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Poochy's Picks

Written by: Poochy

Poochy's Picks
Poochy: ARF! ARF! (Oh boy another month another batch of favorites from my favorite newspaper!)

Poochy's Picks from Issue 206
Section Writer Comments
The Spectral Lens Boo1268 The effort that goes into tying together different parts of the Mario canon makes this a fun section. Using lore from Mario & Luigi series for the background of a Mario Kart location and including Paper Mario characters ties the whole franchise together into a world that feels properly connected.
The ? Panel winstein (talk) Another stellar comic from winstein, this is, but I'd like to particularly highlight its use of motion. There's this strong sense of motion throughout the comic (and its bonus panels), from the wobbling crates to the tumbling Dry Bones to even the speeding Dry Bones skull in the bonus panels. It's already great to see a cartoonist get that sense of motion and action in so well, but here, it accentuates the punchline nicely. The lack of motion in the final panel exclusively gives even more oomph to the punchline.
'Shroom FM MCD (talk) This is a nice example of a breezy-but-effective review. MCD doesn't get bogged down in details, but clearly states what he likes or doesn't like about an album (and notes if his opinions changed on additional listens) while giving just enough information to give each album a hook. You walk away knowing if he deems them worth a listen and knowing what you're in for, and those are the essential components right there!
Overlook Mountain Auction House Presents Waluigi Time (talk) & Shoey (talk) Honestly? I found this a pleasing shade of green. I like that they experimented with the background color (while keeping a strong contrast with the text), the cute and extra-detailed illustration, and the Raven feathers adorning the corners. It looks very pleasant.
Mario Calendar GPM1000 (talk) I want to acknowledge this mainstay of Pipe Plaza, and it's always endearing whenever we get a glimpse into GPM1000 with his personal commentary, such as reminiscing on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom already being a year old, or being excited for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door that also released the same month, and of course GPM diligently kept the calendar updated.
Pitohui's Pokémon Academy Hooded Pitohui (talk) Despite covering one of the lesser fossil Pokèmon with only one great stat, Hood still manages to write an engaging guide on raising the optimal Rampardos.
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