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The past few weeks for me have been busy as hell for me, so I'm not going to bother wasting time on some long editorial.

Koohitsu and the Monthly Inquisition won February's Section of the Month, with a massive 36 votes! Congrats!

~ FakeIco MCD.png MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

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Written by: Toadbert101 (talk)


Font MonthlyInquisition.png

Written by: MI Koo.png Koohitsu

MonthInq 11.png

MI Koo.png This is Koohitsu, once more with another monthly inquisition. Today my guest is a little green man, and he smells like a basket of laundry that has been sitting out in the rain for too long. Former lackey to an evil witch, shopkeeper, and evil master...uhh...mind?


MI Koo.png Yes. Mr. Fawf–


MI Koo.png Wha...?

MI Faw.png THE FLOOR! It is beneath my feet. The feet that are the sausage upon the breading of this stale interview sandwich that I enrich by being me!

MI Koo.png I didn't quite catch that. Are you asking for food or someth–

MI Faw.png FOOLISH TURTLE HAG! I waste my crumbs of information giving to a fink-rat that has the ears that lack the readiness of hearing of deliciousness in what I say!

MI Koo.png Well, if you would actually make sense, maybe the interview would be more entertaini–

MI Faw.png I HAVE DISDAIN! For you and your words that make a foul question soup for me to eat! Your brew has emptiness like the bowl that surrounds it! I braved the tablecloth without pattern and my eyes have dread when I gaze upon the nothingness that is the boring emptiness that is your home. And here is Fawful with his heart that has the readiness of talk. But you rather fill up on the bread that is confusion than to feast on the wisdom that is smartness inside my head!

MI Koo.png I'm beginning to think this was an awful idea.

MI Faw.png I have thinking that this was a FAWFUL idea!

MI Koo.png Ok, that's it. We are done, and you are out!

MonthInq 12.png

MI Koo.png This had to be the worst idea for a guest I ever had, and I interviewed a big rock before.

But luckily, I have another guest. My first question to him: Do you speak English?

MI Kmk.png What kind of inane question is that!?!

MI Koo.png Okay, great! Let me just put the title card here and pretend this never happened.

MonthInq 13.png

MI Koo.png Please tell us about yourself, sir.

MI Kmk.png Very well. I am Kamek, master koopa wizard and chief adviser to his haughtiness Prin–... KING Bowser himself. And you should really know this already! Didn't you pay attention in school?

MI Koo.png Social studies was never my strong suit. Plus, you never really stood out to me.

MI Kmk.png Excuse me?

MI Koo.png Well, there's so many Magikoopas out there with blue robes. If you're such a big cheese, why do you dress exactly like everyone else? Shouldn't you look more distinct?

MI Kmk.png Ignoring the unfathomable rudeness of your insinuation, I do actually agree with you there. I really do look like everyone else, and it is bothering me.

MI Koo.png So why not change things up a little? Get some new colors or something!

MI Kmk.png I did try to do that once. I traded my dull blue robes in for something more stylish. Something in hot pink that accentuated my assets, both magical and otherwise. But it did not last.

MI Koo.png Why not?

MI Kmk.png King Bowser made me take it off. He said he didn't like the way I was "shaking my booty" at him. It's a shame, really. I rocked that dress.

MI Koo.png Dress?

MI Kmk.png ROBE! I meant robe! As in a wizard's robe. For wizards.

MI Koo.png Right. So King Bowser didn't like it? What's the relationship between the two of you?

MI Kmk.png Oh, well... Our relationship goes back very far. I knew him when he was just a young prince. Not all of our memories are happy, mind you, but I think overall the hardships, the difficulties, and the drinking problem I developed because of them... it was worth it in the end.

MI Koo.png What would be the fondest memory you two have together?

MI Kmk.png Oh, that's a hard decision. I remember I helped the young prince with his first evil plan. Taking over that Yoshi Island... it was a very magical experience, even though our castle got wrecked in the end. And of course there was the time when Prince Bowser finally did not need diapers anymore. You could have searched kingdoms far and wide that day and you would not have found a prouder fourteen-year-old than him.

MI Koo.png Fourteen-year-old???

MI Kmk.png Well, the prince was always a little slow in his development.

MI Koo.png Right. So would you see your role as that of King Bowser's surrogate father?

MI Kmk.png There is nothing "surrogate" about it. I was there and I raised him, so I am his father.

MI Koo.png What about his biological parents?

MI Kmk.png We do not speak of them.

MI Koo.png ...

MI Kmk.png ...

MI Koo.png All right, moving on then. You told us a lot about your past just now.

MI Kmk.png I would show you baby photos, but his bashfulness burned them all because I kept showing them to people.

MI Koo.png What is your present life like?

MI Kmk.png Well, being chief adviser to a fully grown evil tyrant is a surprisingly demanding job.

MI Koo.png Actually, that doesn't sound that surprising to me.

