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  • Where is it confirmed that a Nipper Plant will "Evolve" into a Piranha Plant? Almighty Rajah 21:40, 21 August 2006 (EDT)

I think it's logical to assume that the Yoshi's Island Nipper Plants are the baby forms of Piranha Plants. And the SMB3 Nipper Plants are baby forms of Munchers, since only the ones in SMB3 have eyes.
Or it could just be it's own species and they always looks like that.
- Yoshi Mastar

There's no evidence to suggest that Nipper Plants evolve into Piranha Plants in Yoshi's Island. One can assume, but no evidence exists to support this assumption. And are you sure that Nipper Plants are baby Munchers? I thought they were related species, not part of the same species. -- Son of Suns
  • If there's no evidence for it, and its just pure speculation, it shouldn't be here. Either way, "evolve" isn't an appropriate term; a single organism doesn't just "evolve" mid way through its life. Almighty Rajah 19:28, 26 August 2006 (EDT)
    • I'd say the name "Petit Pakkun" is decent evidence of at least some relation.

Well, in Yoshi's Island, doesn't the giant piranha plant spit out nippers? That kinda implies they're related. Also, SPP flat-out confirms it with the bestiary. Dazuro 16:44, 11 January 2008 (EST)

Yeah, Naval Piranha does spit out Nipper Spores. And the Eggplants (What are those actually called? I'm not sure I know an official name for them) spit out Yoshi eggs. Would you like me to add their place in Yoshi reproduction to the appropriate article?

Nipper Plants[edit]

Sorta bumping the decade-old discussion from above. Which source(s) claim that Nipper Plants are young Piranha Plants? Their Japanese name "Petit Piranha" could simply mean that they are a smaller species of Piranha Plants, not that they are necessarily Piranha Plant babies. -- -- KOOPA CON CARNE 19:56, 5 November 2018 (EST)

Nevermind. Replaced the information with something more easily verifiable since I couldn't find a source at hand. If someone does, please re-add the info and cite the source. -- -- KOOPA CON CARNE 20:18, 26 November 2018 (EST)

The Fire Breathing Ones[edit]

Like what happened on the Piranha Plant's talk page, Nipper Plants in Paper Mario: The Origami King spit fire, although they're classified under the name "Nipper Plant". Although it is mentioned on Fire Nipper Plant's page, IT SHOOTS FIRE, and the information should be transfered to that page like how it was on the Fire P-Pakkun and the Jumping Piranha Plant's page. (Yes, I know the topic has been brought up on the Piranha Plant's page, but this also deserves attention)--JumpPumpkinPlant SMW.pngDarkNightSMW Pumpkin Plant.png (Boo!) 23:49, August 9, 2020 (EDT)

The Dream Team one being on the fire one's page has bothered me for a while, myself, since it's just Nipper Plant in that game. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 15:46, August 10, 2020 (EDT)


Is the name "Walking Piranha", an alternate name, or did the name "Nipper Plant", actually comes/originates from Yoshi's Island? --Toasty.jpg FanOfYoshi NSMB - Splunkin Model.png 14:18, August 13, 2020 (EDT)

Like "Blooper", the name "Nipper Plant" was in use earlier, in strategy guides. LinkTheLefty (talk) 22:14, August 13, 2020 (EDT)