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Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Sinanco (talk) now writes for the Crossword section of the Fun Stuff and B.wilson (talk) now writes for Guess that Game.

Happy Holidays, everybody. Sorry for no word search this issue, computer problems arose.

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

Happy holidays to everyone! Be sure to check out my Special Section!

Mystery Image



by Marwikedor (talk)

MSS King K Rool Gameplay.png

There's a first time for everything, and this month's theme covers incidents of exactly that nature.

Did you know that...

  1. "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat" was the first game ever to receive an E10+ rating from the ESRB?
  2. "Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour" is the first game that Mario ever appeared in with Diddy Kong after Nintendo got rights to the character from Rare?
  3. The first game to star Luigi was "Mario is Missing", not "Luigi's Mansion"?
  4. "Mario Tennis" for the Nintendo 64 (2001) is the first game to feature Waluigi and the first to feature Daisy since "Super Mario Land" in 1989?
  5. "Mario Super Sluggers" is the first game King K. Rool ever appeared in with Mario, despite the fact that, like Diddy, he had


by Marwikedor (talk)

The North American cover for Super Mario 3D Land
Hey, merry Christmas paisanos! The groundbreaking handheld Super Mario Land series, which has been around for 22 of Mario's 30 year history, has just had it's first sequel released in over 18 years. So there is nothing else for me to do but dedicate this month's quiz to the series.

  1. True or False: In Super Mario 3D Land, It is not possible to obtain some of the Golden Flagpoles without a Tanooki suit.
  2. As Goombas are to the Mushroom Kingdom, ________ are to Sarasaland.
  3. As Goombas are to Super Mario Bros., _____ are to Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.
  4. Name every requirement for the player to earn five sparkling stars on his profile in Super Mario 3D Land. What level then becomes unlocked?
  5. In Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, what is the only Zone not to have a level warp?
  6. In Super Mario 3D Land, in what level do Mario (or Luigi) spend the entire stage on a floating platform, avoiding enemies and obstacles such as spiked balls, and concludes with a fight between three Magikoopas?
  7. Hearts appear in the original Super Mario Land trilogy, and they replace items we are used to outside of it. Name those which the Heart replaces in each game of the original trilogy.
  8. Of the four games in the Super Mario Land series, what percentage of them have Tatanga the Amazing Spaceman been in?
  9. Name every boss in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.
  10. Name the one (and only one) collectible to be found in all four games in the Super Mario Land series.
  11. Bonus: In Super Mario 3D Land, is Mario required to have various power-ups to collect more Star Coins in the first eight worlds, or in the special worlds?

A. The first eight worlds B. The special worlds C. It's a tie

Guess that Game

  1. This game was released in 2001.
  2. This game is the fifth game in its series.
  3. Marumen appear in this game as enemies.
  4. This game is for the Game Boy Advance.
  1. This game is the third game in its series.
  2. This game is the last game in its series to be for the Nintendo 64.
  3. The Wiggler does not appear in this game.
  4. In this game, Luigi's partner is a Goomba and Mario's partner is a Koopa Troopa.


by Sinanco (talk)

Word Search

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Answers will be posted after I get the chance to do them, because of the aforementioned computer problems.

Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)
Merry Christmas! For this Christmas, five 8-bit sprites are hiding. A Goomba, a Pirannah Plant, a Cheep-cheep, Bowser, and of course... a Koopa. All of the sprites are unedited, so they shouldn't be too hard to find. Have fun and have a great Christmas!