Bash K.Rool

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Bash K.Rool
Gameplay of the Bash K.Rool mini-game of Donkey Konga.
Appears in Donkey Konga
Time limit 60 seconds (1 minute)
Cost 5,800 coins (to unlock)

Bash K.Rool, also known as Bash K. Rool[1], is one of three unlockable Ape Arcade mini-games in Donkey Konga along with 100M Vine Climb and Banana Juggle. It can be purchased for 5,800 coins under the "Monkey Shines" submenu of DK Town. Bash K.Rool is the only mini-game without a two player competitive mode.


Bash K.Rool is a Whac-A-Mole clone, and the player's objective is to knock the Barrel Hammer onto King K. Rool's head as many times under a minute (60 seconds). There are three holes, and K. Rool repeatedly moves in and out of one at random; he sometimes retreats immediately after slightly poking his head out. The player earns a point for each time King K. Rool is hit. If they unsuccessfully hit K. Rool, the Barrel Hammer takes a few seconds to lift up.

As the game progresses, Diddy Kong also pops out of the holes. The player must avoid hitting Diddy or otherwise lose a point. The gameplay speeds up when the player gets 15 points. Like the other two mini-games, if the player replays the mini-game on the same day, the top score from that day is displayed in a corner.


  • Left bongo: Whack the Barrel Hammer in the left hole
  • Right bongo: Whack the Barrel Hammer in the right hole
  • Clap: Whack the Barrel Hammer in the center hole



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