Banana Juggle

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Banana Juggle
The Banana Juggle mini-game of Donkey Konga
Appears in Donkey Konga
Cost 5,800 coins (to unlock)

Banana Juggle is one of the three unlockable Ape Arcade minigames in Donkey Konga, the other two being Bash K.Rool and 100M Vine Climb. The player can unlock the minigame by purchasing it for 4,800 coins from the "Monkey Shrines" sub-menu of DK Town.


Banana Juggle is a simple juggling mini-game that takes place on a grassy field just in front of a beach. Donkey Kong's objective is to juggle as many possible bananas within 77 seconds. Initially, Donkey Kong juggles one banana to start off with. Each time the player claps, Diddy gives another banana for Donkey Kong to juggle. Donkey Kong automatically juggles the bananas unless he is currently holding or juggling one with both hands.

The current score is displayed in the center, and it increases a point each time Donkey Kong throws a banana into the air. A wooden dashboard is at the top-right corner, and it shows how many bananas Donkey Kong is currently juggling and the maximum number of bananas that were in the air simultaneously.

At the end of the game, if Donkey Kong has accidentally dropped any bananas, it is removed from his final score for each he has dropped.

Two players can play Banana Juggle, where they compete to achieve the high score.


  • Left bongo: Donkey Kong passes the banana from his right to left hand
  • Right bongo: Donkey Kong tosses a banana from his left to right hand
  • Clap: Diddy provides an additional banana for Donkey Kong to juggle