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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Peepa sprite.
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Peepa sprite.

Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

He knows everything…

Congratulations, once again, to General bob-omb (talk) for winning the Fun Stuff Section of the Month for his September section.

Unfortunately, Turboo (talk) had to resign from her positions of Guess the Game and Guess the Character, so those spots are open if anyone would like to apply.

Be safe on Halloween night and whatnot! Remember to donate your extra candy to me! Also be wary when viewing this Shroom page…there seems to be some ghosts lurking here and OHMYGOD THERE IT IS .

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your spooky Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and welcome to yet another installment of Mystery Images! As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner, that is why, this month's images are all Halloween themed. Kinda. Have fun!

Shroom 67 001.png



by Raven Effect (talk)

Did you know that…:

  1. Super Mario Bros. was originally going to be a shooter?
  2. That K. Lumsy is actually King K. Rool’s brother?
  3. That Spines oftentimes replace Shellcreepers in the remakes of Mario Bros. so that people wouldn't mistake the Shellcreepers for Koopa Troopas and jump on them?
  4. That despite having the last name Kong, Funky Kong is not related to Donkey Kong?
  5. That King K. Rool built the Robot KAOS out of his wives’ best pots and pans?
  6. This is a correction on a fact I put down in an earlier issue. I meant to say that the N64 is the only system that you can't play Super Mario Bros. on not the GameCube.


By Post-Damage Invincibility (talk)

Boo's Mansion
Pumpkin Zone SML2.png

Ha ha ha! Hello readers of the Zombie 'Shroom! Happy October! PDI here. Another All Hallows' Eve is nearly upon us. Prepare to embark on a terrifying journey to complete 31 Questions in honor of the 31 days of October. Approx. 1/3 of these questions will be from Luigi's Mansion in the beginning, after that, it could be anything petrifying or of the macabre Mario or his friends have encountered! Don't let the undead of Mario's World pick your brain for the answers!

  1. Which Boo was hiding in the Anteroom?
  2. Which hidden Boo has a name similar to a Super Smash Bros. Brawl boss?
  3. Who wrote the book Darkness is Their Cheese?
  4. Which of the following items were not in the Butler's Room? Wrench, Iron, Paper Towels, Fan
  5. In Luigi's Mansion, name the book the following passage is from: Mysteries appear wherever people turn... but turning away from them solves nothing.
  6. How many variations of Luigi calling out for Mario are in Luigi's Mansion?
  7. They vary depending on what?
  8. Name all the monsters that appear on the poster in the 2nd Floor Washroom of Luigi's Mansion.
  9. Where is the 2nd and final place Luigi finds the poster?
  10. Unscramble the following Luigi's Mansion enemy: Rimset Nobes
  11. Enough Luigi's Mansion! How many total areas comprise Forever Forest?
  12. In Mario Party 2 name the Horror Land enemy from Super Mario 64 that the player does not interact with.
  13. Put the following Forever Forest oddities in order of their appearances: Stone Face, Slow-Motion Flowers, Tree Face, Red Eyes in the hollowed-out-tree, Glowing Mushrooms, Non-Shrinking Violets.
  14. How many Thwomps must the four teamworking players avoid during the Boo-infested Running of the Bulb?
  15. Names the enemy which is attached to horizontal white platforms that show up in fortresses, and move left and right, to-and-fro on the top and bottom of the platform.
  16. Unscramble the spooky character from any possible game: Yoksop Restpedes
  17. Unscramble the following character: Billhonce
  18. Unscramble the following character: Mipvare Irowa
  19. What does Smokey the Dragon say immediately before your first race with him?
  20. Complete the Spriteling quote from Horror Manor: You've gotta beat the __ ____-____ up ahead or you can't move on! ____ _____ __ ___!
  21. Unscramble the following place you may have recently visited in the Marioverse: S'obo Rhorro Satlec
  22. Complete the Hotel Delfino guest's quote: I lost it when I heard this was a four-star resort! I mean, c'mon! _____ ______ in the _________? That is SO low class!" You would think he would have been more irked that the hotel was haunted.
  23. True/False: There were no doors on any of the bathroom stalls in Hotel Delfino.
  24. In Creepy Castle, there are two crossed what to the entrance of the museum?
  25. You've guided Diddy and Dixie through the Ghostly Grove and made it out alive! How many Krushas did you see?
  26. At the very end of the level from the last question, you see a what with a very creepy face?
  27. In Yoshi's Story Ghost Castle, Miss Warp number what is waiting for you to your left immediately after you unlock the door and enter it?
  28. What is the first enemy to attack Wario in the Forest of Fear?
  29. Lots of hard questions so why not an easy one? The Baron K. Roolenstein persona is (nominally) a spoof on what literary character?
  30. Name the Star that has the only appearance of the Boo Mushroom in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  31. So you've made it this far alive. It's time for your final question. It's one more from Luigi's Mansion after all! What word does Boolicious use to describe himself? Farewell, and Happy Halloween!
Ashley's Mansion.png
Mad Piano

Word Search

By Gamefreak75 (talk)

I just realized how terrible my last word search was. Anyways, here’s the answer to those of you who need them.


With Halloween coming up, why not do a spook-tacular Word Search? Can you locate these 31 enemies that give people chills? Do you hear that? It is the sound of people screaming. Why? Monsters that are so scary, you do not think you will never go to the bathroom at night ever again!!! Ghouls so ghastly, that you will never be able to look under your bed for the rest of your life. Poltergeists so pesky, that…*words*


Find the Differences

by Pyro (talk)


North American box art for Yoshi's Story




P.S. for one of the differences, you probably want to zoom in on something that isn't a Yoshi. Just a hint...

Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)
As if he didn't have enough money... Why is he even still a plumber? I am guessing its just a title. Anyway, to celebrate greed the release of NSMB2, this month's section is themed after it. It seems that the little Koopa wanted to get in on the wealth, hope he doesn't become the coins he's trying to collect. (Note: the Paratroopa and Koopalings don't count)

HideKoopa22 zps44965077.jpg