MI Kmk.png Huh... really.

MI Koo.png What do you do as chief adviser?

MI Kmk.png You see, I ADVISE the acting regent in his various political duties. I assume English class wasn't your strongest subject either. The king is not all too interested in politics though, and spends most of his days being neck-deep in some sort of evil scheme. I help him with that too. Or at least I try.

MI Koo.png You "try"?

MI Kmk.png Well, his stubbornness can be rather... difficult... to advise, if you will. For example, there was that one time he took over Princess Peach's castle and stole its Power Stars. When he built his fancy battle arenas, I warned him not to put bombs all around it. But he insisted because they were "spiky and awesome-looking". When I informed him that they provide him with no significant advantage and that Mario would potentially be able to fling him into them, he pouted and told me "Gosh, you just don't get it, dad!" So the bombs stayed, and you know how THAT ended (assuming you didn't flunk history class too).

MI Koo.png That sounds like a taxing job (and I regret nothing because history is boring).

MI Kmk.png It is very exhausting, yes. Nowadays I know there is no changing his mind though. So whenever the king approaches me and tells me of his grand plan of fighting Mario while inside a melting sun, I just smile and nod. And then I pay the price when he comes home battered and broken, and I have to nurse him back to health.

MI Koo.png What do you do when not on the job? Do you have any hobbies?

MI Kmk.png There is not really a "not on the job". My position is a full-time task, seven days a week, twenty-five hours a day.

MI Koo.png A day only has twenty-four hours though. I was good enough at math to know THAT!

MI Kmk.png Congratulations. Have a gold star for good effort.

MI Koo.png There is just no pleasing you, is there?

MI Kmk.png Failing to recognize facetious hyperbole warrants neither recognition nor appreciation. What I was trying to tell you is that my job is very demanding and having just twenty-four hours per day is not enough to do everything I need to do to keep the castle from falling apart. I don't even have time to visit the royal barber.

MI Koo.png You have hair???

MI Kmk.png Of course I have hair you nincompoop! You have hair, so why wouldn't I have hair?

MI Koo.png How would anybody know? You always wear that silly hat.

MI Kmk.png That hat is not silly, it is a blessing. How do you think it feels to lack the time to have your hair cut properly? I haven't gotten a haircut in decades! I just stuff it all under the hat so nobody notices.

MI Koo.png That sounds absurd.

MI Kmk.png It is not absurd, it is efficient! What's absurd is your lack of appreciation for my time management skills.

MI Koo.png Very well, in that case let's wrap up this interview. I have just one question left.

MI Kmk.png Well, spit it out.

MI Koo.png Will you show us your hair?

MI Kmk.png Wha... why?

MI Koo.png Why not?

MI Kmk.png It's been a long time and I don't know what will happen if I take this hat off. I would rather not risk it.

MI Koo.png You can't just tell us you secretly have hair and then not show us. I may have flunked social studies and history, but I know what manners are, and if you won't show us, I'll have to give you an F in etiquette.

MI Kmk.png ...fine then. You have inflicted this fate upon yourself!

MonthInq 14.png
MonthInq 15.png

Editor's note: The interview cuts off here.


Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)


De deceased.

An illegal bull ring was exposed not long ago following de death of one of its captive bulls, Debull. De brown bull was found to have been beaten in various ways by various matadors in one of de biggest acts of animal cruelty seen on Yoshi's Island that was not attributed to feeling a bit peckish.

Various police raids occurred following de news, and local residents were quick to share their thoughts. One such included Mrs Debull "I knew something was wrong the second he sent me that video message saying that he'd been kidnapped and was likely to be entered into an illegal bull ring, but I had no direct evidence that I could show the police so I thought they'd think he was just down the local watering hole." The local watering hole confirmed that Debull hadn't visited them during the time of his abduction. Various Bullies were freed from de ring, one such described de horrors that he saw Debull go through "They'd whip him, or taunt him with a red cape, sometimes they'd cause him to charge at them only to fall into a small hole where he'd be whipped some more." Coroners confirmed that Debull had likely been tortured. Their official report said that "Debull's death was like down to de torture that he endured."

Several memorials have been built for Debull, though this was been criticised as there was only one Debull, and so therefore he should only receive one memorial. Several Cows from de farm down de road have gathered for a makeshift funeral. Local butcher shops were stopped from entering de funeral after they announced their intentions to take de good meat off of Debull before de burial.


Written by: Hypnotoad (talk)


Thanks to our anonymous Aggregate-American advice-seeker and Koopartol Brick Block (talk) (Forum profile) for once again sending in questions this month! If you seek my flawless advice, please send questions to me on the forum, find me in chat, or if you don't care about anonymity post them on my talk page!

I'm running out of backlogged questions so really please send some more in! If you would like for there to be a doodle with the response to your question, feel free to request so and I'll see what I can do.

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