100M Vine Climb

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100M Vine Climb
Gameplay of Donkey Kong in the 100M Vine Climb mini-game of Donkey Konga
Appears in Donkey Konga
Cost 5,800 coins (to unlock)

100M Vine Climb is one of three unlockable Ape Arcade mini-games in Donkey Konga, along with Banana Juggle and Bash K.Rool. The player can purchase it for 4,800 coins under the "Monkey Shrines" sub-menu of DK Town.


In this vertical auto-scrolling mini-game, Donkey Kong must climb up between vines to collect scattered apples, bananas, and oranges. A few Banana Bunches also appear, which hold the value of five individual Bananas. The top-center icon keeps track of how many meters Donkey Kong has climbed, and it increments by a number per every few seconds of Donkey Kong climbing upwards. There are some stage hazards, including blue and purple Klaptraps that walk around the vines and a Zinger near the end. Grass platforms can also momentarily block Donkey Kong from climbing upward. He falls off the vines if an enemy hits him or from unsuccessfully keeping up with the screen. This does not end the mini-game, as this automatically respawns Donkey Kong at the top of the screen, where he continues from there onward.

As its name suggests, 100M Vine Climb ends when Donkey Kong has climbed 100 meters. The total number of fruit is calculated, and each one's sprite pops on-screen during the count. The score is logged in DK Town's "Hall of Records", and an additional message tells if the player has reached a high score.


  • Left bongo - Move left
  • Right bongo - Move right
  • Left and right bongos (alternately) - Climb upward
  • Left and right bongos (simultaneously) - Slide down