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Section of the Month

Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Super Fresh Paper Mario 7 16.28% Super-Yoshi (talk)
3rd Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner 7 16.28% Ninelevendo (talk)
2nd Disaster at the Race Track 8 18.60% Yoshi876 (talk) and YoshiKong (talk)
1st Evolutionary Taxonomy of the Koopas 10 23.26% Walkazo (talk)

My apologies for the delay, everyone. Taking third place in July's section of the month results are Super Fresh Paper Mario, by Super-Yoshi (talk), and Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner, by Ninelevendo (talk), with seven votes each. Yoshi876 (talk) and YoshiKong (talk) took second place with their collaborative Disaster at the Race Track, which received eight votes. Finally, in first place with ten votes is Evolutionary Taxonomy of the Koopas by Walkazo (talk). Thanks to everyone who contributed and voted. Keep an eye out next month for this month's results!

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