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I believe it should be mentioned that the Toad Town tunnels are also in Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story.
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I haven't really played BiS, but if the area was indeed called "Toad Town Tunnels", nothing more, then go for it, add it in. C???
That's Toad Town Caves. A gossip-loving Toad (Talk) 22:29, 6 May 2016 (EDT)

some info[edit]

The tunnel's first entrance is at Toad Town, where there is a pipe with the sign "Private". After going into the pipe, there is a yellow brick to the east, where there is a Blooper fight. At the end of the road is a badge. After acquiring the Super Hammer in Chapter 2, Mario can smash the Stone Block and go west. Another Blooper fight takes place here. After defeating him, there will be three pipes to Goomba Village, Koopa Village and Dry Dry Outpost. At the end of the road to west is a pipe that leads to an area with three forks. To the west in that area is a badge, to the south is a Super Block which requires the Ultra Hammer from Chapter 5 to get, and to the east is a Star Piece and a Super Block. After acquiring the Super Boots from Chapter 3, Mario can Spin Jump on the wood board at the first scene and land on a narrow road. To the west there are Dark Koopa fights. After defeating all of them, there will be a pipe to Boo's Mansion. At the end is a Super Block. After getting Sushie from Chapter 5, Mario can go east. To the east is another Blooper fight and a pipe to Yoshi's Village. On the east road, there is a spike area to the north which requires Lakilester from Chapter 6. At the end of that road is the Ultra Hammer. At the east end is the entrance to Shiver City. To the south is Rip Cheato and the other end of the tunnels. Part of the paths are necessary for Mario to get to Chapter 7.

In normal gameplay, Mario can only begin from the first entrance, make progress, and eventually unlock the other side. This way. the pipe to Chapter 5 can not be unlocked before Chapter 5. But a trick called "Blue House Skip" allows the player to clip into the other end and get to Chapter 5 ahead of time.