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This article is about the microgame from WarioWare Twisted. Why is all the SSB info here? GreenDisaster 11:14, 7 March 2012 (EST)

Remove SSB information from article[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

Delete Smash Bros. info 14-0
As I stated above, this article is about a microgame from WarioWare: Twisted!. Can I ask why all the SSB information is there? The two have nothing in common, besides having the same subject, but we don't have info on SSB in the Balloon Fight, Duck Hunt, Ice Climber, F-Zero, or Metroid microgames, now do we? Having the SSB info here is inconsistent and unnecessary.

Proposer: GreenDisaster (talk)
Deadline: June 9, 2012, 23:59 GMT

Delete Info[edit]

  1. GreenDisaster (talk) I support my proposal.
  2. Mario4Ever (talk) Per proposal.
  3. Humbug (talk) Per the proposal.
  4. MrConcreteDonkey (talk) - per proposal.
  5. Coooool123 (talk) VOTE MOVED. Yeah I found out that it's already elsewhere, so now I'm per the proposal
  6. RandomYoshi (talk) — Per all.
  7. Fawfulfury65 (talk) I agree with this proposal.
  8. Commander Code-8 (talk) Per all
  9. Loxo (talk) Per proposal.
  10. Raven Effect (talk) Per proposal.
  11. Walkazo (talk) - Per GreenDisaster.
  12. Mariomario64 (talk) – I don't understand why there's SSBM info on a WarioWare page at all. Per everyone else.
  13. MarioSmasher (talk) • Remove it, as it's already mentioned.
  14. Vommack (talk) Per all.

Do Nothing[edit]


This article is not a series article for Mach Rider. It is an article meant for the microgame. There's no point for having the SSB info here. And besides, what about all the other articles I mentioned? GreenDisaster 14:08, 26 May 2012 (EDT)

@Coooool123: It's already on this page. Mario4Ever
Ohhh okay.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Coooool123 (talk).

I think this proposal can help you if it passes. Lakituthequick (talk)

Question. Would the Trivia SSB information remain there, or would it be moved as well? Also, can I change my decision? Coooool123 (talk)

you may cancel the vote and move it in the other section with explaining why you moved the vote. MarioSmasher (talk)