Twin Bridges

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Platformer World
Twin Bridges
Twins 2.PNG
Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Levels 6
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Mario running from a chainsaw in the Twin Bridges.

The Twin Bridges[1] (or simply Cheese Bridge[2]) are a pair of parallel bridges found in Dinosaur Land in the game Super Mario World. The Twin Bridges, combined with Cookie Mountain, make up the fourth world of Super Mario World, which is a sky based world. One bridge is smaller than the other and only has one level between the mountainsides. The larger and higher bridge has two levels connecting each mountaintop, and is accessed by a secret path in the Vanilla Dome. By reaching the secret exit of the lower bridge course, Mario gains access to Soda Lake, which in turn leads to the third Star Road. Both bridges lead to #4 Ludwig's Castle.


Levels that are marked with an asterisk (*) features another exit.


Butter Bridge 1
Butter Bridge 2
Cheese Bridge Area
Cookie Mountain
#4 Ludwig's Castle
Soda Lake

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チーズブリッジ
Chīzu Burijji
Cheese Bridge
Spanish Puentes Gemelos Twin Bridges
French Ponts Jumeaux Twin Bridges
German Zwillingsbrücken Twin Bridges
Portuguese Área das Pontes Gêmeas Twin Bridges Area


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