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The Koopa hotels,[1] or simply hotels,[2] are seven different hotels scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom during Bowser's takeover in Hotel Mario. Mario and Luigi go through each of the hotels to save Princess Toadstool and the kingdom. Each hotel is owned by a different Koopaling except for the last one, which is Bowser's. Iggy does not own a hotel and shares one with Bowser, appearing as a mini-boss in it.

These are all the hotels in the game:

Every hotel, save Morton's, has a persistent gimmick that can be permanently stopped via the right action, such as entering a particular door or defeating a certain enemy. These tend to be hinted at in the animated cutscene that introduces each hotel. Of these, Roy's, Lemmy's, Ludwig's, and Wendy's hotels have optional cutscenes showing Mario solve the problem; Larry's and Bowser's do not.


  • Inspecting the level data shows that there is a missing sixth spot, as the game loads the seventh spot right after the fifth. This would have presumably belonged to Iggy, as he is the only Koopaling not to control a hotel.
  • A "Cheese Hotel" level was proposed during the conceptualization period, but it was rejected.
  • The hotels were named after real-life hotels or, in the case of Roy's, a fictional hotel from a real-life song (see the individual hotel articles for more information).


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