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The 'Shroom Spotlight

Written by: RHG1951 (talk)

Shroom RHG 2023.png

Hello, all you readers of The 'Shroom, and welcome to Spotlight. Spotlight is a community project which aims to fix up the articles on the wiki which have issues. These issues can range from poor writing, to a lack of images, to even just needing a credible source.

Well, I did what I said I would do last issue and played through the remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Actually, I was so enthralled by it that I beat the game before finishing up my playthrough of Persona 5 Royal. Stylish moves are just that fun to execute correctly! With that out of the way, let's go over last month's focuses.

Incredibly, all of the completed focuses were done by one user. ThePowerPlayer (talk) created the Balloon (Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge) article, expanded on the P Switch's role in Super Mario Bros. Wonder (with Mariofan28047 (talk) adding the information about its unused animation), rewrote the Chaos Heart's article, added the image to Puzzle Solver, and added the missing audio samples to Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits! Really proving the "Power" part to be true, huh?

And now onto this month's focuses:

Article Category Focuses
Monster Trophy
Wanted article
Just because a super Mario RPG remake just released doesn't mean we should leave the Super Mario RPG remake in the dust. Complete this focus and you can award yourself with the "Monster Trophy" trophy.
Shy Guy Limbo
Stub article
Quite a number of the later levels from Yoshi's Story lack a proper layout section, including this one. Help save this from being in stub article limbo.
Brick Block
Rewrite and expansion required
A lot of series are missing coverage in this article. With so many gaps, all contributions are welcome.
File:Big Scorper.png
Image quality requested
This Big Scorper isn't sad because it's being attacked by Wario, it's because its only image is in subpar quality. Fix up its quality and the Big Scorper will be happy, probably.
Kappa Mountain
Articles that need more images
Were you aware this place even has a name? In any case, an image from its Super Mario Advance 2 appearance needs to be added.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Citation needed
This one might be difficult to complete because of the language barrier, but it's worth a shot. Can you find any Japanese reviews from this game's initial release critiquing it as an "expansion pack" or "update"?

Now just before I leave you, I'd like to tell you about unimplemented proposals. There are currently fifteen that need to be implemented, dating as far back as 2021, so think of this as a continuous Spotlight goal until they're all completed. Additionally, there are many unresolved discussions that we would love to see come to some sort of conclusion. Some might have already concluded and just need the template removed, others have been waiting for a response for years.

Thanks for tuning in to the newest edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! Be sure to turn up next month, where we'll be reviewing the progress on the above focuses. If you have any questions or suggestions about this month's set of the article focuses, then please get in touch through the dedicated topic if you have a forum account. If not, then please contact me on my talk page, but you are far more likely to get a quick response if you go through the forums. You are also welcome to make suggestions on what you think we could focus on in our next edition! Thank you, and good luck!

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