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I honestly don't remember Bowser attacking Tostarena with cold water. It don't feel true. SMS Strollin Stu Alternate Artwork.png BoygeyPumpkineer SMS Smolderin Stu.png

If that's the case, then Bowser just stole the Binding Band, and Knucklotec was the only one who caused ice in the kingdom.
The only thing I know Bowser did was to make the Inverted Pyramid float to open up the so-called hole in the desert after Mario defeated Hariet.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mari0fan100 (talk).

Regarding the restoration of Knucklotec[edit]

  • A resident who mentions the restoration of Knucklotec was next to a clothes shop in Sand Kingdom. You can check this in the game. May I add it?— 06:59, August 6, 2019 (EDT)
Assuming the "clothes shop" is Crazy Cap, a Tostarenan simply welcomes Mario to the store. No other NPC mentions Knucklotec. You were asked to provide proper proof yet you've avoided doing so or have cited a different source each time. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 07:30, August 6, 2019 (EDT)
I'm sorry in the middle of the talk. I know a more reliable source. A book called “Super Mario Odyssey The Complete Guide” released in Japan. The page about Knocklotec in this book says "Repaired". Screenshots cannot be posted due to copyright concerns. please note that. 00:58, August 10, 2019 (EDT)

Is this the guide? Can you at least write out word for word what it says there (in Japanese) and specify the page number? We need that for it to be a proper reference. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 01:44, August 22, 2019 (EDT)
There is a sentence in the guidebook: "After knocking down Knocklotec, he was repaired."-- 08:06, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
This sounds very brief and made-up. Can you quote the text in Japanese or upload a photo of just that passage of text to an image-hosting site like Imgur or here (you'd need to be logged in to do so, which you should be when editing at all)? That shouldn't be a problem at all. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 08:10, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
The original is "アッチーニャ神との戦いの後、アッチーニャ神は住民によって修復されています。"Uploading photos isn’t possible due to publisher permission.— 08:15, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
I don't remember my account password and I don't remember my email address.— 08:28, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
Imgur specifically lets you upload without an account. Just click the "New upload" green rectangle on the top left. --Glowsquid (talk) 18:54, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
I was referring to uploading on the wiki when I mentioned having an account. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 21:56, August 23, 2019 (EDT)
I directly contacted Nintendo regarding this issue.

As a result, a reply was sent by email. Below is a screenshot of the original.

Japanese mariofan (talk) 22:01, October 5, 2019 (EDT)

This could easily be two different emails that you made to look like one. Why are the two screenshots taken 13 minutes apart? It also would help if you translated (not everyone knows Japanese) but from what I can tell, both don't seem to make sense grammatically from the first to the second. The writing itself doesn't look convincing either as it almost perfectly matches your claim.

If you're really trying to make a false statement true, stop, it's getting ridiculous. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 22:26, October 5, 2019 (EDT)

Confirmed the source of Knucklotec.[edit]

Knucklotec's source was accurate.-- 05:05, September 12, 2019 (EDT)
Your making this claim does not make it any more or less true. How about showing us proof instead of repeating "it's true" endlessly? Because so far you haven't came off as very trustworthy, specially regarding the rapid cycling of alleged sources for the dodgy Wiggler thing and then seemingly attempting to justify it as "something you see." Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 05:27, September 12, 2019 (EDT)


I read a book I bought earlier on this. As a result, there was no description on the corresponding page, but a description equivalent to that on another page was found. This time we have received permission from the publisher, so here are a few. I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.

The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mario guidebook (talk).

I have also confirmed. I report what I found on page 237.— 05:11, October 14, 2019 (EDT)
Sorry, but your behavior's been so suspicious I'd like to see the full page and the copyright info. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 05:28, October 14, 2019 (EDT)
I also confirmed that I couldn’t find the description. However, the image almost certainly appears to be the original. Maybe it was edited and added after it was released. However, it is a fact that I could not confirm with what I have. So I think that it’s good to record once and collect information from other owners.— 05:48, October 14, 2019 (EDT)
It is said that you will also investigate copyright, but this is an exception to the copyright law of “quoting”, so it is not a violation of copyright law in the first place.— 06:06, October 14, 2019 (EDT)

We are not doing anything until we have solid proof, preferably from a more reliable user. Not only are you once again jumping between different sources when your "real" proof should have been the one to show from the start, you're pretending to be different people confirming the same source, and creating multiple accounts instead of logging into your last one to upload. Final warning, if this keeps repeating you will be blocked from the site for disruption both through your behaviour here and sockpuppeting. Ashley pose SMM.png Mario JC 06:54, October 14, 2019 (EDT)

I’m sorry.[edit]

I played Super Mario Odyssey and was sorry for Knucklotec, who was stolen by a ring and defeated by Mario. So he tried to save him and acted like that. I ’m sorry for the inconvenience. I know I apologize and don't forgive you, but let me just show my apology. It is also true that we have obtained permission from publishers to publish books. Please note.— 09:01, October 15, 2019 (EDT) Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 11:46, October 15, 2019 (EDT)

If not for the evident language barrier, I'd be led to believe this apology was backhanded. --ExdeathIcon.png Lord G. matters. ExdeathIcon.png 11:49, October 15, 2019 (EDT)