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The Koopa hotels,[1] or simply hotels,[2] are seven different hotels scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom during Bowser's take-over in Hotel Mario. Mario and Luigi go through each of the hotels to save Princess Peach and the kingdom. Each hotel is owned by a different Koopaling except for the last one, which is Bowser's. Strangely, Iggy Koopa did not own his own hotel and shared it with Bowser, appearing as a mini-boss in it.

These are all the hotels in the game:


  • Inspecting the level data shows that there is a missing sixth spot, as the game loads the seventh spot right after the fifth. This would have presumably belonged to Iggy, as he is the only Koopaling to not control a hotel.
  • A "Cheese Hotel" level was proposed during the conceptualization period, but was rejected.
  • The hotels were named after real life hotels, or in the case of Roy, a fictional hotel from a real life song (see the individual hotel articles for more information).


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