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Should we move this page to Special Moves? Moves just sounds so basic, like walking and riding the bus? Plus, it would match up with the category Special Moves. -- Son of Suns

Also, why are items on the list? This is a page for special moves, right? -- Son of Suns

Sure, Special Moves is good. And the page needs work, so fix it as you see fit. Maybe we can organize them by "type" of move? --Steve (talk) 19:24, 8 September 2006 (EDT)

Specific >> General >> Story[edit]

We need more specific information on each attack listed and less about the characters that use them (which is why we have character pages). Stats, lists of characters/enemies that use said attack, general information about the nature of the attack. See Breaker Beam and it's previous edits for an example of what I'm talking about. -- Ghost Jam 20:45, 1 October 2006 (EDT)

Let's try this again. Take a look at Breaker Beam. Adding a pic and some attack stats. Boom. An attack profile worth looking at. How does everyone else feel about this idea (in so far as making it the current standard for pages in this category)? -- Shyghost.PNGGhost JamShyghost.PNG 04:16, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Orginazing issue...[edit]

There there at least over 100 moves. But something is twicthing me, there are some missing special moves that is not listed there. For instance, Type to "Category:Special Moves" next to and see the difference; right now I added most of them from A-G. Another problem is that they are not originazed properly, so I suggest puting the moves into sections that have showed in games like this...

==Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Special Moves==
*Art Attack
*Bomb Squad
*Clock Out

Note: This is just an example.

Last minor problem, there are Wario Special Moves that appeared here; Like Power Throw (for more details, see this list). Are we supposed to put Wario Special Moves into another cateogry? There is a category inputed in the Wario Moves aricles. I suppose that's it, so please respond... RAP.pngRAP...

The lists on the side constantly need updating. We always need user help updating the lists from categories. Try organizing them how you like and see if people like your changes. Wario Special Moves should have its own category and its own page linked to this page. -- Son of Suns

I changed the first appearance links for the moves Jump and Hammer to their true original appearance- the arcade version of Donkey Kong. If there's a problem with that, please let me know. Dinosaur bob 13:02, 22 May 2007 (EDT)

SSB Special Moves[edit]

Can we make a seperate page for them? We have a seperate page for Donkey Kong's Special Moves, so why no Super Smash Bros.? Besides, it is a bit difficult to access the SSB section from the top of the page. D: My Bloody Valentine

Hello? My Bloody Valentine
They are not even visible in the TOC. We should get a separate page... - Cobold (talk · contribs) 06:35, 14 November 2007 (EST)
I'll do it. ;) My Bloody Valentine


There's a new article known as Abilities. It contains info about character's sport moves. I suggest that the Abilities' article should be merged with special moves' article. ¢oincollctor rsitem209.png

Agreed. My Bloody Valentine
The only problem with that is that the Abilities section only lists Mario Superstar Baseball moves. In which case, that should be merged with this topic, but then shouldn't it be better to rename this topic just Moves instead of Special Moves? --ChaosMiles07 *Chaøs Cøntrøl!* 22:43, 30 November 2007 (EST)
No, I don't think so. Merge, no rename, bam.  Caps Lock LORD 13:52, 6 February 2008 (EST)

Still in construction?[edit]

Really, why is this page still in construction? What exactly needs to be done to it?--Knife (talk) 15:59, 3 December 2010 (UTC)

New Move[edit]

There's an attack in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 called the Double Kick, which Mario/Luigi does by spinning immediately before a long jump to hit enemies. Would this be notable enough for its own article? ThirdMarioBro: Mario, Luigi, and me! 20:58, 30 April 2011 (EDT)

Why is Bomber Ball still in here?[edit]

It got deleted ages ago, because nobody knew what it was. So shall we remove it from this list?! Thanks. Stelios7 12:27, 18 May 2011 (EDT).

Move Question[edit]

Anybody know if there is a Wire Spin And Jump in Mario Vs Donkey Kong I haven't seen this move in the game and woundering when Vine Climb is gonna get done, Also what happened to seperate Donkey Kong Moves And Super Smash Bros Moves that was a lot more organized the way it was before Rodkimble (talk) 03:00, 13 March 2014 (EDT)

Who's it from?[edit]

I think that we need to tell our viewers that which character are the moves from because it will be way better that way. - Mario the Pro.

Forgot a move[edit]

The sweep kick (or break dance) needs to be created as a page and added to the article. It has originated in Super Mario 64. The last game I saw the sweep kick was in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but I may be incorrect.

If the page is in another article, please inform me at my talk page so I can move it to the Special Moves page. TheUnknown67 20:49, 10 July 2016 (EDT)

Forgot about Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

You forgot about all the partner abilities, hammers, and boots from Paper Mario: The Origami King
The preceding unsigned comment was added by PROPLAYEN (talk).

To be fair, the game hasn't been out for very long. Tosai "Fret" Furesawa Swallow Rindo Kanade