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! Space could refer to the following spaces throughout the Mario Party series, each being colored either green or blue, and bearing an exclamation mark:

  • The Chance Time Space in Mario Party, Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3, which triggers a big, game-changing event known as Chance Time upon landing. The space has been renamed the Fortune Space in Mario Party 4, the Chance Space in Mario Party 5, and the Miracle Space in Mario Party 6, and bears a star symbol as of Mario Party 4.
  • The Spin Space in Mario Party 9, which triggers a roulette upon landing. The roulette determines which beneficial event will happen to whoever landed on it.
  • The Steal Space in Mario Party 10, which lets whoever landed on it steal Mini Stars from an opponent. The amount is determined by a wheel. This space is only available in Mario Party mode.
  • The Lucky Space in Mario Party 10, which allows whoever landed on it to receive more Mini Stars (in Mario Party mode) or Hearts (in Bowser Party Mode) by hitting Brick Blocks. The appearance of the space differs per mode, but both versions bear an exclamation mark.
  • The Event Space in Super Mario Party, which triggers a board-specific event upon landing. Previous Mario Party games had this space bear a question mark instead of an exclamation mark.

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