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Closing Statement

by Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Thank you all for reading this month's edition of The 'Shroom! There are just a couple of things I would like to discuss before we wrap things up this time around.

We are currently running several programs that I would like to invite you to participate in. Firstly, we are running a form for e-mail subscription here. In addition to posting updates on the forum and the wiki regarding the paper, we will send them straight to your e-mail! Additionally, we are reviewing suggestions for Issue C, which can be entered in this form here. We want to hear everything that you want to see in this important issue – we only have one 100th issue, so we need to make it count!

Other than that, we will be starting other projects within the next few months. One of these is 'Shroom Awards VI, which is currently being discussed by the Core Staff. Within the next several weeks, we will bring ideas to the Awards Committee to be considered for this upcoming ceremony. Be sure to attend the Awards meetings so that you can give input! They are scheduled every weekend, and the specific dates and times are determined by Hypnotoad (talk), Smasher (talk), and Superchao (talk); talk to one them if you have any Awards-related questions.

Thank you for reading; we hope you will be back on April 18th, 2015, when our next edition is due! We hope to have more in store for you then.

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

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