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Hey, thanks for reading my user page.

In general I dislike wikis, but I like this one pretty much. My creativity usually ends after about one or two sentences, so don't expect too much from me. I do mainly minor edits, and you'd be surprised how man minor edits I do!

Things about me
  • My name is kind of a misnomer--Rajah is a term for an Indian King and Almighty means all-powerful. I am not Indian, I am not a King, and I am not all-powerful.
  • On 21:21, August 21, 2006, I had a whole page of edits that were just done by me. That includes minor edits.
  • My favorite Legume is the Pistachio.
  • When somone tells me s/he is allergic to nuts, I like to say "Even coconuts?" even though I realize that it is not a funny thing to say.