girl is defeating the ape. Anyway, back to the comparison. Cranky didn't have the tie, or the banana shaped head, he was just a normal, naked ape. His first appearance as the current Donkey Kong was the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr.. It wasn't as good as the original but the story got switched. He was saving Cranky Kong from the one and only, Mario! Duh, duh, duh!


Wario first appeared in the game, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, another great game. He secretly stole Mario's castle in Super Mario Land while Mario was out saving Princess Daisy from his associate, Tatanga. Wario also appeared in other games that star him too, such as WarioWare. His first appearance is more story driven, since it doesn't involve coins to play and the adventure is longer then Donkey Kongs.


Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong series is pretty fun, to me because it mostly involves DK trying to take back his bananas from the Kremling King, King K. Rool. Similar to Mario's Luigi, DK has his Diddy to help him on his adventures, I mean this series is so similar to the Mario series! K. Rool is like Bowser but is into getting bananas, Candy is DK's love interest but doesn't get kidnapped while Diddy is Donkey's sidekick. So far, this series has 30+ games.


The Wario series is also fun but Wario has no sidekick this time around, instead, he's solo. His series mostly involves Wario collecting money and stealing riches. However, what is really interesting about his series is that the main character is a villain, exactly what I wanted in a Mario game!


Donkey Kong

This one is hard since there is two different Donkey Kong's! The first DK battled Mario in Donkey Kong. Later, in Donkey Kong Jr., Mario captured him and in Donkey Kong 3, he battled Stanley the Bugman. This DK later grew up and became Cranky Kong. The second DK, Donkey Kong Jr. battled Mario in Donkey Kong Jr. to save Cranky. This DK then grew up and became the current Donkey Kong.


Wario's history is pretty interesting. He and Mario played cowboy when they were babies and Wario has been the sheriff only once. He was still in love with money when he was a baby as well and keeps throwing tantrums. In Super Mario 64 DS, he allied with Mario so he could get Peach's treasure!


Donkey Kong

In the Mario games, Donkey Kong was a confused, villainous ape who likes kidnapping girls, notably Pauline but in the Donkey Kong games, he's a smart, banana loving ape who cares about his friends.


Wario is a greedy, money possessed guy with gross humor. He can get into tantrums sometimes and if he loses, he'll say something like, "I lost, to a bunch of losers!" He adores money and loves collecting it.


This one was hard, especially since they're both funny and strong but I've made up my mind of who won the comparison. If it is not the one you wanted, it's ok, there's still more comparisons coming. Click "Show" if you want to see who's our month's winner!

Wario Land 4 artwork: Wario


Wario is very funny, evil, dumb, and has more clearer history then DK. DK wears a tie but Wario has overalls, a hat and a scary mustache! Donkey Kong may be cool but Wario is hilarious, he deserves to be the Character of the Month!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next month for another trip back in time.

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