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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by Yoshi876 (talk) & GBAToad (talk)
Shroom Spotlight Lakitu.png

Welcome avid young 'Shroom readers to this month's wonderfully on-time edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! (Haha no it was late again)

It's our 8th 'Shroom Spotlight for this year, so if you haven't quite caught the drift of what we're doing yet then why are you here allow us to explain our mindless ritual job. Each month, we select a handful of poor articles and highlight them and their flaws in this section. By doing so, we hope that our editors will attempt to improve the quality of each article so we can review the progress made in the next issue, as well as provide a new selection articles that need improvement, and thus the cycle continues (AND NEVER ENDS). Be sure to look at this handy page and check out all of the work we've done so far! Since starting, we've managed to improve the quality of MarioWiki by at least 0.03%, so we now sit at an astounding -16.03876% quality rating, yay!

In our special issue last month, we selected 8 crazy articles to bring to the pits for our editors to fix up, and we managed to get at least 5 of them to the starting line before they catastrophically blew up, so well done! (Articles aren't meant to function as cars, I told you, 876). Our stub focus, Bowser Castle 4 was given a hefty new course layout description thanks to Icemario (talk), who also removed most of the trivia on the Tilt-a-Kart and Mario Kart 7 pages, and added an items list to both the Mario Kart (series) page and the Mario Kart Arcade GP page! Awesome work, we should pay you! (Note: we won't pay you.) Another mention goes out to Andyni (talk) for rewriting the whole Ramp article, well done! Thanks to everyone else who contributed in some way as well, this month was mostly a huge success!

And now, Yoshi876 will carelessly shove me out of the Spotlight to read you this month's focuses, so without further ad-WHAAAGH

  • Jet Wario (stub) – Someone created this article at jet speed, meaning they left out a lot of information. Add some more before this article is grounded.
  • Bowser in the Fire Sea (rewrite) – Bowser only hid out here because he knew that the bad writing would scare off folk. Prove him wrong, and rewrite this page, before beating him of course.
  • Cellar (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) (rewrite-expand) – We know the cellar is a spooky place, but the information for the article is down there. Pluck up your courage and venture down to get it.
  • Pi'illo (needs more images) – It seems like the Pi'illos are still petrified due to a lack of images of them on this article.
  • Lord Crump (trivia) - Lord Crump is referred to as Sir Grodus' "least-competent underling", this can be seen by the massive trivia section he is carrying. Get rid of it, or incorporate it into the article.
  • Keeper Catch (Wanted pages) – It's baseball season, wait, it's not. Well then create this article before it is baseball season.

*mic drop*, *Yoshi876 backflips off the stage and runs to his car*

……and that's all for this month's edition of the 'Shroom Spotlight! Like always, we'll be back next month to review the progress made on these articles. If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions, be sure to contact either one of us or post in our newly refurbished forum thread (haha no the spiders are still there). I'm off to wait at the bus stop for two hours, Yoshi876 just took my only ride. See ya!

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